Interview with Alina Meuangkhot

Published 2013-09-14.
When did you start writing, and what got you to write?
I started writing in 2009, and what got me writing was a story my cousin wrote just for fun, and I was like, “Hmm, I wonder if I can write something as good as hers.” So I opened up word and started randomly writing. Pretty soon after, I realized that I enjoyed it.
Do you have any idols and if so, who are they?
Yes, and to name a few: Lara Adrian, Larissa Ione, Donna Grant, JR Ward, Alyssa Day, and Jacquelyn Frank
How did you come up with NSC (Night Stalker Crew) as a name for the series, and why put ‘Blood’ in all your titles?
To this day, I still have no idea. During one of my writing session for the first book entitled Bloodlust, Night Stalker Crew just popped into my head, and I thought, ‘what the hell, why not make it the title of a series?’ And from that day onward, the series became the Night Stalker Crew. As to why I entitled each book with ‘Blood’, I wanted some kind of theme sounding to the title.
Why did you decide to write a story about vampires? Why not something romantic like most authors these days and what fascinates you about them?
I don’t know why I decided to write about vampires. For my entire life, I've always been fascinated with them. I still blame my family for my fascination for the blood-drinkers with their super strength, super speed, heighten senses, power over mind, elements, ETC.
Who or what inspired you to continue writing this series?
My inspiration to continue writing this series is my characters. They speak to me, and in my mind’s eye, each scene plays out like if you were watching a movie. So every time I hear a character or multiple characters talking, I listen and start typing away.
Out of all the books you’ve written so far, who's your favorite character, and why?
My favorite character would have to be Tristan, because he’s just one of those characters everybody loves to hate. Besides, who doesn’t like domineering, arrogant vampire?
Out of all of the books you've written, which one did you find the easiest to write, and which one gave you the most trouble?
The book I find easy to write was Bloodlust, first book in the series, and the book that gave me trouble was book 5, Blood Rage.
What's your favorite book in the series?
My favorite book would have to be Blood Redemption, book 6 in the series.
For readers who know nothing about the series, can you tell them a little bit about it?
The series is about vampires, shifters, witches, ETC. In a world full of humans and supernatural, it's a world full of death and bloodshed. As humans go about their daily business, there are predators who stalk them from the shadows, waiting. They consist of mostly rogue vampires—vampires who don’t follow vampire laws handed down by the Vampiric Council who governs them. To protect humans to the best of their abilities, the Council sends out their elite fighters who are given the rank of hunters to the streets, while a group of protectors better known as the NSC steps in and if needed, wipe the victim’s memory. Basically, the series is about controlling the beast inside, keeping rogues off the streets, and keeping their existence a secret.
And where did your inspiration for the NSC and the Vampiric Council come from? Are the members based off of people you know in real life?
The members are not based on anyone I know in real life, and my inspiration for the NSC and the Vampiric Council came from the idea of what it would be like to live in a world populated by vampires, and in doing so, would there be rules to follow? Or would you be free to do anything without fear of consequences? And what type of governing body would all vampires live under?
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