Interview with Charles Odimayo

What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is a narrative of the trips I took to heaven and the activities I witnessed in the afterlife. At 11 years old I had a near death experience [NDE] and went to heaven. Then it happened again when I was fourteen years old. Here in America, I was physically invited and taken by Angels to the “city of God” two more times. Once when I was in Newark, New Jersey, and then another time when I moved to Delaware. On each of the visits, I was allowed to see different aspects of Heaven. The highlights of my first visit was meeting my three brothers, my sister and close relatives who passed on before I was born, my second visit was meeting Jesus by the Chrystal River who showed me the Tree of Life but both Jesus and God refused my request to bring its leave back to earth. My third was a dramatic visit to a spectacular Church in Heaven. My fourth and final voyage was a breath-taking tour where I meet with some people called elders whom I believe were the “US” God conferred with before man was created, Jesus, sea of Angels in formation and multitudes of people at the valley. I was taken to the throne and had direct conversations with God on the issues of humanity when He explained the meaning of “Ancient of days,” “Faith,” “world without end” and more. To crown it all, was the revelation of the location and tour of the “Garden of Eden” which had been hidden away inside Heaven. Although there were some things I was told not to write or disclose, but I felt compelled to share many of the things so that the whole world will understand that truly Heaven has prepared and expectantly awaits our next level of life in eternity.
You wrote in your book that humans don't die, how did you come to that conclusion?
When I tell people that death is a myth because we do not die, they roll their eyes in reaction that could best be described as, "looks as he/she has just met a high-functioning psycho. But of course we don't. If we do, those souls I met in the afterlife will not be there. They changed their consciousness like 'caterpillar to butterfly' and live on. In dying I discovered that death is an illusion. Death is nothing. It has no captivating power, no pain and most of all has no mystery. Our departure or transition from the physical earth to the afterlife is one simple and uneventful step. The moment of death is an instant; you’ll slip away before you can blink your eyes. On a grand level, death is like slipping into another room in your house. As scary as the phenomenon is to us, death has no secret agenda, nothing hidden and nothing to unwrap. The most amazing part of death is the fact that you wouldn't actually know that you have died. In death, you would have cross over to the afterlife but you will quickly discover that you are in continuation of life. Nothing has changed. You are still you. You will recognize yourself as you and it feels like you are just taking a stroll around the corner in a new city. The continuity of life is unbroken. You will remember everyone as you would if you have just traveled out of town. What I found amusing about death is that people on earth misses you, while family members in the afterlife awaits and celebrate your arrival in heaven like a new born baby. There might be a painful separation on earth, but it is all joy in heaven. The sounds of music and the resounding holy holy in heaven will melt your soul. It is then that you will have the awareness of God as your spirit moves in many directions until you get to the arena near the throne of God the father. Death is not what the world made it out to be; it is only a vehicle of transition to another life. The pain in death is the three dimensional body’s unwillingness to let go of what it knows. It can be liken to the fetus scared of being dislodged from the comfort of the womb into an unfamiliar world. Death is a rebirth. Many people miss life lessons when they chose to avoid conversation about death or encounters with the dying. If we stop, sit and listen to the dying, we can get beyond our morbid fears of death. Many will then come to a place of peaceful acceptance of transition and gleefully look forward to a dignified celebration of crossover when they understand death. I’ve had one foot stepping into the threshold of eternity to give assurance, hope and a fresh expectation to humanity of what lies beyond the grave. Close your eyes on earth and you will open it in heaven with nothing to fear. Death is uneventful; the drama is only for the living.
It took you a long time to decide on making your story public, why did you finally decide to write and what is your purpose?
Few of my friends in conjunction with my family encouraged me to expose my experiences to the world, they believed people deserve to know. And the moment I started to write, I came to the realization that the experiences were not about me. It was about humanity and a God who loves us more than we realized. My purpose and focus is a genuine intention of awakening the spiritual giant in every human. Deeply rooted in our being is God’s DNA and creative force that pre-qualifies all humans as sons and daughters of God. The God aspect in us is a powerful limitless energy which makes the bible call us "gods" on earth. The exact quote is "Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods?" So we are sleeping giants with powers that equaled that of Jesus Christ and that was why He said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do…” It is now up to us, as it is our duty to awaken the “god-potential” within us and use our re-acquired spiritual powers to positively impact humanity and improve all lives on earth both great and small.
It's all about presentation! Titles and Book Covers - What is your process for titles and book covers?
The title of my first book "Four Glimpses of Heaven" actually represented the content of the book which detailed my first three visits. It was supposed to be about my four trips to Heaven, with two NDEs and then two “close-calls” that followed in my thirties. However, on the advice of my first editor, the book was split into two, Four Glimpses of Heaven and "Summoned to Heaven" but I loved the original tittle and kept it. I considered my first two visits as accidental spiritual encounters but the third was deliberate and the fourth was even announced by an angel ahead of time. The day it actually happened, an Angel entered my room and told me that he was sent to bring me. That was why the book was titled SUMMONED because I was called to the edge of eternity. As for the covers, it was a different story. The copyright office demanded that I use non-copyrighted picture and I couldn’t come up with a solution. On the first of July 2012, I sat in my living room in San Antonio, Texas and searched the internet almost all day for useable public domain art that would capture the scene but there was nothing and in frustration I said "God where will I find a picture for this book cover?" [My exact statement at 6 PM]. Then I heard a voice that said "look at the clouds" Obediently, I walked to my balcony, and saw a dark stormy cloud slowly floating across the sky. My aim was to take a picture of the little sun rays that peeped through. I used my camera phone, took three snap shots (left, center, right side) of the clouds and to my surprise two days later, when it was downloaded to my computer, there were many human faces in the cloud picture which I later captioned “Cloud of Witnesses.” And that is the cover you see today on “Four Glimpses of Heaven” raw, un-edited and un-manipulated. - Divinely Inspired? Who would have known? But in it all, I believe God is behind all these strange occurrences?
