Interview with Alan Asaschik

Who should read this book.
Anyone who is concerned or frightened about what is happening to America and the world today.
Why did you write this book?
I have been a political writer for 25 years and my material is spread throughout the internet, such that it is not possible to discern the fundamental point I have been trying to make. This book brings my major premise into focus and as a result is the capstone of my writing career.
What is to be gained by reading this book?
Most people realized that something is very wrong about how things are today. However, they have no idea about how this state of affairs came about or how we got to where we are. This being the case, the also have no clue was to what must be done to rectify our dismal state of affairs. This book address all these issues and concerns. Reading it is like waking up from a deep trance and once again the world is filled with light and those who have been blind will see.
Published 2015-08-02.
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