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What are you working on next?
Warrior is the sequel to Courier and begins shortly after the action in Courier ends.
April 25, 1973.
“A machine gun round tore past. Rick Putnam felt the hair on the top of his head suddenly rise up, and in the split-second before he heard the whining thwup of the bullet, he’d already begun his dive to the ground.”

Every night, motorcycle courier Rick Putnam battles the phantom gunfire that is the price of his service in Vietnam but this is definitely not a dream. Rick and his girlfriend, Eve Buffalo Calf, have spent the winter hiding out from the assassins who pursued them across Washington DC to cover up an act of High Treason. Now, feeling safe, they are headed back home but first, a quick stop to backpack desperately-needed food in to Eve’s legal clients, the American Indian activists under fire in the small town of Wounded Knee.

A fellow veteran sacrifices himself so that they can escape the bloodshed and betrayal that mark the end of this desperate act of resistance and fulfilling his final request results in a motorcycle sprint through the Black Hills with a secretive cult out to kill them at every turn.

Rick learns that the cult is based in Washington DC and so, with the help of their computer hacker housemates, Eve and Rick fight back against this “new crusade”—actually a scam that brainwashes and brutalizes its young converts. In the final battle, Rick must stop the cult leaders from destroying both the sacred lands of the Native Americans and the very souls of the young children in their charge.
Published 2015-07-03.
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