Interview with Denisu Jr.

Before we get into this interview, what is your real name?
My real name is Dennis Watson. The name Denisu Jr. is actually an alias I've created, like some writing alter ego type thing. Denisu is Japanese for Dennis, and Jr. coming from sharing the same name as my father, Dennis Watson Sr.

I used to honestly hate my name, something like the bane of my existence that indeed was my existence. Grew up with a large dose of animosity towards my father for not being around in my life. As I got older, I began to understand that everything that happened in the past was beyond my control and I learned how powerful the weapon called "forgiveness" can be. Where ever he may be or whatever he's doing, I'm sure he's proud of me; and that's what matters most to me. Carrying out his name the way I'm sure he's always wanted me to.
What got you into writing novels?
Well it pretty much derived from my childhood years of playing role playing(RPG) video games. By playing these intricate multiple disc games, I gained a huge appreciation for the writers that came up with these crazy carefully thought out stories that contained some of the most complex plot twists imaginable that keep you involved and wanting more. As I got older, I got heavily into Japanese manga, watching Anime serie's left and right; once again in awe of how writers could come up with these complex off the wall, left field, and even sometimes ridiculous plots.

I wanted to be those guys, those guys who create these very small and simple premises, only to expand them into enormously intricate stories that keeps its audience compelled and wondering what is to come next.

With this obsession of "plot development", also came a way to express myself. I was never any good at verbally telling people how I felt when it came to my feelings, partially because I honestly don't like the sound of my voice enough to talk immensely about such things, and mostly because sometimes my choice of words "on the whim" just isn't the best. Because of those psychological little "deficiencies" I call them, I turn towards pen and paper to get my point across; a method that has been effective for me my entire life and has helped me build relationships with people who matter most to me.

It was through this when I realized how much writing can touch an individual or group of people within a particular demographic, and I want to mesh my love of plot-developing stories with my best method of expressing myself to put readers on a journey through my mind and what runs through it.
What is the piece that you've been working on?
The project I've been working on is called "Amagumo 23". Amagumo(derived from Japan) means, "clouds in the sky" in English. The significance of "Amagumo", as well as the number 23 are explained close to the book serie's ending.

Amagumo 23 is a three part series, taking place in Japan. To make a very long and intricate plot very short, it is the story of a man named Nimbus who once ruled over one of the four kingdoms that make up Japan. He gets overthrown, loses the love of his life, and becomes nothing but a memory and ghost amongst the people of the kingdom. With nothing to lose, he embarks on a journey to get all of those things back.

Simple premise: guy wants everything he once had back. By turning this very straightforward concept into a 3 part story filled with plot twists in every chapter, I can say that I feel like the writers of those games and animes that I always wanted to be.
Where did you come up with the main character for this first project, Amagumo 23?
After one of our close childhood friends had passed away in an aquatic accident in the country of Dominica, we decided to really take advantage of our artistic-like talents in honor of our dear friend that had passed away; me going the literature route, while my best friend took the music route; something our late friend loved deeply.

The main character of Amagumo 23 goes by the name Nimbus, as you already know by now. This particular name is actually derived from the musical and photographic alias of one of my best friends growing up. Me and him both shared a love for not only music, but intricate plot developing anime serie's and RPG video games as well. We decided to create a biography of his alias, Nimbus, to show everyone that Nimbus is much more than just some rap name, but a being with his own life story as well; this story being the Amagumo 23 series.

You can also feel free to access my best friend's website to watch some of his music videos, check out his visuals, and listen to his music as well. Amagumo 23 will soon be accessible on the site, as well as snippets representing each chapter weekly to give everyone an opportunity to see what I saw when writing every chapter.

All of this in the love and memory of Kieron Laurent. We love you and think about you everyday.
I couldn't help but notice in your bio that you wrote a book previous to Amagumo 23 but didn't want to publish it. What is the meaning behind the title of that book, "The Rubberbanded Paperclip"?
This is the root to my madness.

