Interview with Frank Hardy

What do you read for pleasure?
In the past thirty days my life has changed to the point I am reading to stay Alive. The Answer is much more harsher in tone than I could convey without sound effects. I chose not to change this default first question, but to answer it to show just how trivial it sounds when I have to keep the volume down just in case I should hear the metal slide of an AK-47 being readied for action.
To answer the question: I spent my last reading session explaining to my Mother about three suspicious fires, two murders, and two weapons involved in another homicide all took place on our block. I said to her" Mom, you may not know where the hell you are at, but I do. And those are people you have for neighbors so you better keep packing, and for God's Sake, stop looking out that window!"
Explain what you mean by "Writing to Stay Alive"
No one would ever believe what I have to say about what I witnessed, am witnessing, and hopefully surviving.
I have been in this situation in the past and vowed never to write anything ever again, but things inevitably change. I have entered my 50th year and the events I have to write about is something I broke that vow for.
What's the story behind your latest book?
The real question about race in an American City. I chronicle exactly what life is like in an all black neighborhood from the White Male perspective. With verdict in Ferguson and New York, I feel like I am living in a dream world, only its sure as hell no dream.
Published 2014-12-08.
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