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Could you tell us a little bit about how you came to your passion and purpose in life?
On 9/11, the trajectory of my life forever changed, like I think it did for many people in America. It was a compelling enough event to create a lot of change in people’s lives.

For me, I had taken vacation from Cisco to help Tony with his live event. I went to assist him with his last Life Mastery that he was doing in Hawaii. We just went to bed about 2 am on “Tony time,” when we got the phone call a little after 3 a.m. our time in Hawaii about the plane crashes into the Twin Towers.

Tony broke the news to everybody in the conference that morning as we started again at 8 a.m. A man from Palestine was attending and got up and said, “I’m glad this happened, because now you Americans know how it feels!”

Then a guy from Israel got up as well and responded, “You guys are the cause of the world’s problems because you guys are raised to hate!”

So here we had the Middle East issue right in the middle of the biggest event that has happened on American soil in an audience of about 4,500, mostly Americans, and a large group of them from New York. As you can imagine, the tension was really high at the moment in that room.

Tony, the master that he is, brought both of these men up onto the stage, and at the end they were hugging each other saying, “I love you, man.” They created an organization called Passionate and Action for Peace to bring what they had just learned to their respective communities. Almost everybody in the room joined that organization, and at the end we were all arm in arm singing, “We are the world, we are the children.”

It was in that moment that I realized what I really wanted to do was stop things like 9-11 from happening – people operating from hate and separation and not realizing that at the core, we are the same, and that together we can get through anything, but in this competition and separation, we will just destroy ourselves.

I decided at that moment to leave my nice, comfy, safe job at Cisco and step out in faith to do my part in helping to shift the consciousness of individuals. At that time, I felt the shift of consciousness would come through the younger generation, so my focus became teaching all that I had been learning in my growth and healing journey to the younger generation.

Now days, it is an eight-day intensive retreat that I do for adults to heal their subconscious programming they received from the point of conception, and return them back to their essence so that they can create and experience life from that place instead.
The title of your book is Heal Your Heart, Free Your Mind. Tell us a little bit more about what you mean when you say, “heal your heart” and why you feel that’s so important for people.
I believe this is a very important awareness that people need to have. When I say, “heal your heart,” what I really mean is heal all of your relationships; heal all of your wounding and programming that has happened through your relationships, since the point of your conception.

We’re starting from the beginning. Healing all of that programming that is really unconsciously driving our life without our awareness. The importance of healing our heart is because it is the most powerful part of our being. It’s not only the most powerful organ in our body, but also the most powerful part of our being that is really determining what our life experience is!

Most people know a lot about the power of the mind and the power of belief and the power of thought – that’s more common knowledge in our world. But what most people don’t know is that the heart is 5,000 times more powerful electromagnetically than the brain is, and that the heart affects not only our health and wellbeing, but it is also affecting our entire life experience! It’s affecting both our internal world and our external world.

Our heart is one of the most important things for us to focus on healing, to make sure that what’s living inside of it is not this hurt, this anger, this wounding, these old stories of not being good enough that's being unconsciously broadcasted out to the world that the world is now responding to. Our hearts broadcast out to the world what’s really going on inside of us, and it picks up on the broadcast of other hearts around us.

Our hearts broadcast out what’s really going on inside us – not the image we try to show the world, that we want the world to see, but what’s really going on inside of us, and so is everybody else’s hearts. Our hearts are communicating electromagnetically with one another.

A couple of examples I can give you are: have you, ever experienced when you’re with a significant other – and you’re really embracing them, that you start to sync up your breath with one another? Have you ever experienced that?

Also, has there been a time when you felt so close to somebody that they didn’t have to tell you a word, but you knew what they were thinking and feeling without them having to say a word to you?

Most all of us have had these kind of experiences, and this is just a powerful example about how our hearts are always communicating with each other electromagnetically and how we are aware of that when we are quiet and listening.
Tell me, what do you mean by “free your mind”?
When we are going through the process of healing our heart and healing all of the hurts and wounds and programming that is in there, now we are changing our electromagnetic signals that are being sent out to the world that the world is responding to.
For instance, we are doing a radio show, and we are broadcasting this out. We can't see all the radio waves or the television waves or even the Internet waves that are bypassing us all the time, but we do receive it on some kind of receiver at the other end that can translate that and deliver that to us in a way that we can receive it. All of us are doing the same thing, we are unconsciously sending out an electro-magnetic signature.

