Interview with Alisa Dale

How did you come up with the idea of Conversations with God’s Wife?
You know, that is one of those things that just sort of dropped into my head, oh, I don’t know, maybe five or six years ago. One day it just came out of my mouth. I actually laughed at the thought of it, once I had said it out loud to a friend of mine. Just off the cuff, really. And then I started goofing around with it in my head, playing with the possibilities and the fun of it. I started naming characters and really entertaining myself, thinking about what God’s wife would want to say to the world. It became a fun way to think about saying what I really wanted to say. At the time I wasn’t writing yet, just playing with the idea. But it felt really right.
Why did you write Conversations with God’s Wife?
That is complex. What I do know is that I sit and watch the distorted way this world operates, and I just want to scream stuff into the wind sometimes. This is my way to do that I think. And if I’m honest, I do feel some sort of responsibility to share what I have learned and what I know, to use what capacities I have and take action.

I think presenting “spiritual” information through God’s wife gives me a lot of space to create and play and invite others to do the same. There are some seriously important things I think all of us would be well served to consider, and I strived put them out there through her. I wrote it to encourage people to ask questions, to consider things from a different point of view, to question consensual reality (the three dimensional reality we all agree to and consent to be part of on some level).

I wanted to draw attention to some of the rules we blithely follow and assumptions we make and authority we listen to as well as all the versions of “how things work.” I wanted to do it in a way that would offer lots of space to put all that aside for just a bit, ask questions, maybe even do some “real world” research. I don’t know… there are just some things that I see as really limiting and damaging to people. I feel compelled to speak up about that. Trust me, it has gotten me into so much trouble so many times in my “real” life it’s scary. But I keep doing it anyway it seems. Slow learner, maybe?
How did you decide what concepts and information to include?
The subjects God’s wife talks about arise from what I learned along the way to my own internal freedom, which, by the way, is a lifelong thing. That process also necessarily includes having been temporarily bamboozled and sidetracked by engaging various questionable spiritual teachers, books, systems and world-views now and again. Really good learning in that. I, of course, also learned valuable things from some sources too. Over time though – decades – I developed a more and more refined – er - bullsh@# meter? you might say. In other words, as I became more and more healed and clear, I learned to rely my own inner knowing. I trust that over anything else now. It also came out of my experience of being in private practice for many years while working with many amazing people. So uniquely individual, each of them, and yet so many thematic similarities kept consistently showing up. I couldn’t ignore that. And I learned a ton.

That being said, honestly, the subject matter that is actually included organically appeared. On occasion I would jot things down here and there. But there was no master plan or list of what subjects I wanted to “cover.” Honestly? I wrote what was in my heart on any given day, sometimes on what was bugging me or niggling at me. I wrote what I wish I had known thirty years ago. I wrote what I hoped would encourage others to claim their own sovereign freedom. And it all just coalesced into a whole.
How did you come up with all the different characters in the book like UDog and Twist and Doreen?
Well, they all just sort of appeared, really. Whatever (whomever?) made me laugh out loud, I incorporated. Humor is a high aspect of Source, of God. I have learned over time that whatever makes me laugh out loud usually resonates with Truth in one way or another. So I trusted that.

UDog, Sunny and Share, Twist and Doreen, and Stumpy came first. It took some time for Aberdene, Wax, and Wayne to step forward and introduce themselves. “Bernice” is actually the last name that came to me. I didn’t think God’s wife would have a first name at all, really. But then her only being referred to as “God’s wife” started to feel wrong. The name “Bernice” kept coming up, so I went with it.

I thought it was so cool that – with the exception of Bernice – the names of the characters came to me long before their identities or even their functions. Hard to put into words. But it wasn’t like I thought, “Oh, I need next-door neighbors to do and say thus and so, what should I name them?” Quite the opposite. “Twist and Doreen” just came to me. So I wrote their names down first, and then quite a long time after – years, actually - their identities and functions in the larger picture came, gradually filling in. Weirdly enough, it was like they were revealing themselves to me rather than being “created” by me. It was really fun!
Will you tell us how Overlord Industries came to be?
Well, let’s see… I came to the point where I had to dive into the concept of evil, or at least talk about the very real counter-forces to good that humans contend with – in both the seen and unseen worlds. And I knew this would not be a popular thing to talk about because we have been so programmed to focus only on the positive. I also knew I had no choice but to address it.

If I remember correctly, the Overlord Industries idea came to me when I was revising the piece that introduces UDog at the family picnic. I thought, “What if UDog were the CEO of an evil other-world corporation?” And that made me laugh because corporations in general are such rich fodder for that kind of thing. I started thinking about all the evil divisions and departments and subsidiaries OI could have. Using a corporate framework to illustrate how these hierarchical counterforces work against humanity is a lot of fun. I am still playing with that a lot.

