Interview with Christopher Carter Sanderson

What's the story behind your latest book?
So many people talked about I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway that it was obvious not all of them had seen the show even though it was sold out. So now they can read it.
What do your fans mean to you?
The fans of I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway By Tucker Max are the people that matter. I'm glad they bought the book, talk about it, and see productions of it all over the country.
What are you working on next?
A screenplay about producing I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway By Tucker Max in New York because it was such a wild ride. Seriously, it was crazy. Tucker didn't understand it but his friends loved it. JEzebel and BroBible BOTH loved it. How much stranger can things get? Wait, don't answer that.
How do you stage this stuff without it being porn?
You keep the actors' clothes on. It's funnier that way, too.
How do you cast someone to play Tucker Max?
Get someone really funny and be ready for Tucker Max to complain about it.
What would you say is the audience for I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway By Tucker Max?
NC17. Also, be thirsty. Beer will be served.
Why is this called "Beer On Broadway" and not the same title as the show?
Because I wrote it, not Tucker Max. He's great and I could not have done it without him, but doesn't know anything about theatre. Also, Beer On Broadway has added material and commentary. There's an extra scene that can be put in, so the show you see of it locally will be unique.
Is Beer On Broadway a commentary on frat bro culture or an artifact of that culture?
Both. You tell me. Read the book.
What's unique about Beer On Broadway?
What isn't? I think it is the only script that calls for a super-soaker and brown paint to simulate projectile poop.
How is the character of Tucker Max in the play different from Tucker Max the person?
All characters are simpler than people, even if they have the same name as a person. Here's how I put it in the book: "The character of TUCKER MAX is a narcissist. He is sure that even the horrible things that happen because of him or to him are great because he tells them to “the world.” He is inhabiting his own memories here, so the character himself seems really to have written and staged the play. He is therefore portrayed as virtually omnipotent and omniscient in that his judgments and opinions become true parts of this world on stage. The staging, however, showing some of the consequences and results of his actions crowding into the audience’s view, provides enough counterpoint to this completely self-serving extreme to demonstrate its dramatic irony. For instance, throughout the play, TUCKER will often be talking about drinking A LOT of alcohol. However, the character never, ever appears or “plays” drunk to the audience. TUCKER’s calm, narrative tone when he addresses the audience, and confident, self-assured tone as he addresses other characters never vary. It is by the consistent use of this dramatic irony that the audience knows how much he is drinking because he says so, and yet he never acts “drunk” as all of these crazy things seem to just happen to him." I might also add that Tucker is now what? 37 I think. Characters never grow older or grow up. People do.
Beer? Theatre? Frat humor? Feminism? How does this all make sense in one play? Or is it a book?
Think if it not as a play where we serve beer, but as a bar where we serve funny scenes featuring Tucker Max. Laugh with it, laugh at it, have a beer. Read the book.
Published 2013-08-30.
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Beer On Broadway
Price: $10.00 USD. Words: 28,400. Language: English. Published: September 15, 2013. Categories: Plays » American / African American
Beer On Broadway is the complete script of I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway By Tucker Max from the sold-out run in New York with added material and commentary.