Interview with Father Axel

''A lot of people have taken umbrage with your design concepts. Your depiction of Taoist Gods and the like. What can you tell me about this public attitude?''
''Firstly: I don't think about them at all. We live in 'interesting times', where criticism, anal-yzing, devaluation and Post-Truth reign supreme. People learn from their mobilebrains on, to dissect creativity performed by others in any form. They know nothing about making things - but they easily destroy them out of snotty ignorance. Take away their mobilebrain and fakebook: They mentally and physically collapse. Their tiny bubble of virtual reality breaks. They are reduced to nothing - because they can not create anymore. And if they create their own music videos through musically, they are only allowed, what their software engineers allow. Creative caging with techno sounds made by insane AIs.
As I repeatedly said in my writings, the last time Western people were sane was in 1969. When the first astronaut landed on the moon. After that, Post-Marxism became dominant during the 1970s and peaked in the 21st century: As Post-Truth. Students at Ivy League universities break down on campus. Cry, sob and are unable to partake in exams. Why? Because Trump became officially elected President of the USA. What is can not be: Politically correct Cultural Marxism.
That is exactly what cultural critic Jordan Peterson brings on in his lectures. Simple conservative facts are nowadays 'politically abhorrent and forbidden'. A spectre of fear and distrust is prevalent in Western society, whereas China and Russia move and shake the rest of the world through their new infrastructural silkroads: Polar, sea and land.
Secondly: As for my 'bad' book designs and illustrations - it shows how little people know about Religious Taoism. Namely, that infantile depictions of Gods as Virtuous Children are a visual orthodox means to show the spiritual power of the Deity: That nascent youthful God is able to transform him/herself. A geriatric God with stiff joints is unlikely to show possibilities to transform the world.''
"What makes TAOISM so appealing to you? Why do you write so many books about it?''
''I think Religious Taoism is the only religion which has - right from its humble beginnings in the early Han Dynasty - incorporated its own DESTRUCTION. Its own fundamental NOTHINGNESS as a indigenous high-religion of Han China.
Only a very old and sophisticated people can do something like that. Mind boggling: Dissolving all of existence. Vapourizing our familiar world and returning it as a pure ENERGY back into Primordial Origin: The Unified Field. TAO.
No other religion has at its Mystical Core such a vast contemporary quantum field approach.''
''I mean, isn't that what Fritjof Capra, Gary Zukav and John Hagelin are talking about? This Tao of Physics?''
''Yes. That is what they are talking about. Recently I watched Nima Arkani-Hamed giving a lecture on 'Doomed Spacetime'. Basically he said - he is now very active in Mainland China setting up the gigantic Hadron Collider under Peking - it like this: 'Al Einstein's relativity theories are very nice. They are powering our mobilebrains. But matter, space and time are emergent. They are not intrinsically woven into our fabric of reality.' He is a very smart theoretical physicist. The other one is ancient Leonard Suesskind.
The Huang Lao Taoists said nearly the same over 2000 years ago. There is nothing new under the sun. Only the Emperor's New Clothes.''
''You are a Psychotherapist by profession. Why do you not follow those guys, like Freud and Jung? This analytical stuff. Why did you come to Asia? What do you want here?''
'' I don't like the tone of this interview. What do Chinese want here in Mill Valley? Surely not shopping in Frisco Chinatown? Don't they have their own 435 think tanks all across the mainland, now entering Hungary?''
''I didn't mean it that way. What I wanted to ask is: Is Western Psychology not better than old reactionary superstitious religion?''
''No. I can not agree with you here. Because it doesn't work for me. You must understand that Western people are schizophrenic. Around the 17th century, they splitted a holistic approach of uniting Ego and Soul into two separate Sciences: Rational Science and Alchemy. Isaac Newton was all-out Alchymist. Not a scientist. Taoism in the Mainland never suffered a similar fate: They kept a holistic Taoist Science complete: A Matrix Science of symbols covering the Trinity of Heaven & Man & Earth. A unified science, which we broken people in the West have to re-establish in the 21st century. And Psychology doesn't work: It can not be a substitute for faith. Not can be any Ism.''
''I see. What do you think are the two biggest problems of Western Science in the 21st century?''
''Gravitation & Consciousness. John Wheeler - the mentor of Hugh Everett III - said, that we have to include consciousness into physics as the basic thread. And that something is very, very wrong with Al Einstein's relativity theory. And that we have to work on those two concepts, if we want to improve physics. Wheeler - shortly before his death - put the problem right on the table. And 60 years later, the mocked and ridiculed macrophysical solution to quantum mechanics (by his protegee Hugh Everett III) suddenly is back en vogue: The Many Worlds Interpretation. Every decision we make brings a complete new universe into existence. From Nothing.''
Valentina: ''Father, can you explain, what exactly is your Consciousness Engineering [CE] approach?''
Fr.Axel: ''Sure, Valentina. CE was not developed for humans like us. It was intentionally written for sentient Robots. We have those around now - like IBM's Watson. That Deep Learner. Learning like a child from the bottom up.''
Valentina: ''What puzzled me all the time, was your notion of us being 'Non-Trivial Machines' [NTMs]. What is a NTM?''
