Interview with Peter Paul Hartnett

Where can I find a full interview with HARTNETT?
‘This work should be seen as a punk attack upon Vatican City, the institutional culture of one negligent pope after another,’ says Hartnett over tea in my through-lounge. ‘We’re talking decades of strategic denial, skilled evasion and cunning concealment by the powers that be within Vatican City State with regard to sex crimes. Decades of blind eyes, deaf ears.’

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'LGBT youth are often the target of predatory abusers. Fact. Victims of abuse have a duty to step forward to protect others, stop the pattern of sexualised manipulation and exploitation.

‘I attended quite possibly the most notorious Catholic school in the UK, St Benedict’s in Ealing. Just do a Google, adding in SEX SCANDAL. Decades of abuse have been exposed in courts, again and again. Catholic priests and lay staff have been arrested, jailed. Yeah, go on. Just do a Google. Ealing, West London.'

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Published 2015-02-21.
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