Interview with Cheri Blossum

How do you feel about winning the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for Erotica?
I’m honored and totally thrilled as this is my first book. I do have to thank my publisher and editor, Maura Stone, for all her hard work getting this in shape.
How did Secrets & Seduction come about?
Someone introduced me to a blog named A lot of posts were about a relationship. Reading it from afar, it was like reading a train wreck about to happen. And when it did end the way it did, I knew it would be a topic for a book. Funny enough, I met the blog author through another published writer, my friend, Joel Krupa, an erotic and horror novelist. And when I suggested to the blog author a book based on her blog and that relationship, she said she'd publish it.
What is Secrets & Seduction about?
Secrets & Seduction is about the clashing of two distinct worlds - worlds that would never have collided in the first place if it weren't for the internet. The internet is the great equalizer. People like Janet in the book who lead a very vanilla and ordinary life would never meet people from the BDSM world. Or, if she did, she would never know because that world is very cloaked.

Secrets & Seduction is a timely novel about online romance, the vast underbelly of people online and the real things that go on. I purposely have explicit and titillating sex and draw on my past. Sex is an important ingredient to life as is love. Yet, when one is absent...
How do you feel about BDSM?
From my background in porn, I know there are gradients of BDSM. Some people like a little slapping here and there and tying up as a form of role playing and a way to spice up sex. However, hardcore BDSM that is in this book is a very small segment of the population.

Proponents of hardcore BDSM try to push what they do as normal. It is NOT normal. The only reason why they push it is for the dungeons and videos to make money. It's all about money. And I know, given my background. Hardcore BDSM is so out there, so abnormal that it doesn't have a majority of sales outside of the hardcore fans and a few curious people regardless of its supporters. Having realized this, many Dominatrixes branch out into regular porn, escort services and, of all things, seminars of how to be a DOM, female empowerment (that W T F moment) and how to make slipknots.

However, fantasy is different than reality. The fantasy of doing something that you would never do is the allure of BDSM books. Because, who in their right minds would subject themselves to such debasement, humiliation and pain?
Are the people in Secrets & Seduction real?
I took the blog pieces I read and modified them into a fictional story. So, yes, they're based on fictionalized versions in a blog about fictional people if that makes any sense which does have a basis in reality, yet disguised to protect the guilty.

Here's where things get really sketchy. I created motivations for the characters about why they did what they did. It made sense as part of a novel. Then, the other day, I read an online diary of someone and almost dropped dead because what I wrote turned out to be real! The good part is that I wrote the book way before they published their online diary so no one can ever say that I plagiarized them or used them in my book. In fact, I can say they plagiarized me! Even so, reality is weirder than fiction.
Published 2015-05-19.
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