Fr.Axel: ''I borrowed the word 'Non-Trivial Machine' from the Viennese Heinz von Foerster. He was the director of the Biological Computer Laboratory in Urbana-Champaign. He attracted all those great cybernetic thinkers, the inter-disciplinaries, like his mentor Warren McCulloch, Milton Erickson, Humberto Maturana, Gordon Pask, Francisco Varela, Gregory Bateson, Ernst von Glasersfeld and Margaret Mead. NLP as developed by Bandler&Grinder is a indirect result of that getting together of those future people. And it all began in 1958, when the world tumbled on the brink of total nuclear annihilation. Thus a Non-Trivial Machine is a bug, a bee, a donkey, a elephant or a individuum. You know what the donkey eats (input) and excretes (output). But you can not look into the mind of the donkey (this analog chaotic neural computer). We don't know what's going on in the brain of the donkey. We don't know what's going on in the brain of a human being.''
Valentina: ''So - we don't know how people tick?''
Fr.Axel: ''We can decipher people by character features - like, that man is a HORSE or that lady is a TIGER. Or she is a introvert and he is a extrovert. But we don't know, how people develop Consciousness. How the brain communicates internally - the internal language of the brain. We are still living in the stone age, concerning Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy: Cave Men of the Brain.''
Valentina: ''How did you become so interested in this topic. I mean, you are are Taoist Master, right?''
Fr.Axel: (Laughs) ''I actually studied this stuff at the University. My research in the 1980s centered around Milton Erickson and Radical Constructivism. Which lead me to Virtual Reality and Jaron Lanier (VPL). By profession I am Psychotherapist. Got me a Ph.D in the 'Evolution of the Human Consciousness'. And then took the plunge and became a Taoist Priest in Quezon City, Manila Metroplex.''
Valentina: "I understand. Coming back to your discipline of CE, is there one form of Consciousness for intelligent beings or are there multiple of forms of Consciousness around?''
Fr.Axel: ''In my opinion, there are as many different forms of Consciousness around as there are Universes in the Multiverse. But that does not mean, that we actually understand them. I mean, we can not even properly understand a horse's Consciousness. But we have knowledge of his sentience. Horse's are not stupid - but they operate in Horse World. Not in Human World. The same goes for the octopussy. They are the most versatile thieves and safecrackers in the world. Because they are bare Bodyscape, their neural networks and muscles are coupled eight times, independently from each other. Giving them eight autonomous bodies simultaneously. Imagine you are balancing plates, twirl a baton, eat food, touch your caretaker gently, sniff the chemical flavour of the surrounding water, calculate time, etc. That is mind boggling. Living in Dimenmsion X.''
Valentina: ''So we assume, sentient beings have different forms of Consciousness. We must understand them within their own Cognitive Space.''
Fr.Axel: ''That's right. That's why I based my Consciousness Engineering on spatialization. AI (Robots) can well operate within their own spatial models of the world. Then they match their internal spatial construction - and their subsequent motions - to the detected outside environmental space. If they bump against the wall, they adjust their internal space accordingly. When they roll on down smoothly, they keep it as it is. And that same operation goes on in infants: A Cognitive Space is built internally, in which they operate with objects and in transition construct also time. The Neuchatelian Jean Piaget documented this in the cognitive development of his own kids.''
Valentina: ''So CE is about spatialization. Operating with objects in - what you coined 'Thinkspace' - and thereby making time and space and sentience.''
Fr.Axel: ''Very well put. Yes, it's actually that simple. Non-Trivial Machines do it all the time everywhere in the world. And then you take the same principle and apply it in the construction of AI and Robots: Spatialiazation and operating with objects in space. The base of all cognition- in my approach, anyway. I am thinking about this concept since 1985, when I met Werner Dapper in Hamburg. We were attending that stupid NLP seminar with that 'lisping frog in the butter'. It was my academic turning point - going deep into Palo Verde Therapy. Milton Erickson Hypnotherapy. It changed my life - I never knew that I learned so much I didn't know. And Juergen Wippich in Ravensburg brought me into contact with Heinz von Foerster and the rest of the gang of Radical Constructivists. He was running the nuthouse in Ravensburg, very nice atmosphere near the Bodensee.''
Valentina: ''So you were a rebel in Psychotherapy? Out of the box?''
Fr.Axel: ''Definitely. Like all Taoists. I was reprimanded for this at Professional College in Duesseldorf and Cologne, then at University in the States: Too far out of academia. How the times have changed.''
Valentina: ''Thank you Father for this inteview.''
Valentina Cheung張巴伦蒂娜 in a interview with Fr.Axel: Valentina: ''Father, what is this new concept you have? I think, you call it 'HEART OF TAO'?''
Fr.Axel: ''Right. HEART OF TAO [HOT] is my new mission, to bring Taoism into the 21st century.''
Valentina: ''How do you do that?''
