Interview with Elena D. Calin

How did you get started as a writer?
It all started in high school in the 10th grade when I was 16 years old. I was given a school book on philosophy. Back then I had no idea what philosophy meant. I remember taking it home, reading through it, and wondering if what I was reading was in fact somehow real, and did people actually think such things. I believe that book came into my life for a reason; to help me move forwards. I felt that this book was the universes way of saying that I too was allowed to use my brain to think like this. That it was OK to ask questions about the world, and by doing so it would enable me to learn, to grow and to move forward on my own spiritual path.
I read the book from front to back and devoured each gem of knowledge that was contained within its many pages. It was a comprehensive book and contained many philosophical thoughts on man, freedom, justice, happiness, truth, time, order and god philosophy. I still have that book sat on my book case- its pages now yellow through age.
Which do you think are the most important elements that influenced your writing?
My parents have always allowed me free reign to choose the books that I wanted to read. They would often find me up at all hours reading my favorite genre which is love stories. Even when they'd discover me curled up in the morning, still clutching my book with dark circles beneath my eyes, they never demanded to know what had captivated my attention so much, that it had kept me up all night.
I was a good kid, I would always help my parents, and I also got the best grades in school too. I had a good relationship with them and there was a mutual trust between us. I never showed my writings to my parents though and they never asked to see them. My brother knew that I wrote however I never remember him reading my pieces either. I guess you could say that where my writing was concerned I was left to my own devices. When I turned 30, I informed my mother that I had published two books on the internet. I thought that she would have been astonished, but surprisingly enough she wasn't. She admitted to me that she thought that it was just a normal progression of things and inevitable. I think sometimes my mother knows me better than I know myself!
Although my parents never kept track of what I was reading or writing, my father did pay particular attention to another area of my life. He focused on the results that I was getting. To my father, results were the only thing that mattered. If I received good results in my life, he was OK with that because that meant I was making the right moves. Needless to say that if the results weren't good, and you made up excuses, he would always say "Can't doesn't exist. Everything you do is for you, not for me. You hurt inside because you didn't obtain good results. Don't look at me! Look into your heart." My father is indeed a very wise man.
When my father knew I had done something wrong, he would punish me with a unique and very effective method. He would send me to my room, and tell me to look inside of myself and once I knew the answer to come and tell him. If I couldn't figure it out or I didn't want to confess, he would leave me in my room to think. His method proved to be fruitful as I would take a look at my behavior and how it had impacted on me as well as others. It normally wouldn't take me long to see the error of my ways.
Now I realize that through using this method, my father taught me the valuable skill of introspection. This taught me how to look within for the answers, and to draw upon my own inner wisdom rather than looking on the outside. I have used this skill in most of my writings, and found that it was an excellent way to get to know myself better. It has also taught me how to understand life from the inside out, which I strongly believe is the first step to making changes in your life.
My mother, on the other hand, taught me the importance of freedom of thought. I believe that this is one of the most important abilities one can develop in life. She taught me that to some people you have to remain a mystery; which translates into keeping your mouth shut, and not speaking your mind. She taught me to project my thoughts onto what I believed to be true but to act as if you agree with theirs. All that matters is that you remain true to what you believe. This strong belief is reflected in everything that I have done in my life ever since. I appreciate my mother’s lessons as it taught me how to retain my own energy whilst remaining true to my own values. Her lessons have helped me to become who I am today; an independent thinker. Moreover I feel that my mother lessons transformed me into a writer. Because if I could not speak my own thoughts, I needed to put them on paper, to write them down. So now I am a writer with a mind that can think freely and this is also why I have imagination and creativity. Awesome!

