Interview with Binayaka Mishra

What do you read for pleasure?
I go ahead to read everything which passionate to fullfill my liabilities, starting from a whole lot of things. Not too stnningly mention, anything which adds a mint of taste like pepper to my list of knowledges, that fasinates me and whatever fascinates me I take it very seriously to read and swallow. I go ahead and read most about the tools, technology, holy books of any religion, techniques about hacking, cooking as I am a very good cook. Taking any kinds of reading via blogs, videos , printed books or by seeing the people how they cope or adapt to do the things. Most of the time I try to do the things on my own rather copying anything and fails a couple of time, but get handy on the next trail.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I like Calibre as its the best one to read any kinds of ebook, furthermore it has the provision to convert your ePub format file to most of the other formats as used by renowned retailers around the globe. If it requires a second opinion, then I use the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google chrome to read the eBooks by installing the required plug-in and add-ons on it as that allows me the broader vision to previw my eBook.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
What I have seen in the past decade was, the marketing can only bring the audience to see and buy your book at the least situations. Most of the times its hard to reach your target audience and even if you reached its hard to convince them to buy the ones, even if the price is negligible like $0.99. In my opinion, the best strategy to market and sale your book is to create a type of audience who would be in a need to show the interest to purchase your book, rather just coming to see them. It ain't worth most of the times that, people buy the books and don't even finish the first chapter yet and its very much difficult to convince them to buy your subsequent publishing as they are not very much known to your subject or area of publishing. Its solely depends upon those audience who would be in a need or interest to buy the book based on their interest, rather just nagging about cross questionable stuffs about what the book is all about. To add a little spicy to this answer, we can always request or convince the people to buy, but should we try to make them their own decision, it would be always nice to see them again.
Describe your desk
I am basically a Solution Architect by profession and mediocre human by nature. Love to do most whatever I would like to do and always try to finish with productivity within stipulated timeline.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I belong to a middle class family with Mom, Dad, Only one Elder brother, Sister-in-law and two cute nieces. I have a loads of cousins, not too stunningly mention that include both Paternal and maternal links. Writing was never was my passion or any kinds of aim. It was 2011, when I was with my people in London, UK, the demanding situations made us to develop our own applications to host and document the related process. We not only developed our own portal, but also made sure the products shall go smother at any timing. So we documented all the stuffs in the ePub formats, mobi format and more over digital document format, so that , it would not only suffice to amend the changes, but also help serve the clients better.
When did you first start writing?
It was in 2011.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I have made 7 publications in June 2017. Please find a list of books as mentioned below. All the books are basically from my own experience under those tools and technologies.

Published Titles
1. Open Source Software : The Beginning Of A New Era
2. Open Source Database - Virtue Or Vice?
3. Open Source ETL : The Prodigy Kids
4. The World Of Agile : Incarnation Of DevOps
5. BigData Analytics : Solution Or Resolution?
6. Cloud Computing - Reign Of Access
7. Master Data Management
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Most of the times people describe this as their passion or any kinds of aim to become the indie author. Should I describe it in my way, it was sole directed by the necessity of the time in June 2011, which made each of us among my entire friends circle to make the products and document them on the digital formats. This added lots of credibility to not only our skill sets , but also make us available to all such kinds of jobs available in the market , which people deny to do for the lower wages, but that was the boon for us to accept it. As we understand , every single drop of the water shall fill the glass within a time, I / we accepted to learning the publishing methods , so that we could be available to do any jobs , should the situation demands and could carry forward our goal.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
I don't have any words for this. I won't either communicate "Thank You" as that diminish my relationship with Smashwords. Since My sole agenda to retain the relationship to the very much tight level, I shall only mention,