Since I was like four, I would take things and swing them around. Relentlessly swinging anything I could get my hands on around. I'd take my mom's necklaces, cousins hair barrettes, cut strings out of jackets and pants, and all of those times I'd get in huge trouble for detaching. However, me still being able to swing around what I was to get my hands on was considered a victory to me.

As I got older, I got a little more oganized with my approach. So I would go to the store and buy a pack of rubber bands, and a pack of paperclips. The total would mostly come up to being like $2.97 or some jazz like that so it was very inexpensive for me to do this. I'd break the rubberbands in half, and tie paperclips at the end of them, swinging them around or just holding it almost everywhere I went; especially during the many crazy memories and experiences I've gone through in my life.

I used to be real insecure about this weird little habit, so I'd only swing these "rubberbanded paperclips" when by myself. But as the years went by and I finished "The Rubberbanded Paperclip", I began to fully embrace it and confidently swing it around wherever I so happen to be; something drastically life-changing for me and extremely beneficial to my personal growth as an individual. Now people will send me pictures on their phone and stuff showing me where they've found one of my "rubberbanded paperclips" I may have left in their car, house, or just anywhere.

It symbolizes being myself, something I used to be afraid to do growing up. Since embracing this habit, I finally feel myself blossoming into who and what I was destined to be.
Do you have a particular way, or pattern, in which you go by while writing your work?
I do actually which is funny. For one, I have to be completely alone. I'm easily distracted, and in order to really harness into these pieces, I have to be alone away from people. Second, I have to be somewhere warm, I love warm. I just don't function as well writing when I am cold, or even too hot for some odd reason, I really can't explain why that really is the case.

Next comes music. Music is extremely essential for getting my pieces done. For one, I cannot listen to hip-hop/rap/anything that will make me want to just get up and move. I have to listen to some sort of instrumental to provide me a therapeutic ambiance to where ever warm and quiet place I so happen to be writing. Preferably an instrumental that has some sort of piano melody to it. When I was little, I used to fall asleep to my cousin rehearsing and practicing playing her piano every weekend, and since then I could never explain how the sounds of a piano sooth my soul.

Lastly, as I am in these warm secluded places filled instrumental melodies blissfully dancing throughout where I happen to be, I take little breaks here and there to eat and smoke sometimes, and then continue onward with my work until everything is finished.

It's a very systematic and redundant way for me to get work done; and well, it works.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I was one of those kids who was born into a not so ideal situation to put it nicely. However, I was blessed enough to get out of such a scenario by the grace of God. At times, all the time actually, I sit and wonder to myself, "There has to be a reason why everything turned out the way they did".

Such a reason, however, I've still yet to discover; but I indeed know it exists somewhere.

So I wake up every morning with the mindset of, "I don't want to let them down"; my biological parents, my mom who raised me, my younger siblings, just everyone in my life who has ever believed in me and paved a way for me to be the best person I can be. Everyday is just one step closer to pursing my dreams, and I look at each day as that; knowing that one of these days my dreams will indeed come true.
Who are your favorite authors?
To be very honest with you, I do not have one. SImply because, I didn't read enough books in my current lifetime to have developed a favorite author. Reading wasn't never really my thing, although I can see why so many people are heavily into it.
Hopefully this isn't too broad of a question, but as a writer what are your goals?
I'm not out trying to be the next J.K. Rowling or E.L. James or any of that stuff. My goals are simply to have people enjoy the pieces I write as much as I enjoy creating them, while at the same time making this another method of a way to pay my bills(lol).

All jokes aside though, just knowing I am at least putting my God-given talents to use is good enough for me honestly.
Is there a particular quote that stands out to you and/or motivates you to be the best person you can?
Well, its not really a quote but its a small passage I tattooed on my right forearm that I wrote myself. I wrote it during a time in my life when it seemed like everything was crumbling down on me, and when I read the tattoo to myself; it would motivate me to keep going and continue onward to becoming whatever man I'm destined to be.

The passage is as follows:
"I am a unique, educated, and ambitious individual with dreams of being happy and successful. I've had my fair share of ups and downs, but those previous experiences have made me the man you see today. I am proud of whom I have become, and I wouldn't trade my life for the world..."
Published 2015-02-12.
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