Interview with Glenn Myers

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My bladder.
Who are your favourite authors?
A lot of the quirky British humorists over the years (I am British myself though I have had a home address on four continents). So Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett with their wonderful, dry re-interpretation of SF and fantasy tropes. P G Wodehouse, that brilliant stylist.

Anthony Trollope belongs to a different era of course but his books too were playful, poking fun at power and pomposity. And they had a kind of innocence, at least compared to much satire today. (Though some were probably quite pointed for their time like his late 'The Way We Live Now.')

I particularly admire two writers who straddled both fiction and non-fiction and were leaders in their field -- Arthur C Clarke in science and technology and C S Lewis the Christian apologist. Both are an inspiration. They met once in a pub, the atheist and the shabby Anglican academic. Lewis took J R R Tolkein with him, and they shared a drink, disagreed with each other, went their separate ways. Clarke was inventing the geostationary satellite and thought Christianity was gobbledegook. Lewis thought a fridge was a technological step too far and that fairy stories could unveil truth. Both were about the most brilliant men in their field. They agreed to disagree.

Finally, Neal Stephenson combines boundless intellectual questioning with fantastically detailed backgrounds. He's just a delight, utterly brilliant.
Your fiction series, starting with Paradise - a Divine Comedy. What are these books like? Do they reflect what you like to read?
Definitely. Off-beat, quirky. British humour I guess. About the afterlife or at least about near-death experiences and the soul.
Why this subject?
We spend loads of time grooming our appearance, because that's what people see. But what are we like on the inside? If your soul was like a landscape, what would it look like? How would it change? What would be attacking it or wearing it down? I thought it would be a lot of fun to picture that.
And you get to ask big questions?
I think the best comedy does. Life, death, love, redemption: all those, but handled lightly. I see comic fiction like a ridge walk on a mountain range -- scary drops each side, but a carefree stroll on the top.
With two warring characters at the heart?
Three actually. The main protagonist Jamie is at war with Keziah the girl who crashed into him and so sent them both to the afterlife. If he's smug, laid-back and bone idle, she's spiky, focussed and driven. They just don't get on. There's no possible world, living or dead, where they could ever get on. Yet they have to work together.

Hovering in the background is Jamie's ex-girlfriend Caroline, who he's completely failed to love and she's left him. So they're all struggling. They're all lost souls. And of course the stress of being dead, of your soul exposed, and of being experimented on by evil spirits, all that tends to crank up the conflict. So there's missed love and disappointment and secret goodness and slow discovery. Such wonderful fun to write!
There’s a lot of food mentioned in the books: Afghan (murtabak), Indian (for example, roti prata), Singaporean Chinese (Hainanese Chicken Rice) and Malay (Mee Goreng, Laksa, Nasi Lemak). Have you eaten all these foods?
Yes. It’s important -- vital research.
And the non-fiction?
This is where I explore the no-man's-land between Christian faith and unbelief, telling some of the stories and exploring some of the issues -- so much to learn and discover.
Published 2016-05-27.
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A comedy about the invisible stuff going on in our lives. Thanks to a near-death experience, Jamie Smith and his irritable lawyer colleague Keziah Mordant can travel to invisible heavenly realms where souls live. As friends on earth fight to start a homelessness charity, Jamie and Keziah fight their battles in the heavens. Sometimes they even stop fighting each other.
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So I was driving to work when this angry suicidal lawyer crashed into me. She and I were flung out of our bodies, into the sky. So far, not a good day. Captured, argued over, sold, our souls ended up in a cage called Paradise, where two evil spirits were market-testing new temptations for a sales conference. Then a snake appeared. It was OK though: he was offering counselling.