Interview with Edwin Harkness Spina

In your book, Mystic Warrior, people are practicing telepathy, remote viewing and astral projection. How in the world did you come up with this stuff?
I had the good fortune to have studied with some very advanced souls and mystic masters who showed me that this stuff was real. My first mentor, who I call “Sophie,” put me through a series of exercises and worked on me to awaken these abilities. After a few months, most of my contact with her was telepathic.
Seriously? You had mind to mind communication?
As clear as a normal conversation. I remember connecting with someone she introduced to me. He used the word “tribunal” in a context I didn’t recognize. I had to look up the word in the dictionary after our “talk.”
Were you always gifted like this?
Not at all. I was a normal kid, though I did have an out-of-body experience when I was five. I was a very good student, but not at all interested in spirituality. I studied mathematics and computer science, worked for a computer manufacturer, went to business school to get an MBA and got into the venture capital business.
That doesn’t sound like the typical spiritual route.
It wasn’t. That’s when I realized there is no “spiritual route.” Everything is spiritual; it’s just that we’ve never been taught what’s really important. We’re trained to memorize facts and regurgitate them like good little consumers and workers, but not to become self-realized spiritual masters.
What changed your focus?
I was a stressed-out entrepreneur struggling to raise money for my technology-based company. I rented a video that promised to relieve my stress called Dick Sutphen’s Past Life Regression. I didn’t know anything about past lives at the time, but while watching the video, I recalled detailed information from a lifetime hundreds of years ago.

I researched the information I recalled and it all checked out! I realized my education was incomplete, so I began my studies of these spiritual subjects in earnest. That’s when I caught the attention of Sophie.
Are you still in touch with her?
Unfortunately, no. She vanished with no forwarding address or phone. Worst of all, she wouldn’t even let me connect with her in my meditations. It was as if she never existed.
That’s crazy! What made you write Mystic Warrior?
I wanted to share my knowledge, but didn’t want to write a text book, so I combined my love of these spiritual subjects with my experience as an entrepreneur and Mystic Warrior popped out.
What’s it about?
An idealistic entrepreneur must develop his spiritual powers to, first survive, and then save the world from a nuclear bomb threat. Alec Thorn discovers an unknown world of selfless mystics practicing telepathy, remote viewing and astral projection, as he battles mercenaries and the power elite, with the fate of millions hanging in the balance.
What’s been the response?
Dannion Brinkley called it, “The Da Vinci Code meets The X-Files.” Mystic Warrior won two national book awards and received glowing reviews and testimonials from readers – especially those who are interested in unlocking their own untapped spiritual potential.
Do you write about this spiritual potential in your other books?
Yes, Mystic Secrets Revealed is filled with spiritual principles to improve your life and expand your mind. It includes lots of colorful, personal stories that make it fun to read.
What else should our readers know?
My objective is to give people an experience, over and above intellectual knowledge. That’s why I developed Energy Center Clearing. It’s an audio that clears out your energy centers, which are the glands and organs that animate your body. This helps you to relieve stress, calm your mind and connect with your innermost self.
What’s your innermost self?
It’s also known as your divine spark, master within or inner light. Ultimately, it’s your connection to God. Clearing out your energy centers helps you to hear the “small still voice within” which is perceived as your intuition. It makes “you more you.”
Any last words for our readers?
I invite everyone to get a taste of my work by visiting: and downloading a free Escaping the Matrix Audiobook.
Published 2013-08-30.
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