Interview with Dr. James Slobodzien

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
When I see someones eyes light up when they are telling me that they learned something in my book that just set them free - it gives me a feeling unlike any other that confirms my mission in life.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
It's a passion for living that starts with a spark and develops into a fire that burns in my heart to experience every minute in the present moment with my creator, knowing that I am free to do what I need to do - all the time knowing that I don't have much time to do it.
What's the story behind your latest book?
After developing a 7 dimensional health and wellness program for a hospital's substance abuse clinic, and having it be formally recognized as a Best Practice by the Joint Commission, I decided to do a little research for fun looking at other things that may be 7 dimensional. To my surprise, I kept finding more and more things, so I decided to write a short essay that just for fun proposed a “7 Dimension Theory of Everything” but several readers encouraged me to continue researching it. After studying the multiple patterns of 7s in the universe’s numerical DNA, I turned my focus to ancient cultures and was shocked to find that in the ancient wisdom writings including Christianity, the number 7 stands for spiritual perfection and divine completeness. But, I also discovered the dark side to the number 7 which led me to the hidden taboos of the Bible. This thought pattern led me to uncover the horrific history of religious persecution within the Organized Religion of Christianity in which over 50 million Christians (who were following "The WAY") were slaughtered in the middle ages and later. As they say, the rest is HIS STORY.
What is your writing process?
I don't have a real method that I follow. Whenever I have thoughts that I can't stop thinking about (day or night), I eventually write them down on post-its or something available. Then typically on weekend mornings, when I get some free time - I develop them into something meaningful.
What your book is about? What is your elevator pitch?
“Hidden Bible Taboos” is about exposing God’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom that have been kept hidden by the dark forces that control the organized religions of Christianity in the world. It documents and reveals that most of our present-day traditional Church practices are rooted in ancient pagan religions that originated from the “Fallen Angels.” It examines God’s original plan to restore his relationship with humanity, Jesus’s blueprint for the Early Church, and how the institutionalized Church has for the last 1700 years chosen to disobey this “New Covenant” and follow their traditions of men.
What the most important thing about your book?
This book promotes spiritual freedom and religious liberty by revealing the “Key to Knowledge,” (HBT, p.364). It’s uncut, uncensored truth sets those in the bondage of repressive religious traditions free from the ungodly and evil guilt that perpetuates the symptoms of clinical anxiety, depression, and addictions that can lead to suicide and the random homicides that we all witness in the News on a daily basis. It reveals the dark Church history of the religious persecutions, inquisitions, Holy Wars, and the witch-hunts and it teaches us that the truth can and will set you free (John 8:32). Most important of all is it’s ability to empower the common believer to discover and utilize his or her God-given spiritual gifts and realize that all things are possible with God, because all wisdom and knowledge is available to us to satisfy our needs if we are willing to take the time to pray. This gift to ‘tune in’ or pray is not some mysterious miracle that can only happen to special ‘Holy’ or religious people, but it is an ability that all humans possess and can develop if we are willing to change our thinking and have the faith to be reeducated, trained and experienced. Our dreams can come true; we can make a difference; and we can positively change our lives and our world even if we demonstrate faith “as small as a mustard seed” to tune in to our Higher Power and see our future.
What kind of research did you do for this book and why was it important to be accurate?
It should be noted that I had no intention of writing this book seven years ago when I started researching and wrote the first article entitled, “ Contemplating A 7 Dimension Theory Of Everything.” After studying the multiple patterns of 7s in the universe’s numerical DNA, I turned my focus to ancient cultures and was shocked to find that in the ancient wisdom writings including Christianity, the number 7 stands for spiritual perfection and divine completeness. I also learned that the number seven has a dark side wherein the Fallen Angels exploited God’s 7 Dimensional wisdom to get humanity to worship them and create organized religions.

After studying some of the original ancient Hebrew scriptures that confirm the biblical story of the Devil and his Angel's fall to earth (such as the works of historian Flavius Josephus, Jewish theologian Louis Ginsberg, the Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Haggada, Dead Sea Scrolls, Enoch 1,2,3, Jasher, Jubilees, Baruch, and Solomon's books), I became more interested. This journey opened my eyes to consider some fantastical possibilities concerning our ancient past, so I started exploring these possibilities by first examining the following: 1. The archaeological evidence of the first religious temples and other megaliths discovered; 2. The comparative mythological creation stories of multiple ancient cultures; and 3. A Jewish/Biblical analysis of the origins of a fallen race of angels that interbred with humans and how this could possibly be related to the origins of racism, sexism, and addictions.

The 7 Dimension articles were subsequently researched and written as independent brief essays over a period of 7 years. After receiving comments from many readers over the years (sometimes secretly) a theme became apparent. This theme seemed to be pointing to the fact that these divine truths of the 7 dimensional (7D) biblical patterns of 7 were not being taught by the professional religious leaders of Catholic and Protestant Churches, because they were forbidden by custom or tradition. They are TABOO. “Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden By Organized Christianity” is a collection of these 7D articles that have accidentally uncovered and systematically integrated ancient religious mythologies; archeological mysteries; scientific and historical facts; and End Time prophecies to reveal the “Christian Sun-god” conspiracy. In addition, it is vitally important to have this research documented accurately, because of the controversial and provocative nature of these religious taboos. I have yet to have any of my research principles to be refuted or unfounded based on biblical scriptures.
What do you hope people will learn and think about when they read your book?
I hope that people who read this book will learn to understand that the one true God of the universe desires to have a personal relationship with them, and that he is not interested in what religions they may or may not be involved with. For example, Abel, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham were not part of any Jewish, Moslem, or Christian religions and God accepted them and fellowshipped with them because of their faith in him (Heb. 11:1-9).

