Interview with Abigail Lanchester

What inspired you to write superhero-themed erotica?
Well, I don't think anyone is necessarily 'inspired' to write erotica. It's more a case of succumbing to an urge. I'd written erotica for a number of years under a pseudonym and I'd kind of played around with the usual themes and characters, but it just didn't really work. Something was missing. For as long as I can remember I've loved comic books and superheroes. I think my first crush was on Namor. A friend of mine suggested I merge the two interests, just to see if something sparked. So I created Red Devil.
Without giving too much away, tell us a little about Red Devil.
Red Devil is the superpowered alias of Karen Corrigan. She's a reporter working in New Cambridge, a kind of alternative New York. In her world, superheroes are an everyday reality.
What's Red Devil's superpower?
She can sort of 'mind meld' with other superheroes whenever they have naughty thoughts about her when she's nearby. And because she's an attractive and forthright woman who understands her sex appeal, this happens quite a lot! She's sort of a Mata Hari, going undercover and using her powers to find out useful information to reveal and undermine the various plots of a cast of assorted supervilains. Cue a parade of sexually explicit escapades. With the added bonus of brightly colored Lycra and superhuman talents!
Superhero erotica isn't entirely new. What makes your books different?
With most superhero erotica, certainly the ones I've read, the superhero element seems to be clumsily inserted into a conventional erotic storyline. I always get the impression that the writer isn't a big fan of Marvel or DC. As a kid, and even now, I can't get enough of this stuff. So my stories are superhero stories with a strong sexual component. All those geeks out there will pick up on a whole heap of references. Bendisite, for example, my version of Wolverine's adamantium, is a reference to Brian Michael Bendis, author of Powers, The Avengers and Alias.
Will there be more Red Devil books?
Definitely. The Secret Origin of the Red Devil is really just a launching pad for the character. I have oodles of ideas.
Published 2014-01-13.
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The Secret Origin of the Red Devil
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 20,020. Language: English. Published: January 13, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Sci-Fi Erotica
Follow Karen Corrigan's transformation from intrepid newshound to sexy superhero in this erotic tale of murder, mystery and superhuman lust, and learn the secret origin of the Red Devil! A must-read for lovers of superheroes and erotica.