How did you approach the cover design for Summoned?
I have no specific process just like the contents, it was a gift and I just did what I could with what I was given. The Cover was one of several pictures I took one evening on August 12, 2012 while I was driving from Poteet to San Antonio (Texas). I saw magnificent cloud movements that almost eclipsed the Sun and made it appear like a Shooting-star or a moving Comet with trails across the sky. I quickly stopped my vehicle and clicked away on my camera phone. Then we had to set the lettering in different positions in order to truly capture the full effect of the scene. I sat with my design team and tried many shots, the pictures were so beautiful and hard to decide on one but by vote we finally accepted what you see now on Summoned. For Acts of Angels' cover, it was simple, just Angels in formation around Jesus that is it.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Knowing that there is a purpose for my life and a destiny waiting to be fulfilled. Getting up to a new day, gives me a renewed hope for humanity to attain our God given potential.
Have you written any other books?
Yes, I've already written “The Act of Angels” and “The New Pharisees” The Act of Angels is the follow-up to Four Glimpses in response to demands and questions about my sustained interaction with different Angels who came to visit for one thing or the other and have one-on-one conversation with me. My initial encounter with the spirit of God in 1975, led to frequent visitations from entities I called Angels. For many years till now I've enjoyed the company of different angels who tended to me either for healing, encouragement, companionship, guidance or sometimes warnings. It will be published in November 2014, and The New Pharisees which is an observation of the state of religion will follow. I already have some ideas for some more books to help people achieve what they want in life, without feeling limited by religion or their mindset on church doctrines, situations and circumstances.
What is your writing process?
I really don't have a set process, I endeavor to write daily at bursts, sometimes a few pages of new material or update and re-writes. I don't work from an outline. I have the solid elements and progression of the story from reflections upon my journeys, and I could see it all again as if it is happening in the present as I was writing. Then I will write write write until I fall asleep Most of my writings are inspirational and true first-hand reports, to which there are no set standards. I first of all regurgitate everything in my head as it was shown or stated to me, before deciding on the appropriateness of release on such information, then go through much editing. Seriously massive editing to be sure nothing is written down that shouldn’t be said. There are lots of difficulties in my writing because some of the materials are not for the general consumption.
How do you know so much about Heaven?
I didn’t set out to know about heaven. As a young boy about 11 years old, I died and was taken to heaven and after I got back to earth, I couldn’t get good explanations from adults about God, so I decided to find Him by myself. From the search I became spiritual and the exposures to heaven just happened but the amazing thing was that it happened multiple times.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Ode-Irele (Southwestern Nigeria) and spent my teenage years in Irele and Lagos, where along with my brothers. I explored, the only world I knew, set bushfires, climbed tall trees, participated in Boys Scout camps etc. The main influence for my writing comes not so much from these experiences, but from invitations to Heaven and constant encounters with Angels and the Holy Spirit.
When did you first start writing?
Apart from articles in my high school magazine many years ago, I started writing books about my experiences in 2011. But before then I wrote well over 200 articles for “African Business Magazine” I founded in 2005 and contributed other pieces of writing to many outlets on current world affairs.
Describe your desk
I don't have one. My desk is where my laptop happens to be at the time I wanted to write. Sometimes on the plane, dinning table, sometimes in the office and most times on my bed. My desk is anywhere and everywhere.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Receiving feedback from readers who expressed how the book helped them move closer to God, and when some readers reported that the book gave them many answers to what lies in the next dimension of life and how beautiful it will be, I get excited. But I am much happier that I have gotten the things that were locked in my head for many year out in the open for the whole world to read. Finally I have something that will live on for generations after I might have returned home to rest.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
I read several books from a very young age. Stories like “Sinbad the sailor,” "Abdul the merchant," and others in that level that were appropriate for my age but my favorites were my senior brothers’ literature books, “Oliver Twist,” "The Iliad" by Homer and “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare. I remembered the stories vividly, but I didn't fully appreciate them until I was much older
What do you read for pleasure?
I mainly read Science books and Bible related books to find reasons for the exposure I have had, but occasionally you will find me reading one of the classics by William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, George Clason’s “Richest Man in Babylon,” Alan Axerod’s “Elizabeth I CEO”, E. H. Gombrich’s “A little History of the World” and books on Anthropology
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Well, I don't think one marketing technique is better than the other. But I have sold more books locally than I have online. Book marketing is multi-layered. I have been blogging, networking, contributing to other blogs and planning a large Social presence online, including Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube and others.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I became an indie author out of frustration with traditional publishers, their demand, delay and gimmicks. I have not been rejected outright by any outfit but had gone through the whole process of hoop jumping with some publishers and didn’t like the result. I heard about Self-publishing and loved the idea of not having to ship physical book here and there and unlike other services, it cost nothing to try it. Since starting at the beginning of 2013, I am now very comfortable at the prospect of publishing without tears.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords gave me an avenue to publish on many platforms for different devices all at once.
Published 2016-03-25.
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