Interview with Austin Executive Academy, LLC

Why was it important to you to write You Are What You Don't Say?
I see a pressing need for new direction in the way people communicate in businss and in their personal lives. We as modern humans have become overwhelmed by enormous changes in the massive availability, the form, and the content of the information that swirls around us.

World business needs a new commnication paradigm that allows preservation of respect, kndness, intellect, and creativity in the midst of the pressure for compression and detachment that is dogging all of our daily dialogue as professionals.

This book is designed to move individuals a step further toward this new paradigm. I wanted to offer very specific tools and approaches for individuals who want to powerfully enhance thier communication skills and help maintain our humanity in all of our interactions.
what is the most important point of your book?
It's critical that modern humans recoginze the trend of incivility that's growing with the massive technical and societal changes sweeping our world. I quote polls that show most Americans believe there is an epidemic of incivility in tte US. The movement is international.

The ability to hold a mirror up to what has happened to skew business, political, and personal communication toward detachment, confrontation, and conflict is critical to bringing a new era of creative, respectful, and more productive dialogue.

Finding a way forward with a language of growth and a renewed respect for integrity in the way humans address each other may bring salvation in what could otherwise be a very harsh and confusing future world.

I want to promote profound hearing in a modern business environment where people have too much competition for their attention. This can be linked to an astounding ability to speak in a way the provides influence and results.
What is the biggest challenge to businesses right now?
The enormous changes taking place in technology, competition, generations in the workforce, and societal skepticism.
What prompted you to write You Are What You Don't Say?
A good friend who knows I'm in communication consulting complained he couldn't find communication books that weren't shallow and boring. We got into a big discussion with me saying that communication is anything but "shallow and boring." He challenged me to write a book, and two and one half years later this book is the result.
Published 2016-04-04.
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