Interview with David Bush

When did you first start writing?
I have wanted to write since elementary school. I have had a few things published in a magazine for a non-profit organization probably 20 years ago, but I am only now beginning to write books.

My first book, and of the time of this interview, my only book is in response to gay people being bullied and thrown out of their own churches by Christian people claiming to love Jesus. They claim the Bible forbids homosexuality, gay people are an abomination onto God and they are all going to hell!

Well! The Bible doesn't say these things at all! Instead, the Bible says quite the opposite!

It's time gay believers know what the Bible really says to them and to their accusers. It's time they finally hear the truth about where they stand with Jesus instead of being told they are going to hell. It's time gay men and women can find true peace with God and not have to worry about the things their accusers have to say to them.

This book, THE MAGLEV BIBILE STUDY, gives the gay Christian tools they have had for 2000 years and perhaps longer, but never seem to use. Do the gay brothers and sisters even know about them? They will now!
What's the story behind your latest book?
I see gay people being bullied by their families, churches, places of employment and society. These dear, often very gifted, brothers and sisters in Jesus have been invalidated. argued with, belittled, intimidated, made powerless, put down, thrown out of their own homes and churches! They are told God is against them, the Bible is against them and they are on the loosing team and on their way to hell!

These things simply are not true! All of the ammunition used against the gay believer is taken out of context!

These dear brothers and sisters families and churches are so ashamed of are highly spiritual, highly talented, creative and gifted people who everyone should be proud of! Not everybody is called to a higher calling, yet most gay people are called to a higher calling!

Too many precious loved ones have jumped off of bridges and tall buildings and it is past time somebody did something about it.

I may be just a nobody, but I am a gay Christian who has wrestled in my own heart with many of these same questions, have prayed about them and have been given answers. Answers that might help some of these dear brothers and sisters in Jesus who need the same answers I have been given.

So, here I am. If I can write a book that will help someone or to even save someone's life; if I can help someone who has been bullied, who thinks he or she is hated and worthless and encourage them to shake the world with his or her gifts, then I want to do just that! If this is all I accomplish by writing this book, then I have met my goal!

There is no greater experience than having saved someone's life or having taken someone who has been bullied and beat down, pick them up and show them who they are! If their accusers have to take a few licks along the way, then I guess that is how the cookie crumbles.

Jesus promised the gay believer an end to the bullying, a prominent place in the church, and He promised the gay brothers and sisters their accusers would be brought to their feet and acknowledge Jesus loved them. Jesus loves the gay believer or He never would have made this wonderful promise to them! Jesus loves the accusers too, but He doesn't even claim them as His own (because they accuse others; they don't forgive; they judge others and demand others are punished)!

Is this really in the Bible? You bet it is and it is referred to many times in this book! This book discusses the evidence this promise is for the gay believer.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have always been sensitive to people's suffering. When it is one of our own, someone like Tyler Clementi, a bright, college student with a tremendous potential future who commits suicide because of someone's prying into his personal life and embarrassing him, this is unacceptable!

I still tear up when I read Tyler's story, and I didn't even know him. He was just another face in the landscape to me. But I love him just the same.

Tyler was not the first one who killed himself because of this bullying. There are 5000 teens every year who commit suicide! As many as 80% of them because of sexual orientation or because they have been caught having a single same sex encounter!

Is there something I can do to help stop this kind of thing? Yes there is! I can write a book! I can share my knowledge and experience of what the Bible has to say on the topic! I can encourage people and tell them this is not the end of the world. It is just a bump in the road on the way to a tremendous future! It ain't over until the fat lady sings, and she is rapidly loosing weight!
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
This is my first book and it hasn't been released yet, so as of the time of this interview, I don't know whether my book will be a success or a failure.

Never the less, I could not publish anyplace else because it takes money to do so. I have been struggling financially for years, and even more since I have lost my childhood dream job and the money problems just keep getting worse.

If it wasn't for Smashwords, publishing my book would be impossible! Smashwords is willing to share their platform, knowledge and experience with anybody who publishes with them. They truly make it possible for someone like myself to publish a book. And for services they don't provide, they may be able to refer you to someone. I cannot say enough good about them! They are great people, a great company and they make it possible for dreams to come true.

You can be sure my next book will be published by Smashwords as well! That is a given!

Thank you Smashwords! You are wonderful!
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Like other artists and authors, I suppose I like to see my work in print, but this is just the beginning.

My first (and only book as of now) has the potential to save the lives of many people by helping to prevent suicide. It has the potential to help people see they have been given a precious gift by God and they are far from being an abomination on to Him! It has the potential to show people many of the things they have been taught, which are used to condemn them are wrong. It shows the gay believer exactly how they are not condemned, but rather they are blessed.

