Interview with S. Baldev

Published 2015-06-05.
You wrote a delightful and magical story for children called, "And Craven Came to Town". Where did your inspiration come from for this story ?
Some crows are regular visitors at our bird feeder. I envisioned a story about an elderly woman, poor, and friendly who feeds the birds daily and what happens when a crow is magically transformed into a human being for a brief period of time. I hope parents will enjoy reading this story with their children.
Teens and adults will enjoy reading Common Ground by S. Baldev. The reader will develop an instant bond with the characters and their world. Would you classify it as fiction or non-fiction ?
It is fiction and non-fiction. I wanted it to be a special story that teens could relate to - endearing and memorable - but earthy and realistic.
If you met someone who didn't like to read. What would you tell them?
Read as much as you can. Reading can transform the reader to another place or dimension. It is thought provoking and meaningful. It can be powerful or subtle in its message. It strengthens our comprehension of words and broadens our horizons about the world around us.
Where were you born and where did you grow up ?
I was born in Philadelphia and raised in a large family in a small town near the outskirts of the city. It was a fascinating time and place and there were celebrities connected to this region. My kindergarten teacher later wrote, sung and starred as "Pixanne" in a long running beloved TV show for children. My brownie troop was aired on an episode of the Gene London Show. I believe my music teacher from junior high later went on to write and conduct the music for Star Wars. Some former students from my high school included baseball's Hall of Famer, Reggie Jackson and Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.
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