Interview with Marion Margaret Press

What is Marion Margaret Press?
Marion Margaret Press is a small publisher started by JP Dellova in 2009 in memory of his late wife. He chose ten authors with books and asked them to come in and start the line up with. A few authors agreed to help him with the business set up and production began in 2010. In 2012, the press passed onto Diana Hawkins, along with a few books that stayed with the press. Now the press publishes Diana's books and a few of the beginning author's books and an anthology line. Marion Margaret Press is a hybrid publisher between a self publisher and traditional publisher.
How is Marion Margaret Press ran?
Essentially, it's ran solely by Diana Hawkins, as part of Cacy Enterprises LLC.

We use professional editors and other cover artists on a contract basis per project.

We follow many of the same procedures as a full traditional publisher, but authors are treated as self publishers. The authors receive top royalties amounts, and have full control of the editing and cover art development.

Marion Margaret Press is not a big publisher so much of the marketing relies on efforts from the individual authors, much the same way as self publishing does.
What does Marion Margaret Press have in process now?
We're still getting out there and making a name for ourselves, although we've been around for awhile. It's slow going, due to health issues of staff members and because MMP is a small part of a much larger business plan.

Things were stalled for a bit with the surprise loss of Sandie Bergen to cancer in February of 2015. Marion Margaret Press continues to work with her family to keep her books available. This was her last request while in the hospital and it's an honor. In 2017, we have an anthology Dragyn Fyre by Sandie Bergen coming in spring. Later, we will collaborate to bring out another novel for her.

During 2017, many of Sandie Bergen's books are being updated to reflect her story and to set up the fundraising efforts. All royalties from her books, beginning in 2017 will go to the Internation Kidney Foundation that helped her through her health issues so much.

Diana Cacy Hawkins has a lot lined up for 2017 releases also. She's pulling out some sneak peeks for fans this year on this. Ron Leming is the cover artist commissioned for much of the work and is working on them after a delay in his recovery.
What's the latest book you've released?
The Still Life of Hannah Morgan

3rd release of this book happened through Amazon in 2016. It will also be released through Smashwords in spring of 2017.
When's the next release?
March 17th, 2017 releases begin...

Dragyn Fyre by Sandie Bergen
Elinore's Dungeon by Diana Cacy Hawkins
Kaedara series of books by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Diana Cacy is working on a large series of non-fiction books at the moment.
What are the future plans for MMP?
In 2017, we're going to have a lot of releases.

From Sandie's family there are plans for a story collection and another novel she left us.

Ron has one or two he'd like to do. If he can fit them in between the projects he has to catch up on.

Diana Cacy has a total of 5 non-fiction books and 8 fiction planned to release over next 12 months.

Marion Margaret Press will continue to sell books online, but the business future goals include a physical shop/cafe which will carry books from the MMP line up and other hand picked book releases.

Confirmed are six new releases from Diana Hawkins and two books from Sandie Bergen. Updating and streamlining our entire existing line of books is part of the goal for 2017.

Plus smaller story presentations through our website membership and social media channels.
Where can people find Marion Margaret Press books?
Best place to find links to our books is at our website or facebook page. Or via the author's own websites.

All of our books are in process of being ran through Smashwords system. Ones not showing up yet will be.

Facebook page:
Diana's Website:
Twitter: @marionmbooks
What books are available now in your lineup?
Days End: A Better Fiction Anthology
The Still Life of Hannah Morgan by Lora Deeprose
Confederacy of Steam vs Zombies, edited by Ron Leming
----Authors: Sherry Ficklin, William R.D. Wood, John Lance, Melanie Dixon, J.A. Ryker, Tammy Dominguez
The Jada-Drau Series by Sandie Bergen
----The Jada-Drau
----Tyrsa's Choice
----The Angry Sword
Cat's Tales by Sandie Bergen
----Arvanion's Gift
----Silver Cat Black Fox
----In The Company of Elves

Some are not on Smashwords yet but we're working on getting them all set up for publication to Smashwords system.
Published 2017-01-17.
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Confederacy of Steam Vs Zombies
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The Confederacy of Steam is a worldwide organization, based in America, whose main purpose is to wipe out the zombie plague, wherever it may strike. Young Doctor Orloff, along with his Zombie Extermination team is the inventor, fabricator and technician of the Confederacy.