God’s plan from the beginning was to have uninterrupted fellowship with Adam and Eve (Humanity). In the Bible’s book of Genesis, we read that God created Adam and Eve as SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS beings with physical bodies as they walked and talked with God in the Garden of Eden. They lived and thought only about the PRESENT MOMENT - not the past or the future, and they accepted all that God gave them as good. Their minds were not conscious of past time or future time, and they felt secure and connected to the timeless peace, joy and love of their creator. They felt connected to their bodies, to each other, and to God.

Humanities problems started when they became SPIRITUALLY UNCONSCIOUS beings. They started thinking and feeling guilty and shameful about their PAST behaviors and started worrying and becoming fearful about their FUTURE. They could not accept all things as good anymore as they could now judge good and bad, like-dislike, and love-hate for themselves. Sin and TIME had altered their DNA, and they felt disconnected from their own bodies, from others, and from God.

After humanities fall from grace, God’s plan has always been to restore this relationship, and he prophesied in the garden of Eden that Eve’s future offspring (77 Generations later, Lk. 3:23-37) - Jesus Christ would crush Satan’s head - a promise fulfilled when Jesus rose from the dead (Gen. 3:15). Jesus fulfilled this prophesy and brought all of us the New Covenant and The Way to live for God in our family-home churches (apart from any organized religions).
What are the top three reasons someone might want to buy your book?
1. People who have had a “Negative Religious Background,” but still believe in God,
and don’t believe that they need to be part of an organized religion to maintain their relationship with God may want to buy this book to support their spirituality.

- These individuals may have "spiritually shutdown" as children because of various incidents in which there families forced a rigid, legalistic, and/or spiritually abusive religion upon them. They may have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused by members of their church's leadership staff or have known others that were. They may have observed religious groups fighting and have a mindset that all religious people are hypocrites and are poor examples of what they preach. They may feel that God has let them or someone they loved down by not answering their prayers in a time of real need.

2. People who have “No Religious Preference,” but want to learn more about the
pitfalls of religions, and how they can develop their spiritual life without becoming religious may want to buy this book.

These individuals may have had no religious training or exposure to formal religion.
Some have never seen the inside of a church, but may have some limited family history of religion. Others may have had some religious teaching as a child, but they do not identify with any religious group or organization at this present time.

3. People who may have had a “Positive Spiritual Background,” but have always had
questions about their Church’s religious teachings on: sex, money, and power (Church Authority) that their religious leaders could not satisfactorily answer may want to buy this book to strengthen their faith and spirituality.

These individuals' past experiences with spirituality may have left a positive lasting
affect upon their lives, but they have drifted away from their faith because of religious rules (taboos) imposed upon them. They may have spiritually strong parents or parental figures in their lives that have continued as supportive role models. They may have either drifted from their faith as children or have had an adult conversion experience exhibiting real personal faith at present.
Why was it important to you to write this book?
As a child raised in the Roman Catholic Church within an Italian family in New Jersey, I grew up with a positive view of the Christian Church and its historical record believing that the Church had always preached and practiced peace, love, justice, mercy, brotherhood and tolerance for all humanity. So naturally, it came as quite a shock to learn that this was true only for the first three centuries of the Early Church prior to the Roman Catholic Church being established in the fourth century. Historical records inform us that for the next 1500 years, the organized religion called the “Roman Church” became an extremely evil, powerful and harmful military organization throughout Europe that caused division, persecution, war, hatred, and injustice, and practiced the most spectacular viciousness and brutality. Members of this organization tortured, mutilated, branded, dismembered, killed and condemned to death all those who questioned their beliefs or dogmas. They burned Jews, Christians, heretics, apostates, “Witches” and pagans in large numbers. They hunted down enemies (unbelievers) everywhere and had them exterminated. This organization has been wholly responsible for the deaths of millions whose only crime was to disagree with their religious teachings or dissent from their version of orthodoxy.

Having had a spiritual experience and spending time with Jesus in the Family-home Church has guided my study of the Bible for the last 35 years. My clinical experience as a psychologist has also given to me a compassion for the victims of spiritual abuse and religious extortion of our present day Organized Christianity and those caught up in the web of religious addiction. I believe that for these historical reasons it was important for me to write this book to inspire others to know, understand, and follow the traditions of the first century Early Church as taught by Jesus and the Apostles and revealed in the New Testament Bible or “The Way” as a life-style - apart from any organized religions of Christianity.
Who is the Black Pope ?
THE BLACK POPE ~ JESUIT DELUSION (Futurism and Pre-tribulation Rapture Lies)
By Dr. James Slobodzien, Psy.D.
This article highlights excerpts found only in the January 7th 2016, revised 7D Edition. It focuses on the Jesuit Order of Catholic Priests and a religious super-conspiracy system that started in ancient times. It includes elaborate plots and the suppression of secret knowledge of historical events.

Just Google: THE BLACK POPE ~ JESUIT DELUSION (Futurism and Pre-tribulation Rapture Lies)
Published 2016-01-18.
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