Interview with David Gurz

What are your books about?
My first two ebooks are sort of memoiresque. Stuff culled from my life while I was living in the Pacific Northwest.
Latest project?
Well, just recently I did a split chapbook with my friend Michael Essington, author of Last One To Die. That piece was fiction, and I plan on moving in that direction for a bit. I also still do my 'zine, and I do some bloggery.
When did you first start writing?
I started writing when I was a kid. I liked to write stories and started keeping a journal when I was fairly young, I think I was 12 or 13 when I did my first 'zine-though as is the case to this day, I had little idea as to what I was doing. I got into music for a while, played in a bunch of shitty go nowhere bands for about 20 years I guess, then started focusing more on writing as I got older. I was imprisoned for 8 years on a robbery conviction, and instead of having a television in there I just got into reading books and writing quite heavily.
Favorite, and/or authors you've been most influenced by...
Probably William Burroughs, Bukowski, Marius Gustaitus, Nelson Algren, Jorge Luis Borges, John Carnell, Steinbeck, Mike Essington, Rollins. I dunno, a lot. Generally my favorite is what I'm currently reading, but I do have enduring faves like Bukowski and ex MRR columnist Mykel Board.
What are you working on next?
Hopefully some more work with Mike Essington, possibly the chapbook thing will continue as a series. Also I'm working on my prison memoir.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Being exploited by my capitalist owners mostly. I've been doing shitwork my whole life, recently put some time in as a foundry grunt hauling metal around. Whatever it takes to get that paper, right? I was doing some photography for awhile so I was into that. I go to punk shows when I can. My wife left me at the beginning of summer so I get fucked up a lot.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yeah. It was in the third grade. It was a story about climbing the rocks down by the Spokane river where I lived back then.
What is your writing process?
For me, it's just sort of a nervous tic. I know, like how you're just supposed to approach it like some sort of machine, to not just wait around for's neither for me. It's like knuckle cracking or nail biting, or compulsive masturbation or something. I just sit down and start whacking at keys because of some imperious desire to wordmonkey. When I'm not writing I'm looking at things and thinking about how I could write about them. It's just a fucked up weird obsession for me more than anything, I guess. There's no real process to it any more than there's a process to, like projectile vomiting or some shit.
How do you approach cover design?
That's funny, I have no concept of cover design. The covers for my first two books I did in GIMP in like ten minutes. I don't really fuck with covers much. The first seven issues of my 'zine I did with hand drawn covers, when you get into the digital medium its just different. I'd like to re do those first two. Maybe one day I will. My next one might be done by SFX artist Mike Mekash, and the chapbook cover features photo work by Edward Colver.
What do you read for pleasure?
Currently I'm getting through some stuff by Henry Rollins, and I've got a Spinoza biography to finish so I basically just read whats at hand. Those books were just what I threw in my bag when I got on the bus out here. I do a lot of reading online, and on my computer with pdfs and whatnot. Just got the Cypherpunks book with that Julian Assange fellow talking about stuff as a pdf, so I hope to get into that once I get through the Savita Bhabi ecomic series...hahaha...
Published 2013-08-28.
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