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What motivated you to write Islamic Apocalypse?
Well in recent months we've been seeing all kinds of crazy things said about Islam; Donald Trump wanting to ban all Muslims from America, there was a preacher in Northern Ireland taken to Court for saying Islam is demonic and then you've got ISIS and the Islamophobes, bitter enemies, both agreeing that the Koran condones terrorism. So we really wanted to investigate the truth behind all this and help people understand what is actually going on.
Yes, and anyway the Koran says "Won't the unbelievers ponder on it ?," that's verse 4:82 I think, so we went carefully through the whole book and other sacred Islamic texts to find out the real truth about it.
Would you briefly tell us what you found?
The most surprising thing we found was the lack of factual accuracy in the Koran and also in what they call the Hadiths, Mohammed's sayings, they both contain quite a number of statements that are scientifically or historically incorrect, and a lot of failures of logic and reason too.
To give you a couple of examples; one verse in the Koran says something like "the sun never overtakes the moon" but in fact every time there is a solar eclipse, from our earthly viewpoint the sun is overtaking behind the moon as they travel across the sky. Another verse says that when the sun sets it goes off to a resting place waiting for permission to rise again. In Mohammed's time in the 7th Century this is what everyone thought but as we all know today, the earth spins and the sun is always in the sky somewhere in the world even though our viewpoint may be in darkness. In the 21st Century we know that when the sun sets in Mecca it is light in the USA.
Elsewhere in the Koran it says that "Allah created all things in pairs", it's just not scientifically true, for example the New Mexico Whiptail Lizard only exists as females reproducing by virgin birth. And there's much more false science and history besides this, like where the Koran says that "Allah sent Mount Sinai crashing down", its just not true Mt Sinai is still there.
But is it important if the Koran gets a few facts wrong?
Well the Koran says that it is the word of God dictated through Mohammed, it claims to be perfect and infallible. So even the smallest error makes it imperfect and fallible, and thus not the word of God. God knows the truth, He should know that the world is not flat but Mohammed back in his time thought it was, and that's why the Koran says the earth is flat. If the Koran contains one untrue statement then Islam is not based on a perfect and infallible book, it is a lie and so is not from God.
Apart from that there are Hadiths that explain how some of the Koran verses were received by Mohammed, let me read you one...this a Hadith in Sahih Muslim Book 8 paragraphs 3432 and 3433;
"The apostle of Allah sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them, they defeated them and took them captive. Some of the companions of the apostle of Allah were reluctant to have intercourse with them as their husbands were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted sent down the Quranic verse (4:24); 'And all married women are forbidden unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess'. That is to say the slaves are lawful (for sex) when they have completed the waiting period (completed their menstrual cycle)."
Do you think God likes sex-slavery, do you think that was God speaking?
I see what you are saying, so coming back to what you said at the beginning about the Islamic State using the Koran to justify what they do...
No, it's not that, it's not so much justifying what they do from Islam's sacred books, it's the other way round, it is the Koran and especially the Sunnah, the deeds of Mohammed, that inspire them. What they are really trying to do is to relive Mohammed's original Islam. He had many slaves, beheaded hundreds of Jews, had a 6 year old child bride, talked with demons and died poisoned by a sex-slave. It's all true, it's all in the Sunnah; ISIS and the Islamophobes all got that one right!
Yes we've included a biography of Mohammed in Part 3 of the book, which like the rest of it gives full references to the Islamic source material. The references, the references are important because we want our readers to be able to easily verify that what we are saying is true; they can look up the Koran verses and the Sunnah online.
And we also quoted the important Koran verses and Hadiths that command, that encourage terrorism, the mis-treatment of women and the like.
That's good, but the point you made that you don't think the Koran is the word of God, that's quite a strong statement isn't it?
Yes I suppose it is, but I think 99% of our readers will agree when they have read the book, it's not just the things we just mentioned, there are other reasons too. The Koran says at least a dozen times that Allah leads people unwittingly astray, it also says his goal is to fill hell with demons and mankind. Islam's Allah is clearly not the same as the Christian and Jewish God who sent Jesus to save everyone from going there. Sadly most Muslims haven't got the vaguest idea what the Koran and Sunnah actually say, they have just been told Islam is right and everything else is wrong. Certainly the moment any would be terrorists start to doubt that the Koran is from God, they will lose their resolve to go out and kill.
Incidentally, the Koran says it confirms the Bible, the Torah and the Gospels, we looked at that too in Part 6 of the book and found that the texts do not tally, for example, the Bible says Jesus died on the Cross but the Koran says he didn't. So which is right? Well there are a great many official Roman and Jewish records from the time which prove the Koran to be wrong and the Bible to be the truth.
Anyway, it's all explained in detail in the book with much more besides, which as we said gives full references to the source material, so everyone can rest assured what we have written is true.
Thank you both and we wish you well in your endeavour to unravel the truth.
Thanks JP
Published 2016-02-29.
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