Interview with John Preece

Why is there such a need for a no-nonsense book on human behaviour founded on history and prehistory?
Despite the surfeit of books on behaviour, most people still do not understand the workings of their minds, instincts, nurture and prejudices, nor the way in which these can all be influenced by education in a way which will maximise world-wide social harmony. Since man's unresolved problems are sociological and of his own making, save for disease and natural disaster, the potential for self improvement is compelling
Why is most peoples' knowledge of human behaviour still unfit for the purpose of global citizenship?
The pundits of psychology and sociology rely very largely upon the use of theories, counter theories, and opinionation which lead to imprecise and sometimes conflicting results, and which cannot be ratified by stringent scientific methodology, but which nevertheless feed through into all textbooks and publications for the mass market. Moreover, human behaviour is not yet an obligatory subject within the school curriculum.
How doe the study of history and prehistory provide us with incontrovertible evidencwe of human behavioural mechanisms?
It is seldom possible to carry out pre-programmed experiments on human populations in which all variables can be controlled, whereas parallel biographies in which all relevant parameters have been recorded allow us to link cause and effect. As regards prehistory, we are able to rely on our parallelism with development in other primates, and in particular that of the chimpanzee.
How did you aquire the skills needed to investigate and summarise data from the 16 academic disciplines relevant to a study of human behaviour?
As a practising physician I gained a first hand insight into human nature which I subsequently expanded by meta- analysing pertinent and carefully selected texts from eminent authorities of psychology, sociology, anthropology, primatology, archaeology, palaeontology, history, behavioural science, physiology, brain research, nurture, embryology, evolution, criminology, genetics and medicine. As a university research fellow I developed an aptitude for discriminatory investigation, but it was my insatiable curiosity which impelled me to devote 12 years to the study of the behaviour of our species and its development. As a polymath and published author I endeavoured to give this subject the broad perspective and succinct representation it deserves.
Published 2014-02-06.
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A Brief History of Human Behaviour and How to Become an Enlightened Global Citizen
Price: Free! Words: 119,280. Language: English. Published: February 12, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Civilization, Nonfiction » Social Science » Reference
this book studiously avoids the plethora of conjectural theories and poorly substantiated opinionation on which so much psychological and sociological research depends and thrives. instead, it reverts to the bedrock evidence of human history, and prehistory as mirrored in primatology, to construct a succinct and very user friendly text which teenagers, parents and globalists can readily understand