The pen is mightier than the sword and when the need is great, pencils are invited to the war too!

There is no greater feeling then saving a life or helping someone who is wrongly shoved under the table and kicked! Helping people like this is exactly what I hope to do with this book. If I can help families and churches accept the gay brothers and sisters, love them and not accuse them, that would be wonderful! If I can show the gay brothers and sisters they can be at peace in the presence of God and not have to worry about what their accusers say will happen, that would be wonderful!
What do your fans mean to you?
I love and appreciate my fans. It means a lot to me that people would be interested in what I have to say or to trust what I have to say.

There are millions of voices out there people could listen to. Having been chosen by my readers to be able to speak to them, whether they agree with what I have to say or not is a great honor. I hope I always earn the respect of my fans and that I never let a single fan down.

Remember, however, I am just the face on a page. It is Jesus who does the real miracles. Remember to thank Him for He is precious.
What are you working on next?
I want to finish another book I have started long ago but have not finished. This other book is also about the gay believer.

However,I think my next book might be about electricity and different ways using alternative energy. This is a topic that has always interested me from a young age.

It seems these last few winters there have been people who rely on the power grid who, because of some storm, have been without power for days or weeks.

Alternative energy might not be the complete answer, but it can surely help. It is not just there for emergencies, but it can be used every day. When energy is made by the wind or by the sun, it is usable energy that doesn't pollute.

If thousands or millions of us were to generate and use alternative energy, our great nation could save millions of barrels of fuel every year and our air would be cleaner and easier to breathe.
Describe your desk
I have always been a pack rat. I guess I have adopted the philosophy "a clean desk is the sign of an empty mind". In the light of this, my desk shows my mind is far from empty. Is this true or am I just fooling everyone? I guess you'll have to read my books to find out.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up on the edge of a small town. I had the advantage of being in town with the convenience of also being in the country.

The Pennsylvania Railroad ran through our back yard, behind our church and behind my grand parents house. I don't know if I am a rail fan because of this, or if having this wonderful privilege just fed my love for trains.

For me, watching trains and walking the rails gave me time to think, and helped imagination develop, just like sports, a walk in the woods or mowing lawn helps other people think and imagine.
What do you do when your not writing?
I am still a creative person who loves to design practical devices that have the potential to save people money and help the environment. I am an idea person, but sometimes I am not as able to built these devices and actually use them. But I dream about doing that.

I guess being an idea person is essential for a writer. Writers are writers and we need ideas to write about, but some of us are not so good with our hands. I, at least, tend to be evidence of this.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
My eyes aren't as good as they were 20 years ago, so I guess have to read on a device which can accommodate larger print. Whenever I read on an electronic device, I read on a desk top personal computer.

But I guess I am just old enough to be "old school". I still like paper books and I have collected many over the years.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I'm not a morning person. I do my best thinking at night. I tend to stay up late sometimes and I often sleep late.

But I suppose the question is, what keeps me going. I love my partner, Doug! He is a massive inspiration to me and he makes me very happy. The house is really empty when he is not here! I don't know what I would ever do without him. Next to Jesus, he is my number one!

Family and friends are also very dear to me and they are also a great inspiration to me.

Jesus is my all and all and He is the one I look to day and night for my every need. Thank you Jesus for loving me and for letting me love you! Thank you, Jesus, for my wonder family, especially for Doug. And thank you for keeping me each day.
What is your writing process?
I guess I write a book the same way I might write a letter to a good friend. I start with my inspiration and I try to organize it so it is presentable and easy to follow.

I sometimes tend to over-write which can make my work "cluttered", too muddy and hard to understand. Then I try to clean it up, which sometimes makes it even harder to understand.

Somewhere, under my desk, they say there is a "delete button", but I have never found it. Even so, I guess there is a time to add stuff, and there is a time to take stuff out. When is which? I guess that is why my delete button is buried under a box somewhere.

I told you I was a pack rat! How much good stuff is on the cutting room floor? Lots, I suppose!

I do dig out the delete button from time to time. I have to. Without it, there would be too much mud in the words. Sometimes I have to delete a whole sub-section and start over.
Do you have any pets?
Yes, we have a precious 4-legged human who loves us as much as we love her. She is an incredible Chocolate Lab who knows everything we say and who never misses a thing.

I always say the secret to having a great pet is to love it to death and spoil it rotten. Brownie knows she is loved and as we try to spoil her, she spoils us! She gives us so much and asks for so little in return. Only someone who has loved a dog could possibly know how much joy she brings into our home.

She loves to play, go for walks with us and we can hardly climb into the car without her wanting to go with us too. She may be kind of a big dog, but yes, she is a lap dog. She is so gentle and sweet and we just lover her so much.
Published 2013-12-29.
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