Interview with Norma Holt

Why are you so passionate about reincarnation information getting out there?
From before my birth there was the knowledge that at last I can do it. At that time doing it was one thing but having the information and wherewithal to back it up was another. A vision when between lives showed this life ahead as a line drawn out. It was full of ups and downs to represent the highs and lows I would face. Almost as soon as I was back in a body the Spirit was working within to stop me from talking about anything until the time came and information would be given in support. That time was shown to me as the age of 45 years.
What happened when that time came?
Two months past my 45th birthday the power struck me one night when ill with sinus. I went to bed early and took the bible with me which was strange as I could never understand it. It opened somewhere in the middle and barely had I read a few words when they became unreadable. That's when the power pinned me to the bed unable to move a muscle. It commissioned me to tear down the wall of churches, to go out to the people and to bring back the young. Three visions quickly followed that showed my face on a screen and Jesus Christ being replaced by me as a teacher. I asked to be healed of my sinus as evidence that this was real. The pain instantly disappeared and has never returned.
How did the Power impart the knowledge you acquired?
It came with learning the bible from cover to cover without outside interference. Along with that there were many visions and prophecies also given to me and then healing for others through my hands. The Spirit told me not to read anything because it was teaching me. Every day for two years the bible was hardly ever out of my hands as the things that are true were removed from the false things put in there by men. It is the rubbish they included that has made the book difficult to read.
What do you mean by healing through your hands?
Humans have no power to heal as everything is done according to God's will and the plan in place from the beginning of time. When someone asks something of the Spirit in a genuine way then it is honored. On several occasions I was sent to complete strangers and the power flowed through my hands to their bodies and healed them. They were restored from alcoholism, depression, broken bones, cancer and so forth in an instant. Many changed their lives while others denied the healing and this showed me that they are not yet ready for the gifts that are in waiting for the young of my commission.
What is the Message You are Conveying?
There is curiosity about reincarnation as tragedy strikes everywhere. With memory of passage from life to life it set the stage for teaching given to me by the Spirit. God actually talks to some people and the things imparted to me are relevant to today, We are near the end. The Spirit promised to reveal everything and to remove the evil from the world at this time.

It was promised that before the end the Spirit will pour over its people who will gather together spiritually. This has happened as they receive gifts from God that include miracles of healing, prophecies, speaking in tongues, visions and so forth. In the end a new teaching will set things right for them. It is called Mount Zion and those familiar with Old Testament prophecies know of it.

Songs include 'the redeemed of the Lord shall return with singing unto Zion' from Isaiah 35:10 But before the teaching of Mount Zion can happen someone had to learn about it. My reincarnation and the things given to me is connected with it.
Why You?
That could be asked of anyone. Why are some chosen to do things and others aren't? Why are some billionaires and others aren't? Why were some men chosen to build the Internet? Why were some able to invent great products? Why were some born crippled? Why did some die at birth?

The questions one could ask about why someone is selected to do something are endless. The facts are that when there is a job to do someone has to do it. In this case it is me.
If What You Say is True then Where are You Mentioned in the Bible?
That's a good question and one I asked the Spirit to show me. The book opened at Jeremiah 31:22 where it states that a woman will compass a man. That was before the Spirit knocked me to the ground one day and called me the Daughter of Zion, The book then opened at Micah 4 passages 10-13 where my commissions were laid out and everything there has been done. In the years that followed the leading has been intense and the learning curve took me away from everyone, including my own family, until the Spirit will restore them again.
The Internet has been provided to spread the teaching. Isaiah 42:14 states that God will cry through the voice of a travailing woman. It will come at the time of great destruction and that is about to come now.
Then Who is The Man you will compass?
The Spirit showed me his identity early in the teaching phase. He is referred to in Revelation 13:13-18 as 666. It is he who has put up the false prophets that have dominated people's thinking and caused the present situation. He did not do it alone, however, as God was behind it all. It was meant to test those who are of Israel and to caste out those who aren't. This is the judgment and it has been going on.
What will happen now then?
Those who are spiritual will inherit the earth as the others will be taken out of it. The population will cease to grow after that as there will be no need for babies. Everyone who has ever lived is here now and are being tried and those who are evil are being taken out. The ones who serve God in a right way are to be saved and will get eternal life on the earth. Everything will be restored and the cleaning will cease as the planet's health returns.
Published 2013-12-16.
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