Interview with Crème Brûlée

Describe your desk
My work environment at the moment is a hedonistic paradise. I am surrounded by the green of tropical plants and the beauty of many orchids in full bloom. The sound of water babbling softly calms me as I focus on the next installment of Doctor Sexton and Miss Insatiable. My desk is a glass table that holds my computer, a cool drink, and my cell phone. The sun is only now reaching my keyboard and my bare feet. My toe nail polish is red, my favorite color. Soon you will be able to follow Jane Sexton on her next erotic adventure. Until then, adieu.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I am not writing I enjoy the many pleasures life has to offer. An afternoon spent in bed, a long walk on the beach, a glass of port by a roaring fire are activities I consider time well spent.
Describe your bedroom.
My boudoir is a refuge for me and my lover. My colors are a grey-black, off white, and silver. The wallpaper is a black fleur-de-lis, and it is a wonderful back-drop for my mirrored vanity. My vanity has an attached triple mirror which allows me to see myself from many angles as I get ready for the day, or for an evening. I love perfume, and I collect make-up palettes to suit my moods and outfits. I store my brushes and long tubes of make-up in silver cache-pots, and the effect is very elegant. The bedroom has little furniture because I have a amazing walk-in closet. My bed is center stage, a four poster queen raised on a platform. The posters are often used for my favorite fantasy, bondage play with silk scarves.
Do you write for men or women?
I will guess that more women will read my erotica because I understand sex and pleasure from a woman's perspective. I understand what a woman wants from a lover, and I search for the perfect words to describe the sensual aspects of a sexual encounter. Men, however, might find my erotic stories interesting and educational. If you want to know what a woman needs to have an orgasm it is helpful to read about it in a story designed to provide all the luscious details. Knowledge is power.
What made you decide to write Crème Brûlée's Black Book of Sexy Living?
Living a sexy life is not just about the act of fornicating, although that is an integral part of a well-balanced lifestyle. By following my tips and tricks it is possible to smooth out some of the areas of our lives that cause us anxiety. Worrying is not sexy! Organizing your environment, taking care of yourself before you take care of others is key. A rocking orgasm is a fantastic stress reliever, and active sex burns calories. Life is too short to allow clutter to overwhelm us. This is the first of my planned lifestyle books. I want to help my readers glide through their day the way a fine port slides down your throat. Mmmmmmm. Life is yummy, don't you think?
What writing projects are you working on?
I have several projects simmering at present. I am at work on an alien erotica short story that will be very hot. I have begun the third story in the Jane Sexton series. This one will be in the Caribbean and is going to feature active participation by billionaire playboy Sebastian Demmick. I am also working with a lover on the next non-fiction book. We will be sure to share our detailed research with you. If you haven't read my Black Book of Sexy Living, what are you waiting for?
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I am an entrepreneur and I have a vision for my work. I want to add beauty and pleasure to the lives of those who read my books. I do not want my vision skewed to fit a corporate business plan. I believe that we are sensual beings. My books and my sexy lifestyle suggestions will be offered at a price no traditional publisher would ever permit. I will continue to share what my readers want. My Black Book of Sexy Living is currently free on Smashwords. A traditional publishing house would require me to sell my lifestyle secrets. As an independently published author I can give these pearls of sexy living away. I do hope, however, that if a reader enjoys the free book they might consider purchasing the others. It is the encouragement an indie author, especially a sensually minded one, needs to create their art.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writing for me is sharing my pleasure mantra through fictional stories and most recently my Black Book of Sexy Living. Readers have written to me, enthusiastic and energized by my approach to life. A sexy life is available to all of us. The ability to help others develop a lifestyle of beauty and sensuality gives me great joy.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book, Alien Gigolo, takes my fascination with graffiti art to a new erotic level. I was relaxing in a bubble bath after a demanding ashtanga yoga class, and I allowed my mind to wander. The character Cinci came to me. As I lay in the fragrant tub Cinci's story began to take shape. She is a street-smart, brilliant artist with no sexual inhibitions. It was easy to imagine her interactions with a hunky alien. I am going to continue the story in Manhattan and have already begun working on the plot. Ménage à alien anyone? Stay tuned. Xoxo.
Published 2014-06-12.
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Price: Free! Words: 12,880. Language: English. Published: May 30, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Paranormal, Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica
Cinci lives life on her own terms. Her world is built on graffiti, art, and pleasure, which fuels her art wall by wall. After her discovery by a New York art dealer, she channels her passionate nature into erotically charged paintings. A surprise move to the desert from her New York studio leaves her frustrated and unprepared for her alien boarder Kyle Larson. Should she follow her instincts?
Crème Brûlée's Black Book of Sexy Living
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Welcome to the world of sexy living à la Crème Brûlée. This is the first time I have shared my secrets to a sexy life. If you don't think you can create a sexy existence you are wrong. The basics are here – and some of them are very naughty. This sweet and spicy book is just the beginning of what I intend to impart. You are invited to the fantasy world I have cultivated for myself.
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In the interest of science, Doctor Jane Sexton decides to take a personal gamble and test a new drug, The Elixir, on herself. The results of her self-experimentation are beyond her wildest dreams. As her libido explodes, she learns to explore the sensual side of her personality. Her obsession with pleasure threatens her clinical method. Can the effects of The Elixir be controlled?