Interview with Bradley Pearce

How do you approach cover design?
I like to design my own covers. I like the cover to reflect a scene in the book, such that when the reader sees it conjures that scene and it reinforces the story. With Fisherman's ring, Father Francis has to travel from his home Parish in southern Italy to Rome. Several scenes involve him looking out the window onto an idyllic Italian vista with a brilliance orb of light suspended in the sky suggesting a God like presence. Lady in Red had several title and cover changes before I settled on the current version. I could not hide the fact that Kristina was an exotic dancer. I did not want the readers expecting Angels and Nuns.
What do you read for pleasure?
Historical fiction is my favorite. But like most people I am drawn to an intriguing story line. Anything historic, theological, or dark that enlightens one to the elements of spirituality. I am always willing to take on new ideas that add to the meaning of life and universe in which we live.
With the exception of God, everything else is fictional.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Chesapeake and The Source by James A Michener. Both epic historical fiction novels. The depth to Michener's research will educate you as much as entertain you and transport you to another time and place.
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. I do not generally read series or magic books. But I began reading and simply could not put it down or get enough.
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry & The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachael Joyce. I cannot not recall how many times I shed a tear reading both of them.
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. It was the cover that caught my eye. The cover displays a beautifully tattooed women. If you can get past the horrific burn scenes of first 50 pages you will be drawn into a love affair of the ages.
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova . I wonderful of adventure and suspense and vampires. Sleep with one eye open.
Dracula by Bram Stoker. An oldie but a goodie. Written as four journals, he writes in such detail you can almost taste the mist of the night air as the coach rushes through the moon lit Transylvanian countryside.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Unfortunately I am not a "marketing" person. I believe a good cover and title will capture the readers attention.
Writers write, as Painters paint. In their own style. As they should, otherwise there would be no originality.
It is the story that will pull on the heart strings of the reader. Create a great story, and words take care of themselves.
If the product is good enough. It will sell itself.
But hey, thats just me.
Describe your desk
I don't have one. I write from cafes or whether I can set up a laptop with a coffee and my notebook at hand. If the place is noisy I simply put on a set of head phones. And they are not always plugged in.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born and raised in Foxton, New Zealand. A small rural township of some two thousand souls way back then in the 1960's. Now a metropolis of four thousand. Things were a lot simpler back then. The people and experiences we encounter in our life help shape who we all are. It is the sum of those life experiences that influences how and what I write.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
When the words just flow like water. Scenes unfold by themselves, as if I am watching a movie in my head. Characters, plots and twists come out of no-where.
Afterwards when I look back I ask, "Did I write this?"
When did you first start writing?
Officially, about 3 years ago. Unofficially about 18 years ago. My first efforts was a personal journal narrating my life experiences.The good, the bad and the ugly. The journal grew into over seventy plus thousand words. I have always considered myself an artist first, and writing as an extension that creativity.
I have a keen interest in Motivation so I decided would write "E is for Effort". But while on a daily walk-about a story came to mind and when I returned home I typed out two and half chapters out of "thin air". And so began the feel good adventure of the "Fisherman’s Ring". That then lead to a more sinister book, "Lady in Red". Although Lady in Red is a futuristic thriller, there is a subtle link to the Fisherman's Ring. But both stand on their own.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is "Lady in Red". It was initially called "The Wrath", as it was attuned to the Book of Revelations, but the former title seems now more appropriate. It centres around two people, a New York Detective (Kristina) who moonlights as an exotic dancer by night to satisfy her sexual gratification. And the main character is Seth, a prodigy beyond belief, having been endowed with all empowering knowledge by the Devil. He is working for the New World Order develop a vaccine that will save only a chosen few. But he has his own secret agenda and is developing his own virus. Sorry for the rest of us, we all die. Or do we? I draw upon Kristina's Romanian gypsy ancestry. Of course there has to be a love story. Will they, won't they. A couple of characters from Fisherman's Ring make a re-appearance and complete the return of the Ring. The reader will take from it what the read into it. But for me it's a love story, (and the end of the world as we know it).
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans? It’s a bit early for "fans". I'll settle for readers.
But the thought that someone has downloaded the book and has read the story has made the scarifice of time and energy all worth it.
