Interview with Farid Khattab

Who are you
I am a normal person who believes in the power of the mind.
What do you love the most
I love helping people; it gives me great satisfaction that I was able to help someone
What is your first book
My first book is How to Raise a Super Kid, which I wrote in 2006, and I am working on converting it to an ebook. I wrote the book so I can leave it for my children to help them in raising their children, just in case I am not around.
What books you will be writing
My plan and a very ambitious plan is to write more books on Energy photos and healing energy photos covering everything from, treating diseases, simple diseases and more complex diseases like syndromes and cancers, to qualities energies like beauty, wisdom, creativity and the list goes on.
What more
Energy photo books to treat, out of normal lab results, like blood works and more…
When did you start Energy Healing
I started energy healing in 2001 and I have helped so many people all over the world using email and messenger type chat programs, and face to face and over the phone. I even wrote a book S.H.E. Self Healing Energy in 2006, the information in that book is out dated as I have developed more methods and abilities
How did the Energy Photos start
I wanted to help my clients with a faster method so I got the idea of energy transfer and initially I made jewelry for transferring energy to, then the idea of a photo developed and tried with many people with great success, and that was an encouragement to share the idea with more people who need help with their situations, and it makes my services affordable.
Do you use the healing energy photos yourself
Of course I do it is easier than doing the healing and time saving, and I get to feel better faster. The photos I use more often are the acid re-flux and headache, they are really amazing with incredible results
What are your hobbies
Now my hobbies are painting abstract oil paintings, and watching tennis, and writing.
What is a valuable advice you can give to the readers
Believe in the power of your mind and read a lot about that, the whole world will be different once you believe in yourself and believe in the power of your mind.
What methods you use for energy healing
I use energy balance and energy transfer, which you can know about briefly by getting my free eBooks.
Did you travel
I love travelling; I have lived in Canada for 8 years, lived in the USA for 10, and traveled many times to England, and once to Italy, Greece, Paris,Holland, France, Thailand. The most enjoyable trip I had was a cruise along the Mediterranean for 2 weeks.
Where do you live now
After so many years spent in many countries, now I live in Cairo Egypt, and that is where I was born so I love it here in Egypt, with my friends that I have known for more than 60 years, and family, it is an amazing feeling to have friends for such a long period of time.
What do you do when you are not writing
I paint abstract oil paintings, I read books about new topics, reading new topics increases the number of neurons in the brain, and I love that.
Do you plan to travel again
No special plans at the moment, unless I am invited to give lectures on energy balance healing, or invited to teach energy balance healing, or have my paintings' exhibition.
How old are your children
My son is 28 and he is a Dentist, and my baby girl is 14 now in grade 8 and she wants to be a pediatrician when in college
Do you have a degree
Yes I hold a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering, it is just a degree that I never liked, it is so inanimate, I love dealing with people and help them more than dealing with machines. I also did 2 years of piano.
Do you cook
I love that, because I cook my own food, at least I know what I am eating, I take care of my health and body, and they take care of me.
Do you have a special recipe you like
My favorite is getting meat and chicken ready for barbecuing 2 days in advance so they are well marinated. I do my own pickles, and that reminds me, I might write a book about pickling.
How old are you now
I am 67 in the year 2017 and hoping for more, please allow me to say that I have done the energy of being 21 years old for myself so as to have the biological functions of that age, and we all know the feeling of being 21.
Why do you write so many books
With every book I am helping someone, even if it is only one person I am very happy with that, I believe that helping people is the greatest gift anyone can have. As well as I am documenting my knowledge for my children to benefit from, you know when you write, if you have that objective, you will never hold anything back as you write, as I could be gone tomorrow and no one will have benefited from all this knowledge and abilities, it is more than just my children, I would love to write a complete reference manual of healing to all diseases and conditions, if time allows.
Can I ask more questions
Please do, if it will help someone I am all for it.
Are you happy
Thank God I am happy, once you believe that happiness comes from within, you will be happy all the time.
Are you married
At the moment I am not married, although I would love to get married to a lovely lady that loves me and is happy being with me as much as I would love her and love being with her.
What is true love
It is the love that is with no expectations, once expectations set in, then it ruins any relationship, and love with expectations is not love, you can call it anything you want.
