Interview with Lora Lockhart

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
This is a funny question to me, Yes, I do remember. I was very young, maybe 7 years old at the time, I remember my Mom always called me "the story teller" because she could walk into any room looking for me and almost always find me in the center of a crowd telling stories. It inspired me, I was not the most structured person in the world so actually sitting down to write was totally different from telling the stories-I did love to "doodle" though, so I sat down with these little doodles of mine one day and I wrote about the "Teardrop Twins" the story grew over the years, for about 20 years actually, so when I was about 27 I took those stories and turned them into "Raindrop Rewards" a childrens' series of books based on Gods grace in our lives and His presence in each of our lives including those very difficult times and the lessons that inspired me about Gods love for each and every one of us.
What is your writing process?
I better begin by telling you that I live inside the right side of my brain. Stories are always bouncing off of the walls of my brain, when they reach my heart, I just sit down and start writing because the ideas come so quickly. I move all of my "writing" to the side and start to create a mind map with the ideas I just saved, from there I begin to decide what point I am truly trying to make and what approach that I want to use to reach my audience. I am all about purpose and "normal" people exceeding their limits so I actually love to bring my work to my audience in its most pure form, meaning that if I draw my own pictures then that is what I include. and then I look at the paper (yes I use pen and ink and a fresh notebook) and creating from a "blank canvas" I use whatever I have to bring to you what it is that I am trying to express to you personally. I then type it up and edit it and sometimes I edit so much that it never reaches anyone, but then I send it out, always in prayer that it has a message for my reader that improves their life in any way possible.
What do you read for pleasure?
My favorite book of all times is the Bible. I was not a huge fan of reading when I was younger because my imagination begins to create stories of its own even when I am reading, so often it would take me forever to regain my focus back into the story at hand. My Mother read to me all of the time when I was young, she is a writer herself and a huge fan of reading, I spent more time watching her read than actually reading myself. The bible always seemed like it would be an impossible read for me until the day I discovered a bible in my own "language" the stories are so full of inspiration to me. I love getting to truly know Jesus, which I guess is my first driving force in reading the Bible. I want to know Him more and more and more. Also we learn everything we need to know about living in that book, I am a Life Coach, I work with my clients to reach their highest self and there is no better guide than the Bible. I read a lot of other inspirational material as well, I believe we were designed to live at a higher capacity than we do so I enjoy reading material about how the mind works and how to constantly improve ourselves and others.
Describe your desk
Oh my goodness, my desk is the stomping ground of my imagination. I have an "L" shaped desk, one side consists of stacks and files of things I am working on, they are stacked together according to the idea or the topic. The other side of my desk consists of my "technology" it has my computer, printer, fax and phone on it, I guess that is my actual work station for finished work. I have a desk that is connected to the L shaped desk that has nothing on it unless I am working on something, that is my "blank canvas" table. I use that table to create my newest work and only what I am working on at that very time. I do have a desk in another room that I use when dealing with my clients, it is not in a work area but more like a meditative area, I have my beautiful things that mean something to me on there, like pictures of my children, a candle that one of my clients made for me (and it smells so beautiful), a tiny fountain and a board above it with my calendar and items that represent something to me, such as cards or gifts from friends and clients, a cross. I use that station to remind me why I am truly here and my truest goals for myself and my life-which is truly truly reaching people and watching their lives grow.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small town in West Virginia, Princeton. I do not have enough time to tell you all of the wonderful ways this has influenced my writing. The town that I grew up in was a beautiful world all on its own. I had a wonderful childhood and I grew up with an extremely creative mom. I was blessed with beautiful scenery from the moment that I was born and amazing friends. I have to say though, looking back, I was raised in an area and community where the most simple things truly counted and that to me is a huge blessing, because I have the ability to know gratitude for things that some people never take time to even notice. I grew up very close to nature and the outdoors and I have to say, love was the center of my upbringing. As a writer, a coach or even a human being, my life is always focused on love and happiness. Happiness in the current situation that you are in with what you have and absolutely anything and everything that is added to your life along the way. I was raised around people that made the most out of every moment. I left there almost 15 years ago and the support that I will always have from my home, has and will never fade. I cannot say enough about where I grew up, I have been a lot of places since I left there and I have met some of the greatest people in the world and had some of the greatest experiences but Princeton, West Virginia will always always be my home.
