Interview with K.C. Cave

Published 2016-08-07.
Why erotica?
I love sex! I've always loved sex! It's a miracle--the intertwining of bodies, the buildup, the excitement, the tension and the incredible release of orgasm (or orgasms, when with a lover). And all the places to have sex--in bed, in the kitchen, on the couch, in the middle of the floor, on the porch, in the garage, anyplace outdoors (but especially in the woods)! It's just so exciting. To be able to write about sex, in nitty gritty, loving detail (and unabashedly), is thrilling and liberating. All that contrasts with the reality that sex is taboo (explicit sex, anyway--as far as the media and advertising, it's shoved down your throat). Sex--and I include masturbating, which I truly love and do every day--is something that virtually everybody does, but no one talks about. So it's a real privilege to use my writing talent to share the joy and mystery of sexual arousal with readers as we explore this incredibly powerful human experience.
Do you remember the first erotica story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Two books, Over the Knee and On the Bare, both by Fiona Locke, got me so hot and bothered that I started thinking about writing erotica. They're both very well written, so it set a high standard. The topics are spanking (and the books are very British, and the British are so into spanking!), which isn't my primary kink. But the heat level is very high.
What is your favorite erotica genre to write?
Two answers: In terms of sales, gay. My first gay story, Welcome to the Club, was something I wrote as an afterthought (and without a lot of enthusiasm). The result? It's far and away my best seller. Go figure. (I wrote a sequel, too: The Glory Hole Shebang.) The other category is lesbian (usually considered not very popular with readers). All my female characters end up making it with another woman (although some also continue to have sex with men). This is no surprise, since I definitely find women the most desirable sex. All my stories (I think) have some element of BDSM, But very mild--handcuffs, restraint, fun spanking. And I love masturbation! Everyone needs to do it more! Including my characters! Heck, they do it together! Yeah, I masturbate a lot, too.
What are your favorite words when writing erotica?
"Slick" and "smear" come to mind, as in something like, "She smeared her slick juices on her lover's tummy before leaning in for a long, passionate kiss." I like sloppy sex! Of course, my characters always have lots of towels handy. "Bucked" is another, as in, "Her hips bucked as she came." And squeal! I love to make my woman characters squeal when they're penetrated or about to come. As for female genitalia, the choices are limited. "Vagina" is so clinical (ditto "vulva"), but sometimes it's the right word. I lean toward "pussy" the most. "Cunt" is harsh to my ears (I never use it) and I reserve it for highly charged scenes. "Yoni" is nice, but I'm not sure if all readers know what it means (vulva). Moving on to men, "cock" is what I use most. "Dick" for variety. "Penis" I use less often. But sometimes you just have to mix it up. Not a lot of choices, really. I mean, there's "johnson" and other slang terms, but it just sounds so...slangy.
Does the process of writing erotica sexually stimulate you?
Absolutely. I can gauge a scene by how long I last before I have to stop writing, take off my clothes (assuming I'm not already nude; I usually am!) and begin self-abuse (note use of irony!). Often, though, the arousal occurs away from the computer when a sex fantasy gels into a story. The memory of the sexual arousal carries through until I can sit down and write. It's a lot of fun.
What turns you off when reading erotica?
Other than complete and total crap--bad grammar, misspelled words, awful sentence structure, incoherent story? Anything that takes you out of the story. For example, a lot of writers use "sex" when they should be writing pussy or vulva or cunt. Drives me nuts! I'm pretty sure it's a British thing, and if the writer is a Brit, I'll grin and bear it. I just hate to read, "She put her hand between her legs and touched her sex." Grr! Pussy! Cunt! Vulva! Another rant: Folks, the vagina is the birth canal. Confusing "pussy" and "vagina" drives me up the wall (and takes me out of the story). The vulva (or pussy) includes the inner and outer labia, the clitoris and hood, the entrance to the vagina (a hole, after all), and some other structures. Writing "vagina" when the correct word is "pussy" should be a crime. Sheesh.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Mindless Lust--the title says it all. My characters crave sex as much as I do, and I had to help them out. In this one, Alison revisits the scene of her crime--a crummy bar where she serial gangbanged seven lucky guys on a busted pool table in the back room (Upping the Ante, book 2 in the series Alison's Erotic Adventures). This time, though, she wants to tryst with her girlfriend. Things go wrong, but in a very good way. There's another serial gangbang (Alison had forgotten how much likes MF sex) and the GF, stood up, has a fling with another lesbian. It's non-stop sex.