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
In my good old days like 15 years back from now, let's say starting from 2002 until first quarter of 2005, Getting the information was almost a nightmare. Whether working with a Product or tool or technology, there weren't sufficient white papers available. While raising a Service ticket with product vendor made us await 72 hours before let us inform the stuff we seek for, most of the times it made us cry like babies. Even if internet was available, but people were hesitant to upload the information per any kinds of situations on the product development on the blogs or posts. This made us saturated and begot a kind of feeling, what if there will be the answer for everything and there shall be no horse bars to stop us. This was the only motto which became true by 2011 and publishing the contents online makes me happy, that someday , someone shall see any get benefited for anything and cloud reach the target however the person seeks.
What do your fans mean to you?
Certainly I don't have any fans. I have just few outnumbered people with me to whom I always address as my gang, those are just techie geeks like me and they mean everything for me and I do mean everything for them.
What are you working on next?
So far I am not decide to make sure about any such stuff or title, but as soon as I shall finish publishing , I would prefer to disclose the same.
Who are your favorite authors?
Everybody...Rather I shall mention the list of major ones, I would prognosticate, whoever writes in whatever ways, with or without beneficial intention, should your intention helps someone by any means, then you ring the bell.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I was a total of nothing until my Mom made me realize that, I should be somebody who could arrange three quarter meals per day with a wife and two kids. Initially it was easy for me, but while I started doing it I literally enjoyed the pain. Every time my mom was aspiring me to wake up by some means to chase the target and I was getting there. This became such a habit and addiction on my mind that, should I have to finish or accomplish something and that too reach to any target irrespective of its size, it automatically make me wake up.
What are the challenges you face while make indie publishing of ebbok?
Please allow me your cordial courtesy to make you follow the below points.

1. Never go for the fancy style formatting, whether Auto Numbering or bulleting, Paragraph Indenting, Abnormal Heading Style Changes, repetitive page breaks. The Auto-vetter tool is designed to detect all these formats and shall fail your publishing either at the Kindle Mobi, SONY LRF or ePub conversion stages.

2. While making the Table of contents, it should strictly be normal heading style. The NCX table of contents should move back to the top level “Table Of Contents” from any page of your boo.

3. Your Chapter Headings should fall on either MS-Word Heading 1 or Heading 2 for the Auto-vetter tool to pass on the conversion stage. In case of any other Heading you feel like opt out, it should be a part of the Custom style, not a nuclear one.

4. Since Auto Vetter tool shall not allow any kinds of Texts within table or any kinds of other word related tables, Please use the Kutool as mention / attached to detect any hidden or undetected tables on your word document. The Kutool provides several features on the “Kutool” tab and “Enterprise” tab to help you out the hidden mistakes which auto-vetter tool shall detect on the conversion stage.

5. Rather going for converting your word file from saving as “Web Page, Filtered” to ePub via any ePub conversion tool, you can directly make the epub file from DOCX file to ePub via Calibre Library management. Simply make your .doc file “Save As” .docx file and upload into “Calibre Library” Management to make the conversion happens. The tricky part over here is you need to complete the Metadata details very carefully and this should match exactly the details of “Publishing Form” on the Smashwords page, so that your ePub file shall be succeeded. Otherwise failing to match the metadata details, the Auto-vetter shall throw the Error

6. To make your book more formatting, you can always add the extra details like Acknowledgement, Abstract, Dedication and “About The author” sections and can separate them via page breaks. Please remember that, If you have any such other plans to add the page breaks for the necessity of your book, then you should always avoid number of page breaks on your word document. Otherwise, the auto-vetter tool which has been recently improvised on its coding, shall make your publishing fail at either mobi or Sony file conversion stage.

7. Either you are very professional author or just an armature one, and you are not sure about the Auto-Vetter conversion process, here is the tricky part listed below.

i. The auto-vetter first take your file and shall change into open office Active X content style format, which is equal to HTML file.
ii. It will then convert the file into ePub format with internal call to Calibre program.
iii. Then it goes to check the ePub validity against the tool as mention on the Smashwords style guide by calling IDPF validator tool to ensure it pass.
iv. If all the above 3 processes success, then it goes to make sure that, the conversion process success and you will be notified via email as registered with Smashwords.

8. While writing your manuscript in the MS-Word doc Format or Open-Office, please make sure that, Your font-family shall mostly fall on Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond or Georgia..In some cases you can always go ahead with Calibre or Cambria. Since smashwords shall only ship the ePub file to the retailers and its sole distributors, any fancy kinds of formatting as applied get rejected by the retailers as your target audience may not like the same.

