Interview with Brian Igoe

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I sometimes feel I grew up in a car. Or an aeroplane. Earlier I suppose it was in my grandmother's house in Ranelagh Road, Dublin. But as a family we did a lot of traveling, I went to boarding school from the age of 8, and spent holidays in Southern Africa, France, and Ireland, so all in all a happy start to life (apart from school!). Little did I know that half a century later these early travels would provide the canvas upon which I was to work on books...
When did you first start writing?
I did some articles for a South African Economics Magazine around 1985, and later condensed them into a booklet entitled 'High Yield Investment Programmes - Fact or Fiction?'. However in the sense of writing books, I started when I was 65! I started life as a lawyer and became by a series of unexpected twists and turns what I suppose one would call a businessman. First an assistant in a horticulture development in Ireland, then as a manager on a Tea Estate in what was then Rhodesia, and that led to a career which left me as the boss of a multi-national multi-disciplined company based in Harare, by now Zimbabwe. We left Zimbabwe in 2001, and for a few years I was a business consultant and eventually retired. During all that I lived through Zimbabwe's Liberation Struggle and learned to fly, and when I retired I started scribbling memories from which emerged my first 'book', To Fly!
What motivated you to become an indie author?
A Love affair. With a Computer. A thing called a Kaypro from which we ran a 300 cow dairy herd in 1983. The cows were free ranging animals on a huge field on which were parked numbers of feeding stalls. These were linked to the Kaypro in the office, so that when, say, Bessie IV walked in the stall would be instructed by Mr. Kay's Kaypro to feed her until she had eaten her ration for the period. She could not exceed that ration, and at milking time her milk was likewise weighed and recorded by the Kaypro. If it was more than her average the next feed would also be more. That saved the cost of the computer in a week by more efficient rates of conversion of food into milk, and led me to think seriously. I moved onwards and upwards applying computer technology to every aspect of our business where it could make us more profitable. When retirement and 'To Fly' came along, eBooks were becoming seriously popular, and for me being an Indie author was a natural progression. What motivated me to write at all? Boredom, I guess. And the possibility that writing was something which might, just might, turn my passion for history into an income....
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Ebooks were a natural for me, and the businessman in me looked around the market place for selling them. I eventually homed in on Amazon for their Kindle, and Smashwords for everything else. I do have a problem with Smashwords which I haven't yet resolved, the fact that I do not live in the United States. That and the cumbersome chain of payments from customer through distributor through Smashwords to me makes payments very slow. Moreover the method of applying the US tax system on authors which, it seems to me, is unique to Smashwords means that as a non-American I still pay an American tax! But to answer the question, Smashwords with their excellent distribution network has got my books out into a wide market place, and their unique 'meatgrinder' means they are fairly well presented there. But Amazon pay faster!
What do you write about?
a/. Mainly History and historical themes.
b/. Things I know something about.
I write about the past because that has been a hobby since childhood, and I write about things I know about because I feel that if someone is actually going to pay to read what I have written, it must be what it says it is. My Story of Ireland, for example, is just that, the story of how Ireland got from where she came from to where she is today. Most of the other books are novels to the extent that I have imagined some of the scenes but not the plot. Napper Tandy for example, lived the life and died the death I have described, but what he actually said and the conversations he had along the way I have imagined unless there is a record available. The Road to Zimbabwe on the other hand is imagined within broad parameters for the first six hundred years, but becomes factual, almost autobiographical, in the last third of the book.
What is your writing process?
First, obviously, research. Mostly on the internet which has made quite easy a task which a few decades ago would have taken months and involved a great deal of travel and hours of browsing in various libraries. That research I then condense into notes set within the timeframe of the story. That in turn is expanded into the book. The actual writing process I find needs a disciplined approach, just as though I were still running a business. So I rise at 4:30 a.m., work until 7 a.m., bath shave and breakfast and then work until midday. That's it. In the afternoon we hike, my wife and I, all over the countryside where we live. She says we go walking. I think hiking sounds less geriatric. Take your pick. We aim at 20 miles or so a week. Some books take more time than others, but I aim at two a year and between 70,000 and 100,000 words a book. Then I put the result away for a while, say from six to twelve months, and then I get it out again and edit it. That works for me, and anyhow I can't afford an editor!
How do you approach cover design?
The cover design is the only thing I outsource, but I minimise the cost by using the same basic structure for all my books.
What are you working on next?
Cato. Marcus Porcius Cato, a Roman Statesman and contemporary of Julius Caesar with whom he waged a lifelong struggle, for they had diametrically opposed views on just about everything, especially government. It wouldn't have needed much, a different decision by Caesar on crossing the Rubicon for example, to have made Cato pre-eminent in history and Caesar just a byword. I am trying to tell that story. Writing about ancient Rome, or rather publishing a book about ancient Rome, will be a first for me but I did actually write most of one on Julius Caesar a few years ago and called it The Reluctant Dictator. Eventually I decided that the subject had been overdone. A lot of the research I did for Caesar however applied equally to Cato, and it's always been a period that has fascinated me. I hope Cato's Shade will approve of what I write!
Published 2013-09-02.
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