Here's what E-Read Erotica Reviews had to say: "I love this series. It just doesn’t care if it goes all porny and nasty and it talks to us with a filthy mouth because that’s what I need right now. Not anything soft, not anything written with a feathered and eloquent pen, but something primal and nasty that shocks me and takes my mind to a darkly filthy place. Something gritty, dirty, urban and sexual which is covered with sweat and all sorts of unmentionable bodily fluids because fuck it, my care for a world which pretends to be an orderly and nice place has just run out….I don’t care about genre or if it’s supposed to be lesbian or put into some category. I don’t care. Just give me something nasty to take me away. This book delivers."
How much of your personal sexual experience is in your fiction?
A lot, but don't read too much into it. Certainly the power and passion of sex is something I've experienced and put into my writing. But a lot of it is pure imagination (or, maybe a better word, fantasy). Have I ever been caged in an acrylic cock cage (Making Michael Submit)? Uh, no. I've never seduced a cute female cop in a cheap interstate motel room (Alison's New Toy) or "entertained" a bunch of steel mill workers on a busted pool table in the back of cheap bar (Upping the Ante). Nor have I sucked a dozen anonymous cocks in a run-down men's highway restroom (The Glory Hole Shebang). And readers, I'm pretty sure, aren't going to have those kinds of experiences. But it sure is fun reading (and writing) them.
How do you approach cover design?
I'm not a graphics person, so I hire a designer. I was very lucky to find a good one who designs extremely lush and sensuous (I think!) covers for my books.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
My reading tastes are all over the place, including classics (I'm huge George Eliot fan; I'm rereading The Mill on the Floss). I also recently reread Catch 22, which was as funny as when I read it many years ago. Every decade or so, I go back to War and Peace (most people make a face, but it's a stunning novel). Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion is way up there, too. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John LeCarre is an all-time fav. Narrowing it down to erotica, just about anything by Harper Bliss (an incredible writer of explicit lesbian erotica) would be on the list.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Sure do. It's Making Michael Obey and it's still selling well! I followed it up with several sequels (in the Junie Makes Michael series), so I hit the ground running!
Describe your desk
A mess.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
An 8-inch Dell tablet, which I got on a special promotion when I upgraded my PC last year. It's probably not as good as a Kindle Paperwhite (which gets good reviews), but I'm happy with it.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
I maintain a website/blog, post dirty (ha!) pictures to my Tumblr blog and post to Twitter. I'm also on Goodreads, which I find confusing as hell. Is social media effective? I don't know, but I have my doubts. It's a tremendous time-suck, and I often contemplate just giving it up and putting the time into writing. I'm coming to the conclusion that it's really a matter of gaining one reader at a time. I'm in it for the long haul.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Like a lot of erotica writers, I have a day job (alas). But unlike most, I'm a professional writer. My goal is to build my catalog, keep growing sales, and transition to full-time erotica writing. When not working or writing erotica, I'm an avid cyclist. I despise traditional U.S. professional sports. But I'm a big fan of Alpine downhill ski racing (Lindsay Vonn is hot!), women's college basketball (go UConn!) and bicycle racing (yes, they all do performance enhancing drugs, and I approve). Go figure. Last, but not least, I'm a nudist. While my opportunities for social nudism are limited, I rarely wear clothing around the house (or in the yard after dark). Just to be clear: Nudism is not a sexual or exhibitionist thing. It is just incredibly liberating and relaxing. If you haven't tried it, you owe it to yourself. Oh, one last thing: I meditate, usually an hour a day. I've attended about a half dozen, nine-day silent meditation retreats.
When did you first start writing?
I've been writing professionally (journalism, travel writing, magazine writing) for almost 25 years. I started writing erotica about a year and a half ago, and have about 20 erotic short stories published (so far).
What motivated you to become an indie author?
E-readers and self-publishing destroyed the most significant barrier to most fiction writers--agents and print publishers. It's an incredible opportunity to get your writing in front of the public (and make money). Major downsides? No marketing, no editing (unless you pay for it, and I do), no built-in audience that major publishing houses provide, and you have to do your own promotion. I've known fiction writers all my life, really good ones, who never got past the front door of the New York publishing industry. Those days are over. E-readers also opened the door for erotica readers, who don't have to worry as they read erotica while sitting at the hairdresser. It was quite a revelation to learn that women are the main consumers of explicit erotica. Hooray!
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Success is major overstatement. I'm still a novice erotica writer building a catalog. That said, I'm selling books, get good reviews, and hear from readers that they enjoy my writing. Smashwords is part of the mix of outlets where folks can find my erotica.
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