Interview with Brett Droege

What's one of the joys you receive while making a children's book?
Well to be honest its not really something I thought I would ever do, it's pretty crazy the feedback I get. Knowing I'm helping people learn. Not to mention working with the girl scouts and the Shriners. That has for sure been a feeling of accomplishment.
Has there been any detours you've had to encounter while writing a book? As in like drawing, gathering a story line, or just gathering an idea.
Nothing specially I would like to focus on. Life has its ups and downs, and recently I took a 6 month break from my Kratos series. I have to be all into what I am doing with anything creative wise or I can't focus on it. I am now in the process of doing a double release. One for the Adventures of Kratos series, and one with the same characters but with a twist plot line. Its more fun for me, but I want to see how the public perceives it.
Is there something you want to achieve with this series?
I am the kind of person that can't only focus on one form of media. I want to take this series and turn it to a franchise. Animation, games, toys, you name it, Kratos can be in it or on it. Its all about fine tuning and hopefully being lucky enough to find success. I have actually worked a little on my own with animation and simple platform gaming ideas.
Who's your favorite character to draw personally?
I would be lying if I didn't say me. Who wouldn't want to be a cartoon? I was just a background character in the first book, Kratos' Night Out, but I had such a good response and people wanted more that I actually added myself as a main character. I think the current book I am working on will be the last in this series though.
What's the most simple and difficult thing about writing a children's book?
The main idea is the most simple thing. All of my books are around a simple idea. The most difficult thing is pulling what I see in my mind and putting it on paper, then coloring it on the computer. Every book I challenge myself to get more complex graphically with what im doing. My images have turned to say many different layers now its crazy. Its worth the work though, I am very proud of what Im doing now.
Is there a favorite memory pertaining to your series?
Working with the girl scouts. This book was not part of my series, but it was a book on how to deal with bullying. They wanted Kratos and I to come in and kinda moderate the bullying situation. That was a great feeling. After that was my 3rd front page article in the paper, the girls didn't like the article though. It was more focused on my looks. My tattoos and piercings. The next time I got together with them to work on the book they all had a temporary tattoos on and said that the newspaper actually bullied me by judging me. That means the world to me. That is actual first hand proof that I am able to teach young minds. Of course, when I read the article I didn't care, I had a full front and back page. I am just glad I could be a positive influence in their lives.
What do you like to do in your spare time? Anything else you're working on other than the series?
I like to stay very focused artistically. If I'm not doing books, I am writing music or doing videos for youtube with my brother. My ultimate passion in life is music.
Any future plans??
Well, I am looking forward to the release of Kratos' Big Top Adventure. As a self published author its hard to get a start. My books are now, after 3 years available almost everywhere which is awesome to me. Barns and noble, sony, apple store, and a ton of other sites that I didn't even know existed until I started writing. I plan on doing some major outsourcing after this release. I want to do a statewide tour to promote the book. Other than my children's series I have also been writing a lot of music, planning on doing a studio project where I play guitar and sing. I like to stay productive.
Published 2014-07-15.
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