Interview with Bobbi Paige Hopkins

There seems to be a plethora of LGBTQI books on the market, what makes yours different?
Over the past 40 odd years, the notions of sex and gender have gone through various theories such as five sexes, the multidimensional space of sex and gender, the branched gender/sex/sexuality of sexual configurations theory and others. As yet there has been no consensus on how, where, and why the obvious differences exist. My book is the first to present a logical theory that accounts or all human diversity, and specifically for sexual diversity. Further, this work presents all diversity as within the realms of normal and so defeating prejudice and bigotry.
I see you are a Research Phycologist and wonder why you picked the LBGTQI scene to research and write about?
In my original career as a Registered Nurse I crossed the paths of innumerable people from all walks of life and began to wonder how is there such a wide variety of humanity. Later in my undergraduate psychology years, it struck me that the variations in sexuality were a good place to examine this human diversity. As in all research, often the extraordinary gives insights into the ordinary, i.e., what is considered out of the ordinary is the best place to find answers about the ordinary.
Published 2017-03-02.
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