What is your advice to parents
Love your kids and teach them to think for themselves and solve their own problems, you can discuss with your children the possible solutions about a problem, but not the problem as a problem.
Is it really true what you say about healing
Of course it is; that is why I have several free eBooks, so readers can try and judge for themselves.
How do you pronounce your first name
Farid is pronounced Fareed
I have taken so much of your time
Not at all I hope you are enjoying it
What was the turning point in your life
Well, that is a good question, and the major turning point was when I discovered my healing abilities and from then on and still going it is really amazing, Another great moment is when I developed energy transfer and with that I was able to make my shaving razor sharp again with my mind using energy balance methods, that in particular was something great, being able to change the physical properties of the metal blade, it opens the door to new possibilities and ways to help myself and help others as well, the door is wide open.
What was a memorable instance of your life
There are many memorable instances, but the instance of discovering that I can make a sweetening energy to replace sugar and a salting energy to replace salt was really mind boggling and that opened the door to a few more discoveries. I used to add 3 teaspoons of sugar to all my drinks, tea, coffee, and not a single crystal of sugar after my discovery, and that was in 2006, I remember it clearly, and I helped many people stop using sugar. For salt one has to be careful, as I used the salting energy and stopped adding salt to my food altogether, but that lowered my blood pressure too much and I redesigned the salting energy so my blood pressure doesn't go down again, in fact I took high blood pressure medication for 10 years, and now I don't take medication for high blood pressure, and I will be writing an eBook about how I did that.
It is unbelievable what you are saying
True it is unbelievable, but I did it for myself and others.
How do you choose what to write about
I research to find out what bothers people the most and offer a solution with energy photos, specially cases that are classified as incurable, like the cases that need stem cells treatment and hospice cases, it is really with no limits if time allows, it is a lifetime project with the world's population today of 7.6 billion people.
What is the zFK factor
With everything in life, there is known knowledge on which a decision is to be made, but another important factor is the unknown, it is unknown despite all the knowledge available, and the subconscious knows what we don't know. The zFK factor takes into consideration all the unknown factors affecting and causing all conditions. With energy balance all the unknown factors energies can be added to the treatment, leading to a more appropriate method in dealing with conditions. That is why I have a good success rate about 95%, which is very good by any measure available today.
What do you think of stem cells treatments
Well, that is a very debatable topic, for one simple reason, the unknown factor, no matter how much we think we know; there is still a lot more that we don't know. With stem cells healing energy photos it is possible to have a good result, and I am offering the stem cells energy photos for MS disease totally free, in the hope that it would help many people and will open the door to more applications for energy photos. If you know anyone with MS please let them know about my MS energy photos.
Have you ever dealt with DNA
I have treated several syndromes with healing energy balance, and many syndromes involve an abnormal DNA, I have helped kids with Turner syndrome, and Lesch Nyhan Syndrome as examples, and doctors were baffled as reported back to me by the parents of the kids I treated.
Do you give advice for medications
Definitely a big NO, this is the responsibility of the person using them, and any medication taken should be with the advice of a physician and more important is not to stop a medication except by a physician as well. I have my own opinion but that is for me, I am responsible for me and my kids.
What do physicians say about what you do
Some say continue specially the ones that used my healing with, I helped quite a few doctors, some don't like, and others love it, specially surgeons, and why surgeons love it, because I do energy balance to the operating room and the operation goes very smooth and the recuperating time is less for the patient with better results, and the surgeon makes the operation the best way possible for the benefit of the patient, it is really amazing when I get that feedback.
How about kidney stones
Here let me tell you, I have a very close relative who is a physician as well and doesn't believe in energy healing, but I offered my help with their kidney stones, I did the healing and the results were amazing, based on analysis before the healing an operation was scheduled, so I went along, and after the attempt to remove the stones the operating doctor came out and told us he didn't find any stones in the kidney, I was very happy for my close relative as well as for my healing results.
Why not provide testimonials
First it is a privacy issue, second I don't ask for them, if they are done voluntarily I acknowledge them and thank them, but as you know today testimonials could be fixed and fake, so to avoid doubt by my readers I don't use them.
Can we have a chance to ask more questions later
Of course, just let me know, I thank you very much for such a wonderful and informative interview.
Be Well and Happy
Published 2017-12-01.
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