When did you first start writing?
Well, I was born writing, just not on paper. My mind never stops creating. I never really thought about being an actual writer until I was about 21 years old. I was in conversation with someone and being the kind of girl that loved new adventures and possibilities, I spurted out that I was going to write a book one day. I think I said it out of humor but honestly the thought haunted me, when I was asleep and when I was awake so I began writing with the intent of possibly one day actually becoming a writer.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Wow, this book was written as a letter basically. This book talks about some of the trials that I have been through but it is addressing those that are going through the same trial, as in Brokenness, It was a story that I have hesitated to write and I have tried to put it on the backburner but the pressure of someone else's pain has influenced my decision to get it out there in the simplest form. I think it is important that people know when you have gone through something so they know they can get through it too. I admit this one was very difficult for me to write because I do not like to share my pain with others. I want to be remembered as a positive person not a person in pain and I have a fear of people seeing my pain and hurting for me. This story was written because I want people to know that strong, happy people can go through things too but mostly I want others to know that there is a purpose in their pain and I want more than anything in the world to be able to somehow reach them any way possible and help them any way that I can and if it is my words that do it and my own examples then that is how it shall be.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
YIkes! Lets see, first of all, I am a free spirit to the fullest! I love having control of my own work and I love being "on my own" lets say. I have had my share of dealings with traditional forms of publishing and in some instances I guess that has worked for me too but I feel this is more beneficial to me because I have more freedom in how I get my messages across and how quickly I do so. I feel like a kid in a candy store by being able to lay it out the way that I want to and have a public canvas to draw on for everyone in a decent time frame, it allows me more time to work freely on other things that I am working on too.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I love to show people the beauty that surrounds us. I guess more than anything I just want to make a mark any way that I can on peoples hearts of hope and joy and possibility, love and laughter. Writing is my way of wrapping my arms around my reader and giving them a giant hug from wherever I am to wherever they are.
What do your fans mean to you?
Oh my gosh, I love them so much!!! They have made my purpose valid. I truly truly write these things to them because I want them to have the most positive experience possible. I want to see them living their lives to their fullest and believing in themselves and the possibilities for their own lives. I write to them in the terms of how I would speak to them because with all of my heart, I want them to hear me for who I am and I want them to see me in my flaws and know that wherever they are there is a purpose in them despite their shortcomings. God uses their strengths as well as their weaknesses and they do not have to settle for anything other than their hearts desires. I get tons of letters and testimonies from them that literally have me celebrating over here for them. I live to somehow make a difference in their lives because they do make the difference in mine!
What are you working on next?
Oh dear, I have tons of things that I am dying to share with everyone. I have learned to be patient with myself and wait on Gods call for what I do next. I wish I could answer that for you but I will be praying and waiting for God to whisper His suggestions before I will fully know myself.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Life is so amazing and so full of possibilities. The question should be what inspires me to go to sleep at night. I take care of myself so that I can be the best that I can be for myself, my children, God and the people that He places into my life each day and through each circumstance. I have to be very disciplined to even make myself sleep at night. Waking up is a delight, I may be a little tired from all of this energy that I use every day but I know that something wonderful is going to happen every single day. What is a given? My children hold my heart in their hands, its that simple. I love being a Mommy to 3 of the greatest children on the planet.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I have to be honest here, I always seem to have a pen and paper within reach but other than that I am a Life Coach so I work with several clients daily. I love to paint. I love to learn more about God and bettering self. I have 3 children, between dropping off and taking care of their needs with school, they are all 3 very active so I am a football/cheer mom. My oldest is away at college so I like to visit him when we can. We are active in our church so that is another way I spend my time and the rest is spent living life and seeing what all is out there.
Published 2013-10-21.
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