Interview with Anita White

What are some of your core beliefs?
I believe you draw strength from daily prayer and spending time with God. Regular church attendance helps hold me accountable but will in no way, shape, form or fashion get me into heaven. I believe you can work yourself to death doing "good things" but never accomplish the good you're meant to. I believe we should spend more time loving and less time judging.
What's the story behind your first book?
I have kept a journal along with daily devotions for years. As Facebook came along and developed I began writing some of these thoughts and prayers in the My Notes section. The book "Snippets" developed from there with friends asking for me to tag them with a particular note or send them something I had written in an earlier post. I love to write so when a friend introduced me to Smashwords it just seemed like fate had put the two together.
I couldn't help but notice your profile picture. Are you a cat person?
I guess I could be classified as a "cat person" but I have owned horses, chickens, raccoons, hamsters, gerbils and dogs. I know my husband loves me because he tolerates my love of animals. He has the cat and dog hairs on his clothes to prove it! I think they've kind of grown on him too (not the hairs, the animals).
It's obvious you enjoy creating harmony with your words. Are you as apt to create harmony in your everyday life?
Well, there are days when I think I have all my "ducks in a row" then there are days when I just want to shoot some of them! I'm learning to apply the Golden Rule to my marriage and family - it's amazing how harmonizing that is when everyone follows it! I share my son's philosophy: "The grass always looks greener on the other side - then you buy the lot and find out its astro-turf!" I'm learning to be happy grazing where I'm at. I don't work to fulfill other's dreams of what they think I should be. As I spend time daily with God he helps me create my own dreams then work to fulfill them.
What are some of the things you enjoy other than writing?
I enjoy riding motorcycles with my husband and our friends. I find hiking and backpacking in the mountains, especially in the fall and early winter, very refreshing. I'll take the mountains over the beach any day. Sand all over me just doesn't put me in a good mood! I also enjoy working with numbers, details and organizing.
What has consistently changed over the course of your life?
At some point in my life I have been a blonde, a red-head, a brunette and every color in between. I’m a natural blonde but now my hair color is rapidly becoming gray. I'm OK with that as long as there is color in a bottle!
What have you learned about yourself during your time of writing?
When I was young I was all about trying to make others believe I was someone that I was not. Now that I'm older I'm less concerned about what others think and more concerned about what God thinks. Nothing makes me feel closer to him than spending an early morning writing to him while watching the sun rise. I'm learning how to be content where I'm at but not refusing change if necessary and I don't take myself too seriously - that adds a lot of undue stress!
What have you learned about friendships?
I have learned over time that the more you trust people the more likely you are to get hurt; but if you never trust others you will never reap the benefits of true friendship. I enjoy people's company and friendship but have very few close, share-everything friends and often I'm just as content to be alone as to be with a crowd. I guess that's just the writer-accountant personality coming out in me.
Why do you often seem so direct with your writings?
Oh boy! I'm sure this is not going to be the most popular answer but I just write the way I feel God is leading me. If it seems direct with others it's because it was most likely direct with me. God doesn't sugar coat things with me. If someone receives encouragement from these writings that is wonderful. One thing is for certain, they can never receive encouragement if these thoughts are never written. I am pretty direct in person too. If someone doesn't want to know my opinion they shouldn't ask. I'm not going to tell them something just because I think it's what they want to hear.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
To know that I've gotten my readers to thinking. We can never come to an agreement - even if it's agreeing to disagree - if we never really think about an issue. I see valid points in most opinions. The challenge comes in assimilating those opinions into what I believe is true and then putting them down in writing so I can adequately explain my beliefs to others. When they take my words and receive encouragement and faith or take another step towards spiritual maturity it makes my heart come alive!
Published 2014-06-11.
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Direct, plain and often with much humor I believe God speaks to us individually according to our personality types. In my walk with God I have learned there is no judgment in Christ, God's Word is still just as relevant today as ever and He will meet us where we are if we come to Him with an honest heart and no preconceived notions. "Snippets" is just God's summary to me of His big picture.