9. While you can mention about the “About The Author” details on the Last or First page of your word document, its always advisable to mention the details on the last page only with making sure that all your BIO details and publishing details. The catchy point over here is “Make sure, you should not make any kids of Auto numbering or Bulleting while details about your previous publishing or other information”. Most of your details should centre headed otherwise Apple shall always reject your ePub file.

10. I have hereby attached 3 templated with Heading style 1, Heading Style 3 and Heading style 2 with Font-Family as Aerial, Times New Roman,Georgia and Garamond. These are the templates which are specifically designed for the smashwords publishing guidelines and always pass the Auto-vetter process. Please make sure you need to adhere the other guide lines here including the style as mention by smashwords for the Process to go smoothly.
What else you would like to share for indie publishing?
1. If your book is based on Non-fiction and contains more images, please make sure that, they are all centre aligned and shouldn’t be .bmp or .PNG types. Pardon me if I am deviating the smashwords guidelines on this note, which advise to have the pictures on your open office or MS-Word document as either .PNG or JPEG types. The bottleneck thing over here is , .PNG and .JPEG types images take more space and make your file size go beyond 10 MB, which shall make you trouble to validate the follow-up ePub file via IDPF tool, which only allow maximum file size as 10 MB.

2. Please remember your title page must contain the Book title, Copy right details exactly as mention on the smashwords style guide, otherwise Auto-Vetter shall fail the conversion. Please make sure the paragraph beneath the Copy right should exactly match according to style guide whether you set up any price for your book or free. If you mention the Copy right paragraph of the non-free on your book and set up as Free at the time of publishing, then your eBook conversion shall fail and vice versa.

3. Most of the times, if you may come across a few kinds of special characters as mentioned by Mark Coker on his style guide. Please adhere to remove them as suggested. Should you be very much unlucky and not fall under fictional book category, a few of the times you will find your word version of the book contains the special characters which are not following your operating system character sets. You may Land up Unix or Linux based characters on window file if your OS is Windows and vice versa. For these kinds of situations, please use Edit Plus 3 to detect and remove those characters.

4.Please make sure that, In the table of contents, You need to Provide the Chapters as “Chapter 1, Chapter 2…” etc. The Auto-vetter tool always scan the prefix of the word call “Chapter” to segregate the Page break conversion, including creating the NCX internally as implemented. The catchy point over here is, Make sure while you mention, For Example: - “Chapter 1: XYZ:”, the word’s or open-office Auto numbering icon on the top should be checked. Otherwise it will throw an Error in the conversion process.

Should you need any other advise, please let me know and I shall always happy to help. You can always reach out to me via my Linkedin profile :-

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How do you define 'Out Of Box' thinking?
Well, that’s a very big topic. While you describe ‘out of the box topic’, its not certainly follow the rules what people are seeing or achieving and I meant all respect to everyone. Most of the times words bring critics, but then again, if you won’t be allowed to put forward your vision, why does the question being asked on the first place? Rather being distracted, let’s focus on what is asked over here. In my Good old days, where I had education, moral values, a very good degree in hand with full buckets of god high level contacts, I was still a job seeker. It was the time of first quarter of 2003, where I landed upon the IT City in Bangalore, India after completing my graduation and wondering about the jobs and wasn’t getting anything. Don’t be surprised that, how could this happen as I wasn’t so sure enough. I was staying with couple of people in a cottage / hostel and all of them were on the same tract with one and only difference and they were all carried better number of experience as Jobseeker than me. And then a time came where all of those people got the Jobs and I was only orphan left over on that cottage who was hunting like a prey to have something.

