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Massage And Other Tricks For Swollen Eyes
Rare are the lucky ones who only tears of joy swelling eyes. Lack of sleep, disturbed microcirculation, water retention, hormonal changes and other causes under the eyes creating pads that do not disappear so easily. Age does not make it easy problem because aging reduces collagen and elastin, and bags under the eyes become more pronounced, and the skin is thinner

Basic Steps
Eat foods rich in vitamin C to boost collagen synthesis. Apply the cream gently tapping the fingertips to reduce water retention. Same problem lands and changing lifestyles. Drink more water, reduce your intake of salt, caffeine and alcohol. Find more time to rest, relax your eyes if you work long hours at the computer, and often breaks.

Natural Tricks
Cold sliced apples or cucumbers, chilled chamomile tea bags or green tea as a ten-packs pinched the blood vessels and reduce swelling. It will help the cold gel mask. If you are prone to infections, make sure the wraps are not very cold or instead repeatedly rinse with cool water.

Look for these ingredients
To reduce puffiness and refresh the look, use a cream with aloe vera, witch hazel, ivy or distaff and ginseng or caffeine to stimulate circulation and have a draining effect. Looking for the ideal cream, remember the alphabet as vitamins A, C and E, as they stimulate the synthesis of collagen and block enzymes that break it down.

Massage for swollen eyes
Prstenjacima gently press the inner corners of the eyes and hold for three seconds. Then relax your fingers, put them under your eyes and gently slide the fingers to his temples. Hold massaging his temples in a circular motion. Repeat the process seven times. You can use almond oil or rosewater. This massage is ideal for swollen eyes and bags under the eyes because it operates drainage.
Published 2014-09-03.
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