Our hearts are sending this out. Like I said, it’s 5,000 times more powerful electromagnetically than our brains. It’s really our hearts that are sending out this huge broadcast out to the world of what is really going on inside of us.

The difference between let’s say this show and us is that one we don’t really realize that we’re broadcasting out our programming like a radio show , but two, we don’t know what we’re broadcasting out either. Right now on this show we know what programming we’re broadcasting out, but us as individuals, we don’t know what we are broadcasting out to the world that the world is just responding to. The only way that we have an indication of what we’re broadcasting out there is however our world is right now.

However our life is right now is an indication of what we have been unconsciously broadcasting out to the world that the world has been responding to, and what we’ve been drawing into our life. That is why it’s so key and crucial that we heal all of this wounding and programming that does not serve us so that we are no longer broadcasting that wounding out, and the world is no longer responding to us that way, and we’re no longer drawing those types of things that we don’t want to draw into our life anymore. This is why it’s so very important to heal your heart, but also your mind as well, because when you’re healing your heart and all that wounded programming you have received from your relationships, you will also be transforming the data that your mind has been filtering your experiences through and thus, you will transform your perception or the stories your mind tells you that causes you to feel hurt and react to things that may seem like they’re attacks on you, but really aren’t.

What your brain is doing is it’s filtering through all of your wounding, what I call “charges”, and it’s coming up with these stories that aren’t necessarily true. When we clean out that crud that we have accumulated since our point of conception, then the mind has a lot less crud to be filtering through to give you these not useful perceptions and stories that have been really limiting your life.

That is the short answer, if you will, to that question, but the bigger answer is that most of the world doesn’t know this, but almost 50% of our personality is already created by the time we are born. Does that sound shocking to you?

The divine intelligence in its intelligence, downloads masses of information from the parents genetics and the parents programming so that this new baby can survive in the environment in which it’s about to be born in. So that it understands how to function in this particular country, in this particular culture, in this particular family dynamic.

There’s a great intelligence in that, that serves us, but then there’s also a part of that that really hinders us and limits us, because we pick up everything that our parents have picked up from their parents and so on. back through time. A lot of this programming that we have is not even ours. It’s ancestral. It just gets passed down from generation to generation to generation. It’s not just what the mother eats, drinks, or consumes that affects the development of the baby, but also it’s whatever she thinks, feels, experiences, goes through, believes and so on that is being programmed into the child’s neuro-network.

And that’s just when we’re born!
The title of your book is so powerful – Heal Your Heart, Free Your Mind. Your subtitle really intrigues me: Break Free From Struggles In Your Relationships and All Areas of Your Life. That is really a bold statement. Tell us a what you mean by that?
Because of the subconscious programming we receive that we’re not even aware of, we all tend to have these patterns in our life that just keep showing up in our life with a different name and a different face time and time again. Can you think of a pattern you’ve had in your life that just kept showing up over and over again?

It gets so overwhelming and confusing because you try all these different things to try to get past this obstacle that seems to be in your way all the time, yet no matter what you do, you can't seem to get past it, and you get so frustrated.

I use an analogy of being like a fly who is stuck inside of a house. It sees the flower outside that it wants to get to, but it can't get to it. It keeps trying and it keeps hitting this invisible barrier no matter what it trys, and it just can't get to that flower. It keeps trying this way and that way, and no matter which way it flies, it keeps hitting that invisible barrier.. Eventually it gets so frustrated it gives up and ends up dying.

It’s the same for us.. We can clearly see a place that we want to get to, but no matter how hard we try, it seems like the same pattern keeps showing up in our life over and over again to keep us from it. It can be so very frustrating! Really, when we clear out this programming, all of that goes away.

You break free from these struggles that you have had, be it in your relationships, or your finances, some people have it with their health, some people have it with their parents or their significant other, or work. Whatever the pattern is for you, we can now move the attractor factor you have inside of you that has been drawing it into your life over and over again.
Published 2015-07-14.
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