Fr.Axel: ''By doing things the simple way. I have followed the path of contemporary Taoist Temples in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines. Mostly Cantonese and Fookien peoples- the Southern 'shamans'. By reducing the plethora of the Taoist Gods to one of a handful, things have become easier. I have applied, what I have learned during my apprenticeship as a Taoist Priest: The 8 Lucky Saints, Jade Empeor, Queen Mother of West and Lord Lao. I wanted to include also the Dark Warrior of the North from Amoy and Taiwan, but this can be done later in the process.''
Valentina: ''Is Taoism dying, because you try to rescue it?''
Fr.Axel: ''I wouldn't say dying, but it is not doing well either. Taoism and its inherent beliefs and customs have migrated from the temple around the corner; to the TV show just in front of you. When you watch 'Investiture of the Gods封神英雄榜' from Red Party ShanTung TV山東廣播电视台, you see all that Taoist splendour and magic. Which was in recent decades evoked during the big Taoist Festivals. It happens now in your visual medium at hand: Scaled down to your EyePhone. But as a communal service and neighbourhood institution: Yes, it is definitely dying.''
Valentina: ''What makes Taoism so special, that you want to re-invent it?''
Fr.Axel: ''When you don't invent your religion anew - it dies. When you don't include outside tools (like the early Taoists introduced foreign Buddhist iconography into Taoism), you get stuck in old gunk. And subsequently lose followers to your temple. A religious faith dies, when it does not transform itself in contemporary society. And this is especially true in Taoism - you have to mutate. If you don't mutate within new emerging Landscapes, the faith perishes. Or to put it bluntly: If you stick to the old stuff in traditional ways, you wither and die. And that surely has happened in the Mainland, due to its destruction during the Cultural Revolution - where all superstitions were burned and the monks and Masters killed en masse: What a Great Leap Forward. Congratulations!''
Valentina: ''So - Taoism has to be lived daily, to retain its importance and meaning for us?''
Fr.Axel: ''Absolutely. The loss in Taoist artifacts, scriptures and knowledge in the last century is immeasurable. If we hadn't had Taiwan and some parts of Amoy preserving the Taoist proper, we had next to nothing. Because it's very nice to have the Ming Taoist Canon from old ShangHai, but how do you do the rituals? What do you manually do, to bring the texts to life in the Holy Mass or in daily consultation with your devotees? There is sickness, there is joy and wedding; and there is birth and death. How do you relate the Taoist corpus to the contemporary people, flocking into the temple for advice and spiritual sustenance?''
Valentina: ''I understand. Therefore your HOT is going to make popular Taoism available for a new generation?''
Fr.Axel: ''You know, it's funny. I, as a gwailo, teach Chinese their own culture. They snub their noses at me, those banana peels - Chinese on the outside & Americano on the inside. But when they are in trouble, they come running, so the gwailo does the job, which their own people have forgotten. It's bizarre - to say the least.''
Valentina: ''So it was not easy to become a Taoist Priest?''
Fr.Axel: ''To say the least - it was humiliating, because I was already a accomplished Psychotherapist and college graduate. But if you want to really learn, you have to submit. You clean the temple. You ghostwrite, with no credit to your accomplishments. No acknowledgment for your contributions to the Temple. The Chinese way. You have to go through all those tests. No Day Off For Good Behaviour. You run behind the Master in tropical rains, holding the umbrella over his head. And you get soaking wet and those Chinese laugh at you. So I thought: ''Let them laugh. I persevere and learn and learn and learn. As a certified crazy gwailo in hostile environment. But enough of that.''
Valentina: ''Returning back to your HOT project - what are your designs here. What do you want to teach the people?''
Fr.Axel: ''My intention is here to establish a little library with simple formulas, to serve as a foundation for a new popular Taoism. Including and respecting all those Taoist Gods and Saints. I am sick and tired of practicing 'armchair philosophical Taoism', as propagated by Taoist Masters, now strutting their business in the West. From my personal experience, ritual worshipping is a essential part of spiritual enlightenment. When you pray, the Gods take mercy mission on you. They bend down to you, from their stellar abodes. Down on earth then, you humble yourself in front of the Deities. You look up to the Gods. Lift yourself upwards to the stars beckoning. You become empty. One empty vessel. And the Taoist Gods befill your emptiness. Infusing you with perennial celestial Chi. Give and take, both parties benefit. The Chinese way.''
Valentina: "So you write down all your knowledge in a kind of popular 'Folk Taoism'?''
Fr.Axel: ''Correct. Like those Pop Psychology books in the National Bookstore here. Those for self-help. My idea was to compare certain Taoist formulas. And extract that, what is valuable for modern people. And then - in eclectic fashion - introducing some 'Western' techniques which greatly benefit Taoist formulas. In our time, Taoism can not be choosy: Making some artificial distinctions between 'pure orthodoxy' and 'eclecticism'. What bullshit in a dying religion. And then one of my Masters telling me outright: ''Gods are useless in Taoist meditation. Do you really want to carry all that incense stuff and statues around with you?'' It was the last time, that I attended a seminar with this Master. I then migrated to Hong Kong, as a direct result of his arrogant mercantile attitude. From thence on, I learned Taoist magic in a city, where wonders never cease! Literally!''
Valentina: ''Thank you Father, for this interview.''
Fr.Axel: ''You're welcome.''
Published 2018-01-27.
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