Interview with Bill Orton

So December is a stripper?
Four books feature Lori and December, who fell in love in the first, were forced apart in the second, a married couple in the third, and the target of political hatred in the fourth. Through all of these, you gotta do something for work. In the first two, December dances, or poses online. In the marriage, she is the at-home wife. And the fourth novel happens in one hour in the White House, and her history is slammed, while reporters play with politics.
Lori swims? and is a soldier? and good looking?
Lori L Lewis is the majesty of American greatness. Yes, a female. Yes, an athlete. Yes, a soldier. You choose what you do. She always stood for what is great... not because she is... not because what she does is great... but simply because when one IS great and DOES what is great, then that soul is, indeed, one of greatness. So Lori personifies the courage and determination and lightheartedness of the greatness of this beautiful nation. How could she be anything but beautiful and magnificent?
What's this Nixon thing?
A ghost haunts a book. Only one character -- Larry -- can see Nixon's Ghost. Another -- Jeanine -- can see the one object that the ghost can manipulate -- a hat -- but otherwise only knows that Larry thinks he's haunted by a dead president. No one else can even see a hat dancing. So here is Nixon's Ghost, in limited presence, telling Larry how to become great. Let's see how THAT ONE goes.
When was America great?
Wasn't Nixon. Isn't anyone recently. No living former Presidents. "Great" is not for wearing a hat. We gotta look back 80 years to see actual "greatness" by a President. We've had three... One, who started our nation, Two, who saved our Union from rebellion, and a Third, who rescue America from economic collapse and saved the world from genocidal butchery. Now, we are just yelling at each other, so sometimes, YOUR person says they are great, and then THEIR person... Them, and yours. Welcome to the Bush/Obama Era.
'Post Gender,' huh?
The author is, in fact, a male. We born that way. Remains that way. Usually ACTS that way. Which means, he is (1) a total dork, (2) possibly wearing mismatched socks, and (3) too blind to catch on to a woman flirting. That's how most men are, so why would a novel present a male character as having some better status, just because he is a guy? Or, why would a femaile character be denied magnificent in a story, simply because she is female. Gender shouldn't matter, as to which character shows greatness. It certainly doesn't stop Lori L Lewis or Mary Traynor or December Cerrera or Jeanine Howard or Anekee van der Velden from hiding behind gender.
Are these books any good?
"Hope for Change" is my first novel, and, like baseball, you gotta learn yer fundamentals. "Hope for Change" is a farm club novel... single A... strike-outs... happy just to make nine innings. "Invisible Way" hit quick. Good hits. Still farm club, but Double AA, at least. When "Get Back on the Horse" got E-Booked in 2015, it focused on Joe Biden. Now, "Nixon's Ghost" is telling the story of a nation haunted by the lack of greatness. This edited 15,000-word rewrite lifts it from Double or Triple A, to suggest that the final version could even go Major League. The fourth book -- "Love and Hate in America" -- will get back into action once Nixon's Ghost is pitching. So, weak swings but fun occasional hits on "Hope for Change." Solid Double AA for the "Invisible War." "Nixon" could take Major Leagues. We'll see where "Love and Hate" heads.
So they're free, huh?
I am writing so as to write. I've sent hundreds of queries, but I cannot STOP WRITING just because I also want an editor or agent or publisher. Yes, I want them (and certainly contact me if you wish to represent me), but the point is to write. And if I write, I want people to read it. My stuff is odd, and absurd, and thickly woven. Some people will just flat-out hate this. That's okay, they don't have to like it. But I don't know how many books I can write or who will carry them. But giving them away to thousands of readers is a good start.
Does the author actually matter at all?
No. Three decades as a press secretary and public relations hack... doesn't matter. Divorced guy... not dating... total dork... Naw. So if one can pull themself away from the meaning of writing -- yet still KNOW what it all means -- then the book is better, because it isn't about ME... it hopefully is something that YOU will say, "... oh, that's interesting." Hopefully, you'll even say, "Wow, that was great." If enough people think my writing is great, then, yes, amazingly I would actually have "meaning."
Will you win the Oscar, Nobel and Pulitizer?
Well, can't be sure about that. Don't wanna write off those possibilities. Maybe I'm another Bob Dylan? Ehh? Ehh? Gimme the frickin mission. Or... well... just read the book... start with Nixon.
Never make Elvis wait...
If you read it last, then you didn't know it first. Time is inexorable. If ya don't use it, ya lose it. If Elvis hasn't left the building, ya better fricken hurry. Elvis always has shit to do.
Published 2017-08-15.
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