Interview with Sebastjan Videtic

About the future on market?
Shop now sells 10,000 products, because they do not know the market.
The future is sell through vending machines to 8 products.
Older than you are, smarter you are?
Old people talk intrusive to buy plates for turntable to young people who buy mp3 for smartphone, today.
What are no market oriented innovations?
Greece selling fresh oranges at the time of the sale of orange juice,
Spain sold fresh potatoes in the time of the sale of chips.
Colombia sold in bags coffee during the coffee sales by brand.
Hungary sells live pigs during the sale of dried sausages.
In Italy, schools teach Dante Alighieri in the time of Michael Porter.
The farmer is poor because sales of fresh eggs during the mayonnaise.
Iran sells carpets during ceramic.
Manufacture or sell products?
ATTN: What customers use pay as soon, what customers only want, may never buy.
Published 2015-06-27.
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