Interview with Diane Lynn McGyver

Published 2013-10-07.
When did you first start writing?
I began writing at a very early age. I recall in elementary I owned several Camp Fire notebooks filled with little stories and plays. They were all printed in pencil. Eventually I switched to pen, cursive writing and loose leaf.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I wrote my first story when I was so young that I don't recall it. The first story I remember writing was about finding a black wild dog in the woods. He became 'the gang's' dog and spent his time between the homes of the young members who were between the ages of eight and twelve. They named him Sam the Wild Dog. This dog was the most amazing dog ever and saved a kid from drowning.

By the way, that was based on a real story that happened to me.
Describe your desk
My desk...well, it's cluttered. It faces a wall and my kitchen table is behind me. On the wall behind my lap top is an 8x10-framed drawing coloured with pencils of a horse standing over a dwarf lying on the forest floor. I created the picture three years ago. Various necklaces hang from its side.

Also on the wall are various writing tips to remind me about conjugation verbs (particularly to lie and to lay), the who-that-which thing and words that trip me up (practice-noun; practise-verb). A map of Ath-o'Lea is off to the left for quick reference. A clay pot painted by my youngest child is to the left stuffed full of pencils, pens and markers.

Along the top of this are sticky notes of the projects I'm working on. I keep five notes there at all times. This keeps me motivated and moving forward. There's never a time when I'm left wondering what I can do next.
What do you read for pleasure?
When I have time to read, I choose stories with strong characters. Genres aren't as important as this fact. I love reading fantasy, adventure, historical, humour and romance. As long as the characters are well-constructed I usually enjoy the story.
How do you approach cover design?
The first item I consider when designing the cover is the emotion I want to convey. It should connect readers with at least one of the emotions expressed in the story by the main character. To do this, I need the right image, so the picture is very important. Manipulating the image to get that emotion can be tricky, so I make several designs before I decide on the final one.

It's important for me to have fun with the design and to make it look professional.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small community surrounded by forest. Although we were only ten minutes away by vehicle to civilization, I felt like we lived in the woods with a whole bunch of other campers. It was wonderful. It was like having the freedom to do what you wanted, act as silly as you wished and create whatever concoction you wanted without the outside world spying or telling you it can't be done.

Being this close to nature and left to my own devices gave me the freedom to create characters who shared these characteristics. They know about sleeping in the woods, mosquitoes and salamanders beneath pieces of wood. They know the smell the underbrush, the taste of ripe cranberries and the stickiness of sap. Many of my stories involve the outdoors because I love being out there.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The alarm clock. On my good days it's the story I'm working on. I 'scheme' while in bed, and at times find the perfect conclusion to a story I'm working on. Then it's a rush to get to the computer in the morning and get it down before my poor memory forgets.
What are you working on next?
I'm currently working on a Christmas romance called "Twistmas-The Season of Love". It takes place in my old stomping ground Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Yes, the same Cole Harbour that lays claim to Sydney Crosby lays claim to me. But don't worry; he's just another kid on the block who went to school with my nieces and nephews.

This novel is scheduled for release in late November. It was exciting to write because it was like returning home and seeing all the things I once saw on a daily basis.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
That's a loaded question. I love to do lots of things. In the summer my time is taken up with gardening, camping, hiking, fishing, visiting museums and beaches and generally hanging out with the kids. In the winter, sketching, painting, movies, making snow women and playing board games take up my time. Oh, and reading. Goats consume my time in winter, spring, summer and fall. We maintain a small herd of Toggenburgs for fresh milk and entertainment. The chickens take care of themselves.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writing for me is that I get to know characters I might not otherwise meet. They make me laugh, cry and go stark-raving mad (at times). I would never miss the many adventures I've been taken on by these characters. Sometimes it is like my dreams are coming alive in the words in front of me.
Do you have any advice for other writers?
Keep writing. That's it. Keep writing and your stories will get better. Keep writing and you will get published. Keep writing and you will find success in your own way. Keep writing and if you love writing you will always be doing what you love.
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