I tried numerous times to ask and listen to myself that, what was going wrong and where exactly I am lagging due to which I am unable to secure any job like others, and trust me there were no answers. Even most of the times I was also asked this query ‘Out Of The Box’ question in interviews, but even after answering it within a bookish manner , I was landing upon as if like nowhere. Once while I was coming back from the interview and usually the response was really sadistic, I met someone , let’s not disclose its name or identity, who actually taught me the lesson of out of box thinking. Moreover that personality still with me and guiding me every time. Here’s a few tips what the person wanted me to execute:

I. What do you want in your life? A Job to support a life or A life which will serve a purpose?
ii. Does your CV outlines the point i as mentioned above? If so, do you have supporting examples.
iii. How far will you go to achieve something in deed rather only in words if the company asks you same?
iv. Do you have any moral values to give up something which is valuable to you and sacrifice for company?
v. What makes you stand better in that line of other job seekers which can bring you under the spotlight?
vi. Do you always take the mess of the life or do you have the vision to disturb the unwanted mess and see a road ahead?
vii. Do you have anybody on your life who will make a stand for you while the entire world shall be against you?
viii. Do you have any justification for the education, certification and projects as you have done on your career so far?
ix. Do you see money flow to you by Job or Do you see to retain the relationship which brings the money for you?
x. Would you be able to dilute the relationship for success or do you wish to utilize the relationship to make sure money shall follow you?
xi. If at all you would be allowed to provide the legitimate provision of your company for one day, what changes you would like to make and why so?
xii. Do you see any qualities you have within you for which the employer shall see your resume first in comparision to other better candidates on the same line?

xii. At the last, but not the least, Do you see yourself breathe at any cost, then you could make the job.

I was totally stunned and had no words to say. I literally went speechless and trust me started crying. Yes, you heard me right, I was crying. Who this person is and what made him so much of interest within me that, it brought so much concern to my job profile. I was advice by the same fella to write down all the above questions in a paper and met him two days afterwords. The amazing stuff was, the person was quite impressed with my answers and advised to change my CV accordingly. Not only that, with those live examples as I could never mention on CV, nor do I think anyone shall dare to mention them at that stage, I was confident enough at that day that, something best could happen.

Soon after posting the CV with real details, I was awarded the Job in BPL Telecom India Pvt Ltd, which was my first Job in my career and with a good perk amount. I was jumping as if like Jack as the salary which was offered to me was 100 percent more than what I expected and now I was the only guy in that entire cottage where I was staying, whose salary was in the top spot. The same fellow mate whom I address as [Sir Ji] is still there with me and guiding me till today. What I understood at that day after getting the Job was, ‘If you could still breathe at every poker moment of your life while chasing, you can still fight and win the race’. Now if you could decode that verbiage, then yes, you understand the meaning of ‘Out Of Box’.
How do you define ‘Nothing is permanent’?
Now, ‘Nothing is permanent’, that’s another interview question and trust me there isn’t any permanent response to follow. If at all I shall ask anybody this query, you will always find two versions of the people, one who lost his /her loved ones forever and other those who are becoming rich by having permanent account numbers all their lives. Perhaps this question of ‘Nothing is permanent’ teach us to ne more humble, polite, allow us to look for broader and significant matters, make us more realistic and most of the time let us learn from our loss.

Should I ask you to live your entire life with fear, anxiety and more of vulnerability, would you be happy to do that or do you think anyone shall allow himself / herself to do so? We all need to proceed forward in our lives and constantly moving. So fear of ‘‘Nothing is permanent’ always make you weak and fragile on your thoughts. One cannot do anything or let’s say win any battles in its whole life with a dilute mind-sets.

Furthermore, If you are replaced by something or somebody, that doesn’t mean to conclude you to believe that the statement ‘Nothing is permanent’ is a fact. Most of the times we feel so from our day to day life experience, but if you want your life to be really smooth without having any problems or any minute changes, then here are my suggestions to you and trust me they are completely self devotional:

i.You should either choose to become a monk or priest on a church, so that you don’t have any fury
ii. You shouldn’t care for anything or anybody those were or are a part of your life.

Kudos to my thought that, I don’t fall under any of the above mentioned terms and conditions. Your parents, friends, kids, partners and well-wishers are permanent. Your feelings for your loved ones are always permanent. Whatever you have achieved in your life against all the odds are permanent. If you are taught something or teach someone, that’s permanent. If you rise to fall or fall to rise, that’s permanent. If you are condoled while being hurt or condole someone else while he / she being hurt, that’s permanent and the list goes on. Conclude that, it’s the individual vision which defines what’s permanent or temporary. So next time if you feel anything not appropriate and being asked the same question ‘Nothing is permanent’, I hope you have an answer.
Published 2017-07-29.
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