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An interview with Josefina Chacin Ducharne by J. R. Guillent Perez Q. In what did the “experience” that you had on August 22, 1954 consist? What repercussions did that “experience” have in your life?
A. I have no words to express what this “experience” consisted in. It was like an explosion of light, love, life, that took place in me and outside of me; in that moment, the only thing I understood is THAT was everything and I was nothing. I saw myself as if I were a block of ice that in an instant, upon contact with THAT, had become a drop of water, and that everything I had attributed to myself was work of THAT, and that without THAT, I was nothing. The repercussions that this “experience” had in me was a change in values, a change in my life that I began to experience on the following day when, at my work at the factory, the collector handed me the cash and I could not hold it in my hands because it transmitted to me what felt like an effluvium, a sensation of filth, which impressed me greatly since I used to receive the money gladly, for I needed it to cover the many needs of the factory as well as of my family, my mother and brothers and sisters. Changes like this began to take place in all the circumstances of my life. I no longer felt any attraction for parties or other social gatherings, until finally the moment came when I had to relinquish everything in order to dedicate myself only to obeying that “energy” which manifested itself in my interior as a “voice” that was very difficult for me to disregard because it manifested itself as a will superior to my own. It was not that I saw anything wrong in those values that I was leaving behind, but that in relation to what I had received, they were surpassed because they no longer filled me as they had before.
Q. Did you know from the start that it was an “experience” of the Being? Did you realize from the first that the “experience” was a message from the Being for all men?
A. No. I was only conscious of having had an experience that I could not define, for it was not something that stayed in my memory. I was only conscious of my nothingness and of the All, and I could see the change that was taking place in my life. I had never heard speak of the Being and when I referred to my “lived-experience,” I would refer to it as “that which ‘IS’,” because I saw myself as what “IS NOT” without “THAT.’ I could not explain it any other way. It never occurred to me that this ‘experience’ could be or bring a ‘message’ for all men. I knew it was something for me and that it manifested itself as superior to my wanting it or not, for it was something that was becoming Life of my life according as I obeyed that inner “voice,” which I call Will of God and which took me to interiorize, making me want to recollect myself, to meditate and prayer, impelling me, at the same time, to help others and to do the so-called works the apostolate. It was nine years after this “experience,” in 1963, that I knew that I had to communicate to others the experience I had had, as well as what I had understood during those nine years, because what had been given to me was not for me alone, rather, I was to transmit it to other people who began to come into my life and who expressed an interest consonant with mine, which was to fulfill God’s Will.
Q. Why is this Message addressed to the men of the “New Earth” and not to all men?
A. Because only the “men of the New Earth’ can live this Message. The “men of the New Earth are those human beings who, because of their degree of evolution and conscientization, can accept and live the self-denial, denial of all kinds of egoism, letting the Being take precedence over the egoistic self.
Q. Is the Message to the men of the “New Earth” only for Christians, or is it also for Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, etc.?
A. The Message to the men of the “New Earth” as I said before, is for all those human beings, regardless of race, nation, culture or religion, who are disposed to make the self-denial their life, the denial of the egoistic-I in order to give preeminence to the Being, who is the only true I.
Q. Do you think that the Message is the only path for the Realization of man today?
A. No, any message or doctrine that has as its foundation the denial of self in order to give primacy to the Being is the path to Realization for the man who lives it. The only path to the Realization of the man of today and of all times is the denial of the I so that in him the Being may manifest Himself; this is what constitutes Realization.
Q. Have you experienced an evolution after August 22, 1954, or did you learn everything all at once, in the moment of your enlightenment?
A. More than an evolution, I would say that it has been a coming-to-consciousness that progressively expanded and deepened according to my contact with other people, among whom there were some priests who played an important role, as did the Bible and very especially the life of Jesus Christ with whom I had a vivid experience, recognizing in him the same reality of my first experience; this is how I was able to recognize in “man,” in the human nature, THAT which IS, which I today call the Being, and who is to manifest Himself in every human being.
Published 2015-04-02.
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