Interview with Alan Updyke

Who should read this book?
Everything was going wrong for Robert. His business was dying. His income was declining. His wife was increasingly growing discontent and dissatisfied. Then his grandmother died suddenly. He felt despair, but finally relinquished it all to God.

Learn how he found the grace of God to sustain him. When real temptation came he experienced the Spirit’s presence to save him.

Everyone turned against him, but Love never fails.

With insights gleaned from these pages you will come to understand the spiritual battle that rages for your soul.

If you are fulfilled and sustained by the pleasures of your life, then this novel may not be for you. However, if your life is pressing with the unyielding questions of “why?” then this book will help you find the answers you are seeking for.
Does this really happen?
Saw an interesting movie. A hospice nurse used morphine in the death of a woman with cancer, then seduced her husband.

He married the nurse, and she then killed him with a mixture of drugs, morphine being the primary one.

Based on a true story. His daughters stopped the cremation, and tests proved that the death was suspicious, because of the drugs in his system. She claimed that he used morphine to control back pain. She was charged with murder, but a judge found her innocent.

Daughters then filed a civil suit. They eventually got the family horse farm and estate, a beautiful property in VA, returned to them.

Where are my readers?
It's very difficult to create something, and then remain objective about it. This book is going nowhere without some interaction from readers. If you have read my book, would you please give me a reaction to it. Right now, that is vitally important to me. Good or bad - that doesn't matter. I just need to know.
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Published 2014-03-22.
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