Interview with Cristian Ceron

What are your five favorite books, and why?
Well, one of my all time favorite books is 100 years of solitude, which besides being a great reading, a masterful piece of love towards writing, a monumental work in the history of my country literature, actually help me to see me as part of the glorious history of latinoamerica, feeling proud of all the little stories and lore that is not told, and even worse, unknown to the vast majority of people in this planet. GABO was always an inspiration for me, his style is always fresh and vivid, always firing my imagination at every part. Is a really, really, great reading.
Another one is The Trial of Kafka, It was an unique book, almost a suffocating experience for me, as suffocating as the smell and dry air from the judge's building entered my ears, It was just a fantastic read, making me feel really slow while I enjoyed it.
Indeed, a book I remember with smile from my childhood is Juan Salvador Gaviota, which show me that everything will be fine as long as I'm not afraid of failure, that failure is a process upon we learn in life.
Another one is the Odyseey, Iliad and Divine Comedy, which help me understood different and long gone times, many times very different than mine. I love their mythology, their heroism, their suffering, their love, hopes and dreams, so different yet so equal to us.
I hope to be a good writer some day, even if I still have too much to learn.
Published 2014-01-23.
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