Interview with I.G. Frederick

Published 2013-09-25.
When did you first start writing?
Pretty much when I learned to use a pencil.

I loved books from the moment I discovered them, sitting in my parents' laps while they read to me. I still own tattered books I devoured repeatedly when I was a child.

As soon as I learned to talk, I made up stories and told them to whoever would listen. Discovering I could write them down opened up wonderful possibilities.

I remember writing Chapter One and the first few pages of a novel in grade school. A few years ago my mother found it while cleaning out the attic. I don't remember where I planned to go with the story, but I still like the main character.

As a teen, I always carried a notebook with me and furiously scribbled poetry while my siblings ran and played on the beach.

I decided in sixth grade that I wanted to write professionally and took every writing course I could in high school and college. I even had one class that required I write papers in French. Although I've forgotten the language in which I was once fluent, I still remember the fun I had finding the words to discuss French literature in French.
How did you start writing erotica?
I had little success selling the fantasy stories I had written, so I decided to try something contemporary.

My first e-book purchase (in 2002) was a copy of Katie Terrega's *It's A Dirty Job...Writing Porn for Fun and Profit* from which I learned that writing "porn" requires the same skills as writing any type fiction, but without the world building necessary in fantasy. Just add graphic sex and, of course make sure it moves the story forward and/or reveals character.

I discovered I enjoy writing erotica. Before I went Indie, I had three erotica novels, 19 short stories, and nine poems published traditionally. Now, I have more han 40 short stories available for purchase as well as nine collections of short stories, five novels, and one book of poetry.
When did you become a FemDom?
I'm not sure one "becomes" a FemDom. From the day I was born, I always insisted on getting my own way whether by throwing temper tantrums as a child or, as a teenager, taking leadership positions in various activities to make sure things got done "correctly."

Once, while working on project in high school, I encountered an adviser for a different activity I also was involved in. When he found out what I was doing, he looked at me for a long moment and said, "I think you're running this school and no one's figured it out yet."

Even though my first marriage was "vanilla," I never washed dishes, never cleaned house. And, I expected him to cater to my whims and wishes. We had a conversation once in which he declared he was not my slave. I told him he should be a slave to his love for me.

When I learned a term existed that described who am, I embraced it. No one I know in vanilla life who I've come out to has been the least bit surprised to discover I identify as a FemDom.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Short answer: Rights grabs by traditional publishers and my ability to produce a better book than many publishers.

Long answer: Today's contracts often have language along the lines of exclusive right to print, publish, reproduce, distribute and license work in all languages and in all formats (now and to be invented) throughout the world for more than a hundred years. In exchange the author receives a pittance of the profits the book makes or worse a tiny, one-time payment.

And, traditional publishers offered me nothing I couldn't do better myself. The covers for my first three novels hindered rather than helped sales. The e-book formatting on my third novel was poor and the publisher of the first two refused to produce e-books.

All three books (and each one I've produced since) now have amazing covers, better interior page design, and excellent e-book formatting. And, I love that I can quickly make changes if I discover a typo or want to add a link to a new book in an older one.
What do you read for pleasure?
My reading tastes are a bit eclectic. I enjoy books that are shelved as fantasy, science fiction, erotica, thrillers, mysteries, romance, and non-fiction sections of the bookstore. But, I don't read any genre exclusively and just because a book falls into one of those genres doesn't mean I'll like it. If you check out my (not comprehensive) book list on Goodreads, you'll see a wide range.

I enjoy reading good stories about interesting characters. My favorite books were the ones I hated to put down and wished they hadn't ended.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
Mostly, I read on my Android phone. I have applications for epub, mobi, and pdf books. It's small and lightweight. And, I never go anywhere without it, so I always have books to read in my pocket.
What are you working on next?
A BDSM space opera. Don't ask. But, when the Muse speaks, I listen and for some reason she has gifted me with this as my NaNoWriMo novel this year.
Where do you get ideas for your stories?
I draw inspiration from people I meet and places I visit. Almost every story starts by me wondering what if …
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