Another factor that influenced my writing is cartoons, movie series and comedy shows that I watched when I was a child. Even now as an adult I still find myself watching them. It is my slice of happiness. It is these magical moments and wonderful memories that resonate very well with my being.
Why do you feel writing is your calling?
I've always said that I think too much and that I need to free myself from my thoughts. I have found I can't do that unless I write my thoughts down.
The writer Elizabeth Gilberts words resonated with me, when she said "I feel a pressure that contains something I want to understand, an inspiration, energy. If I try to understand things just by thinking about it, I don't understand a thing."
Just like Elizabeth Gilbert I get confused from too many thoughts that arise in my brain. I find it easier to put them down on paper in order to gain some clarity. In the past God used to send me these ‘revelations’ in every waking moment. I had all of these inspirational thoughts coming to me from every direction until just like Elizabeth Gilbert did, I put my foot down, and told him that he couldn't do that to me anymore. I informed God that he was driving me crazy, and that I was only human and not a machine. There and then we decided to work together by following some rules. The rules being that he would inspire me when I am writing. Since doing this I find that ideas are fourth coming at the right moments, and my writing flows. Sometimes he still sends me messages when I'm busy doing something else but I just tell him that we have to postpone. Thankfully he always listens, and helps me to remember in the right moments which are when I’m putting pen to paper.
How long have you been writing your thoughts until deciding to make a book out of them?
I have been writing since I was 16 on notebooks and in word files. I feel as if I have been in training all of my life. I started to write books after I turned 30. They were born from my ideas that I had written in my notebooks.
How did you decide to publish your books?
My best friend sent me a link with a doodle on it that actually conveyed a very simple but powerful message. I loved the little doodle and desired to know more about the person behind it. He was the founder of a business called ‘Gaping world.’ Like me, he had tried several ventures that hadn't worked out. I remember his wise words "that if you want to be successful and happy, you need to build a business which firstly you have a passion for, and secondly you have been practicing for years just for pleasure. His passion had always been drawing doodles and was something that he had been doing since he was a kid. Therefore he decided to build a business whereby he could doodle in the little blank space on the back of a business card, and this time he was successful.
I decided to follow his example and to become a self-published writer. I publish books that reflect my style and contain my exact everyday thoughts.
I knew that writing my thoughts for the rest of my life, regardless of whether I was successful or not would make me happy because I am living my passion.
What core principles drive you to write fictional stories?
I love writing positive stories that are filled with success. Happy journeys and happy endings also fuel me. In all of my stories the characters evolve and by the end of the books they have learned, grown and become bigger and better people. Each of my chapters are insightful, meaningful and conveys who I am and what I'm about. I combine a sense of reality with magic in all of my books. Each story has a hidden meaning but by the end of the book its message becomes clear. I often put myself in my reader’s shoes to ensure that they understand what I'm saying.
I try to add humor into my work to increase my readers enjoyment and make them laugh and smile. I tend to laugh a lot myself, and I express my own sense of fun and joy through my work and I love my readers feeling the same.
Why struggle to nurse your stories into existence, to persevere despite the headwinds of so many things that conspire against the average writer?
I am living my passion so regardless of whether I sell my books or not I am living what I love so it feels easy. Sharing my wisdom is one of the most easiest and natural things to do and makes it all so worthwhile.
My career as an auditor has helped me to understand the importance of sharing, and teaching my knowledge to others whilst ensuring that they have understood what is expected of them. I would say patience is one of my most desirable qualities. I find that no matter how long it takes me to teach others, I derive a real sense of joy to see that other people start to think for themselves. It is the fact that I am adding value to other people's lives that makes me persevere. Writing is part of me, it's who I am.
What do you believe in most strongly, as a writer?
I firmly believe in the freedom of thinking.
At one point I contemplated ceasing to write my thoughts down in my journal and to only focus on my books. However this didn't sit easy with me and it impacted upon my happiness levels. I decided that even if I was to write 100 best sellers, I would still continue to express my thoughts down in my journal. Doing so allows me to tease and untangle my thoughts out, and enables me to express myself freely which makes me feel more inspired to write.
Since I made this pact with myself, writing has become even more wonderful and I'm full of inspiration. This energy carries forward to when I'm doing my research, when I'm selecting certain words to be used in my writing, or even when I write my thoughts down. When I write and I am expressing my thoughts freely I feel that I am aligned with who I am and with God. It's almost like I am aligned with something more profound than I could ever find anywhere in this world.
I have experienced many moments of pure happiness, bliss, profound wisdom, serenity and gratitude whilst I'm writing. I want to continue to write in the above states because it gives me liberty of mind and allows creative expression.
What fuels your professionalism?
I believe that it is mostly the education that I received from my parents as well as the experience I gained from my career as an auditor. I like learning from the best and then doing it better. Quality is of the upmost importance to me.
My father stood me in good stead when he told me that I can be better than anyone else in the world. Thanks to this belief I was first in my class. He used to tell me that I could do anything; I only had to want to. I carried this with me all through my life and every time I put my mind to something I always get the best results.
What drives your writing?
I believe it is the desire to discover the deep truths of this world. I also wish to share with my readers the short version of the teachings that I have learned whilst still keeping it comprehensive. It brings me a great source of joy to know that I've made life easier for them.
I always felt that one of the greatest gifts that we possess is the ability to share. Sharing allows us to tap into our infinite power. You will always gain so much more when you share your knowledge with others.
I try to keep my writing clear, concise and accurate so that it conveys exactly what I mean.

When you get stuck, or just to rest and refresh, do you like to take a walk in the woods? Go shopping? Play tennis?
When I want to clear my head, I often go to the park and buy myself three to five cups of ice cream. Siting in the park, enjoying what I'm eating and being mindful of the moment recharges my energy supply. I normally find that working on several projects at a time makes me feel refreshed and energized. I also find that writing my thoughts down on a word file also helps to get me back into writers flow. If this doesn't work I have a ritual that I follow which involves closing everything on my laptop, taking a well-earned break, and then starting all over again.

Where do you like to write?
I'm very fortunate because I can write anywhere. One of the things I like about myself is my ability to focus. I've trained myself to be like this because of my career, as well as the external distractions in my environment that I have had to contend with. I work in teams and in different locations so I'm used to people around me; team members talking to each other, people coming in and going out of conference rooms. Silence doesn't get me into creative flow however ironically enough, having noise around me does. When I'm surrounded by noise I write my best work.

What are your interest fields?

I have a passion for Philosophy, spirituality, Psychology, and positive fiction (reality with a touch of magical elements in it.) I also love children's stories, cartoons and anime.

Which are the top two books that influenced your life?

My top one book is "A Guide to Rational Living." by Albert Ellis and Robert A Harper. This book has radically transformed my way of thinking and is the foundation for my new positive thoughts. I believe that this book will remain on the top of my list for the rest of my life. The second book that had a profound influence on my life is "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. Rhonda introduced me to the power of gratitude which I now practice daily. Her teachings have opened a whole new world and completely transformed my life.
Published 2014-02-23.
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