I think it was also around then that I realized what Twist’s role would be in the bigger picture – upper management at OI. And I smiled because his name is Twist of all things. And this is really twisted stuff. And so the whole thing started to come together.
Who did you write CWGW for?
Wow. That’s a much bigger question than you might think. I guess first I wrote it for people like me, maybe partly for myself in a sense. People who are disenfranchised with socially sanctioned systems and beliefs and are looking for a different perspective. People that see that what we have bought into and tried isn’t working so well. I have a sense there are many, many more out there than we may think. I also know those who have fully bought into the “matrix” or are inured in the consensual cultural reality will probably either be offended by what I say or not interested. And that’s okay. I kind of knew there would be blow-back about some of it going in.

I don’t know, it just seems like no matter what we do as humans, the world is not transforming into a loving, peaceful place the way most of us would hope for and work toward. And there are reasons for that. So I wrote it partly to put those possible reasons or ideas out there in a relatively non-threatening way for people to consider as they see fit. I also wrote it with the hope that people with whom it resonates will find connection with others. And add to and expand on what I have written. Start talking about it. Start meeting each other. I am hoping the blog will further facilitate that.

But the overriding motivation for me in writing it is so that people who engage the work will get serious about looking, really looking at the nonsense out there, see it for what it is, and get busy claiming their own internal freedom. From pretty much everything. That is the most important thing of all.
Tell us about your writing process.
Oh boy. I’m not sure I even have one of those. But I can tell you how stuff finally gets down on paper if that is what you mean. It’s a pretty loose undertaking.

Usually I will have a thought or observe something interesting or an idea just strikes me or I get worked up about this or that injustice, so I jot it down somewhere and let it be. Then I think my mind works on it for a while. Some people have called that “germinating” or “percolating,” but I prefer the word “mulching.” Because over time, other related things start joining the pile and they all sort of decompose in the sunlight and are eventually transformed into a sort of fertilizer for the core seed idea.

I might mentally list things or make brief notes on a subject as things come to mind or I see or read something intriguing. I usually organize things in my head first. A lot of times I speak my ideas out loud, especially when I am driving.

But the actual writing usually happens in one big dump. I just put my hands on the keyboard and it comes out of me, usually as a relatively viable whole. I may do some minor editing or reorganizing of the piece, but generally the bulk of my writing comes out very quickly in big chunks, and usually in one sitting.

Mostly, over the years, I have just stuck this stuff in a folder, either on my desktop or in my file drawer, and it just sits there.
Why did you decide to publish your writing this time?
I am going to have to give you a “trite alert” on this answer. But it is the true answer: I decided to publish because it is just the right time to do it. It just is. I guess, to be honest, I am also no longer as concerned about being called a nut ball (because that will come with this territory), nor am I as worried about the potential fallout for my kids socially. Whether those were ever “real” concerns or not, I had them. And I also understand as I look back that even if I would have published earlier, I think I lacked the groundedness and sovereignty and confidence and - well, grace really – that I needed to have in order to put these kinds of ideas out there with my real name on them. It really is all about my own personal process and how that interacts with the timing of the work.
What can readers look forward to in the coming months/years?
As I announced at the end of the first book, I am working with three other titles/manuscripts simultaneously. It’s weird, I know. But I just get ideas about one or the other on any given day, and so I go with it. Primarily, though, I am focusing on Conversations with God’s Wife: New Age Nonsense both because it is the natural follow-up to the first book, and because to me it is so important. I guess you could say it is spiritual whistle blowing in a way.

The second title I am currently working with is Conversations with God’s Son: Jesus Sets the Record Straight where Jesus talks about who he really is (versus what the church says about him) and what he really tried to tell us when he was here. I find working on it quite sweet and endearing. It feels really different than the others.

I am co-authoring the third developing title, The Overlord Playbook. I really look forward to the brainstorming and idea sharing and crazy fall-on-your-ass-laughing that will ensue around that project. My co-author is brilliant, funny, an amazing writer, and the most profound healer I have ever worked with: an unusually realized, sovereign human. A gem. I love him to pieces, and this project is going to be really fun.

I do want to say here as a caveat that although humor is wildly important to me, the subject matter we are working with is, at the same time, serious and important. So I don’t want to sound like this is all fun and games or that I take it lightly because I don’t. Putting this information together requires the combined use of our capacities - both in the seen and unseen worlds. It is hard work sometimes. Now that being said, I do find that having lots of fun - especially while approaching such grave and important material (exposing how “evil” actually works) - feels just about perfect.
When do you think the next book will be out?
I hope to have Conversations with God’s Wife: New Age Nonsense out by early spring 2015, depending, but have not nailed down a specific date yet.
Published 2014-10-02.
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