Interview with Carol Thomas

What's the story behind your latest book?
In 1994 a National Parks worker abseiled into an unexplored canyon about 150km out of Sydney, Australia. He saw trees he hadn't seen before and took a sample back to his boss. He'd found a tree that was later described as the botanical equivalent of finding a live dinosaur on Earth. Several years later I heard a radio announcer mention the lady bushranger, who had apparently killed her husband with a chair in the 1920s and escaped to rustle cattle and live in a cave in wild Wollemi.
This sounds like a double survival story I thought, and I was off.
How do you approach cover design?
I start by taking or looking for a photo that reflects an aspect of the story. I write YA books so it has to be interesting for that audience. For Operation Red I wanted a technology image. I had a broken mobile phone so I took a macro shot of its electronics to be the faded base image of the cover. Over that I laid a photo of a sunflower, Photoshopped red (like it is in the narrative). I knew what I wanted the cover to look like, but because I wanted it done well I gave it to two designers to finish it off.
For Wollemi, I wanted a location shot that suggested wilderness and risk. I didn't have one of those that was good enough so I went looking online and found just the right image and a guy who was nice enough to let me use it. This time I thought I'd like some extra words, a selling point, on the cover, and the right words took AGES. Again, my designer manipulated image and words in ways I can't. That took a while too, but you need to spend creative time and money to get a pro cover.
Do you have a recommendation for a book about writing?
Stephen King's book On Writing. It's a cracker; that man talks sense and he's a straight talker. He mixes techniques and advice with a little autobiography and the story of how he wrote Misery.
Do you have a writing space?
It's informal - the kitchen table and my LazyBoy in the living room (laptop on lap). I have an office in the house but don't usually write in there. What I'd really like is a space I saw in Hue, Vietnam. Tu Duc's poetry pavilion, a gorgeous open sided building on a lake, where the Emperor could be alone and quiet and write poetry. Wow.
Published 2015-12-02.
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