Hopefully they will share the same poignant goose bumps that I have enjoyed. If it helps them to grow on their spiritual journey and inspires them to think about God, Life and the Universe then that I am happy to have contributed my small portion of knowledge onto them.
What are you working on next?
I have several percolating at present. Currently I've just finished writing a psychological thriller entitled "Puppet on a String". And now that has to go through the editing stage. Wax on wax off. Another is an epic historical fiction which will require months of research to get it right. I'll let that one stew a little longer. I want a solid story line with a twist at the end. And of course it has to be a love story. And there is one other devilish novel which I will save until after the Epic novel is completed. Watch this space.
Who are your favorite authors?
James A Michener
Rachael Joyce
Michael Scott
Susan Hall
Paulo Coelho
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
At the gym painfully enjoying a cardio workout.
Playing golf with strangers.
Aimless walks daydreaming and imagining the impossible.
Hanging out with my three amazing talented beautiful children.
At the bar chatting with friends unravelling the mysteries of Life, God and the Universe.
What is your writing process?
I begin with a new notebook. A working title helps. And an image in my mind of the cover page.
I would go for long walks and let the imagination take over as characters and events come out of no where, and scenes take shape in the cinerma of my mind. Then I map out a time time and series of events together. Darlings have to die of course. I love killing people off in my books. It’s almost therapeutic. Names can be fun and often come to mind automatically, as if the character always existed. If I have a strong vision of a later chapter in the book then I will write it immediately. Research and editing are time consuming, but necessary if you want a polished work. "Wax-on, wax-off", as they say.
The key thing for me is not to reach a specific word count. The story will be what it is, and will be told in as many words as it takes. I remind myself of one of my favourite autors, Paulo Coelho who wrote "The Alchemist". It sold over 40 million copies in over 70 countries with only 45,000 words.
Its about quality, not quantity.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
A book of short stories called "Everything's Eventual" by Stephen King. I was blown away by the suspenseful stores that I tried to imagine how anyone could come up with them. Now I'm writing myself and it's all in the mind. Sometimes the story just unfolds and you just write it down. It takes time and energy and will power to keep going till the very last word.
What writer has impacted on you most and why?
That's an easy one. James A Michener. His epic historical fiction ignited my love for history and my passion for fiction. I was introduced to his books by my brother who gave me a book to read on my travels. Once I got pass the first hundred pages of setting the scene I was hooked on him. He made you live every moment. He made you experience the pain and suffering endured by characters as if you were actually there. One simply didn't go from A to B in a paragraph, Michener made you experience every day of hardship, every day of setback. The dark cramped quarters. The chains. The stench. The death. The inhumane acts of man upon a fellow man. And the possibility that an island actually did exist once. Now washed away.
His writing has influenced my writing. I want to take you on a journey. I want you to be driving the car, feeling the rumble of the V8. See your reflection in the mirror. For you to pull the trigger on the bad guys. To think the thoughts that you would think. To weave a love story. Whether human or divine.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
One simple question, "How badly do I want to finish the book?"
It will also pull me from most bars and off the comfiest of couches.
I curse that single motivational question.
But then books won't write themselves will they?
What impacts on your writing?
Over my life time I have had a curiosity for comparative religion. Digging up bones of the old Sunday School stories we have all accepted as gospel. I'm a person that likes to join the dots. To understand why things have been told they way they were. I accept all discoveries with a grain of salt. Who are any of us to know what is true and what is not. Being Spiritual allows me to believe that God believes in me. And with the gift of Freewill and innate talents, we have only one purpose in life. And that is to be authentic and shine.
What book would you suggest people have on their bucket-list to read before they die?
That's an easy one.
"The Story of San Michele." by the Swedish physician Axel Munthe. First published in 1929, followed by a further thirty plus editions. Translated in to several languages. I hold three copies myself. Afraid to part with them.
It is a series of overlapping vignettes (essays and pieces), and autobiographical reminiscences of his personal life and travels. An unabashed animal lover, he would talk to with animals and supernatural beings. In the final chapter takes Munthe includes his discussions with Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven. At no point does he take himself seriously, but the things he discusses are very serious. It is a love story. But it's complicated.
The book will touch your psyche. It will it entice. Entertain you.
And at the end, it will haunt you.
Good luck finding a copy.
Published 2018-06-29.
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