Interview with Samantha LeBrun

Describe your desk
My desk is in front of my TV/PC. I have a 44 inch Samsung TV that is connected to a Windows 7 desktop PC with Windows Media Center and a TV Tuner. So I can write in one window if TV is boring me or I get an idea. It is set up on a six drawer chest of drawers directly in front of my bed. I have a wireless keyboard so I can prop the pillows behind me in bed and write until my heart is content.
What's the story behind your latest book?
For the balance of writing "A Requiem Eternal", I was living in a Victorian home that had been cut up into small apartments. The ambiance in my apartment was nothing but bright and happy. It was exactly what I needed to write what I was writing at the time. It was in a small town in a quaint neighborhood with large grand homes custom built for the elite of the 1800's. It was so idyllic in fact that it was actually used as a movie location at one point, well after I was writing my book which was a nice validation I might add. The very same little microcosm of life that had inspired me, inspired someone else who was making a movie. At the back of this neighborhood was a creepy yet beautiful cemetery that dated back to just before the civil war. I would walk there and read the headstones. One day I happened to find the name of my main character on one of the headstones. Exact spelling and all. Talk about shock. I had completely made up his name years before my walk in the cemetery. It was absolute kismet in more ways than one.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Writing gives you a voice. No matter how small it may seem in the beginning. Any injustice or unfairness in life that I see others deal with or encounter myself goes into my writing somehow. It can be very therapeutic.
Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?
Two of my main characters were from a vivid dream. They were relentless, coming to me every night over months. I would go to sleep with them in mind and the next chapters would play out like a movie. I would write down an outline of them when I woke up.
Also a lot of the Vampire mythology that was around at the time inspired me to write my own version. I just couldn't reconcile how much suspension of belief there had to be to read in the genre. What about all the dead bodies? These beings are dark, seductive and so much fun to write about but they need to evolve into something else that can hold the attention of a more sophisticated audience.
Published 2015-04-09.
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