Interview with Dana E. Donovan

Published 2020-04-20.
Dana, tell us about the Detective Marcella Witch’s series. How many books are in it? What’s it about?
The Marcella Witch’s series revolves around five main characters whose lives thoroughly interconnect and evolve from book to book. There’s witchcraft with paranormal suspense and, of course, a mystery, usually a crime mystery. In that respect, I make sure that each book is a capable stand-alone and that the reader gets a satisfactory resolve to the mystery by book’s end. Yet, it’s the continuing back-story that makes the series what it is; the reader’s investment in the characters keeps them coming back for more. There are 12 books in the series with no others planned.
What genre is the series and what kind of readers will it appeal to?
The genre is paranormal suspense and mystery, sort of a Mike Hammer meets Harry Potter on steroids. Sorry J.K.

As for what kind of reader it should appeal to, well, it's funny. I’d have thought Stephen King readers would like the series best, yet based on the feedback I see on my Facebook fan page ( ), the reader cross-section appears much more diverse. Maybe I didn’t have a clue who was reading Stephen King.
Tell us a bit more about Detective Tony Marcella.
Tony is a complicated protagonist, especially where Lilith is concerned. He’s a reluctant romantic who’s not afraid to show his insecurities along with his confidence, his diplomatic prowess along with his stubbornness. He’s sensitive, yet shrewd and sometimes mixes bravado with bullshit. Sorry, can I say bullshit? In essence, he’s a stand-up guy. And what’s wrong with that?
Should we start reading from book one, The Witches Ladder, or can we read the series in any order?
Although I take pains to assure that one may read any volume of the series in any order, one should not. Truly, the allure of the series is in experiencing the growth of the characters and their relationships. In fact, two of the main characters, Dominic and Ursula, don’t make their debuts until books two and four, respectively. Is that important? Hmm...
Tell us a bit about yourself.
This is the part I doubt anyone really cares much about, so I’ll just insert my author’s bio blurb here, and if you made it this far, I want to say thank you for reading, but don’t stop now. The best is yet to come.

Dana E. Donovan grew up in New England where folklore and superstitions can mold a town’s history as much as its people. He exploits that phenomenon in all his books, perpetuating the enigma of small town life and the belief in all that dies is not dead.
If we want to know more about you and your books, where should we look?
First and foremost, you should check out my author page here on Smashwords.

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Remember to look for book two in the series, Eye of the Witch. It’s FREE!
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Book 8 in the Detective Marcella mystery series finds Tony spearheading a rescue mission to save the kidnapped Leona Diaz. The problem is, to do it, he’ll have to travel to an alternate universe where the laws of physics take a back seat to the unpredictability of a quasi-dimensional reality. Word count 95,464
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Book 6 in the Detective Marcella mystery series has the boys of the Second Precinct investigating the theft of a pharmaceutical compound designed to synthesize the very essence of life.
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