Interview with Barbie Watkins

What are your five favorite books, and why?
Out of the many books that I have read my top five have been acquired through the need to read them all the time. The first is a classic, Misery, the emotion , the drive, that is why I love the story. Stephen King's writing leaves you melted in the illusion that he has set, intensifying every page turn. So you read the verdict and bam twist, it get's flipped and the illusion is dropped leaving you lost and fulfilled. My next on is also by Stephen but lesser known, Under the Dome. The drama, the flare is amazing. Barbie is my favorite character leaving his mark the best way he can. My third one was last to me many years ago but it still makes me feel good. Nothing to Lose, by Lee Child is my ultimate read. It was giving to me by my niece and I have loved Lee Child every since. My fourth book is a kids book but still a good read. This book made my childhood amazing. Little Oh. It is a perfect book that gives emotion and visuals that it makes you feel inside. Laura Krauss told the origami girl's story beautifully. My final story is a new one to me, is Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets. I don't like Harry Potter but this story set right with me. The past mixing with the future to stop a greater cause.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grow up in two cities each different from the last. i was born in Washington, DC where people are strange and interesting. Then we moved to Dallas, where I got to experience writing for the first time. I wrote light short stories about my life day to day in school. I learned plots, dramas and mystery through the books I read. Dallas is where I credit all my writing to. Washington, DC is not left out though. The Nations Capitol gave me characters and location. The people in DC inspired my greatest characters and my marveled city.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Becoming an indie author allowed me to attack my work at my own pace and allowed me to be apart of the entire process from writing to marketing. I enjoy what I do and believe only I can promote my brand. Be an indie makes it easier to connect to each fan and become a true author at my on pace. It let's me be my on boss, with added benefits.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writing for me in creating that world you are sucked in to. The characters and people are the fun part. I remember reading Under the Dome by Stephen King and being trapped in that city in Maine under that dome, watching Barbie and Rennie fight as the town went belly up. The deaths that happened and the insane Jr. That's what gives me joy the development of these characters and locations because I want you to believe that you are there and that you believe in it.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I am not writing I am usually watching Netflix of if it's winter I am skiing. I love visiting places so I can added it to my new world. I went to Maine and saw it's beauty. Saw Dallas and saw it's beauty and it's potential. Soon I will be a host on a show on youtube to discuss TV and Movies with a long time friend.
Published 2016-10-27.
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