Interview with Fabrizio Frosini

What make you write poetry?
It's sort of a need coming from my inner self.. I was just a child when I experienced it for the first time* and it hasn't changed since then (*the oldest 'real' poem in my ancient block-note is dated February 1967 : I was 13. Actually, I had written a number of poems previously.. but they went lost)
What do you want to gain by writing poems?
I just need to talk to myself. It is sort of a talk between me and my 'soul'.
3. Are you disposed to motivate others to write? Why?
I have tried to. I think Poetry is the highest form of Literature. You need a brain to write prose, but for poetry, you need to add a heart, and they have to speak each other, being in tune and moving "hand in hand".
What subjects do you write about in your poems?
Many. But the "self", mankind and the mystery of life are the major subjects.
Do you think that you'll stop writing poems? Why? Or why not?
When I die, I'll have to.. ;)
Do you think you'll teach others by writing poems?
We can't 'teach' others human beings to 'live'.. But we can show them how we live - and how we write poetry.. if they are interested in learning something about us and the way we 'make poetry'.
I'm working on a book titled 'HOW TO WRITE POETRY - A HANDBOOK'.. should it help a few to express themselves through poetry, then we could say that I did some good in my life..
Published 2016-04-22.
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"Very informative and educational." [P.S.S., USA] "Impressive. Thank you so much: it's very very helpful." [M.H.N., India] "A very good haiku book. I had tried haiku before, but through your book I can now understand how far I was from real haiku!" [K.P., UK] "A great intro, and an interesting compilation of traditional and gendai haiku" [J.K. jr., US]
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Through Poetry, as in Daniel Brick's verse, "... we are together at the edge * / of the Universe, beyond the bend of time,/ at the crystalline source of the Imagination." [* reference to Fabrizio Frosini's verse from 'The Chinese Gardens']. Yes, it's true, through Poetry we can experience the sheer "crystalline source of the Imagination." This is a book to try.
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Series: Poetry of Witness, Book 2. Price: Free! Words: 25,720. Language: English. Published: April 16, 2016 by Fabrizio Frosini. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry, Fiction » Anthologies » Poetry - general
I doubt there is any concept more frequently affirmed in principle and more frequently violated in practice than 'Equality'. The poems collected in this book belong in what is called "Poetry of Witness", and we believe that this is a task that all of us have a moral obligation to pursue, because we can't accept to live in a world where extreme poverty is so widespread and inequality is the norm.