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Today we are talking with Randy Petersen, the author of the new book "The Happiness Principle". Tell us a little about your background. Are you an author by profession?
I come from a business background. I won't bore you with my résumé here but most of my experience is in corporate retail general management. I am not an author by profession. This is a relatively new line of work for me.
It's obvious that you wrote The Happiness Principle in order to share an incredibly interesting personal experience, but did you have other reasons for wanting to write the book?
My reasons for writing the book surpass the mere desire to entertain with a remarkable story. First of all, I felt a real inspiration to write the book; but I also felt a great personal need to share what was learned from these experiences with others. So aside from an entertaining and fascinating read, the concepts found in the book can literally change your life.
Your book is listed in the self-improvement category; can you tell us how your book differs from the multitude of other self help books out there?
The information found in The Happiness Principle differs greatly from the standard self improvement book. Even if they approach the subject from a spiritual stand point, most authors are interpreting scripture or expressing opinion as the basis for their programs. My book offers guidance based on wonderful first hand spiritual experiences and the angelic teachings that accompanied them. Whether they address the subject from a psychological or spiritual perspective, most self help books involve complicated systems or approaches, or multiple steps and principles. We have learned based on our experiences there is only one single principle that will provide lasting joy and peace, not only in this life but in the next. So the program outlined in the book is pure, simple and attainable.
Sounds exciting! You say it all boils down to one single principle. Would you care to share that principle with us now?
(laughter) I would love to do that but I might give away some of the thrill of reading the book. So I guess my response to your question would be... I encourage you to read the book. It's the very best way to answer that question. Just 34 and a half pages in you will have your answer.
In relation to your book, you talk about angels and spiritual concepts. Is this a book that's geared toward those that are spiritually or religiously minded, and is that the type of reader you think will get the most out of the book?
Not necessarily. While a person who is spiritual may warm up to these concepts a little more quickly, I have found that many of those who don't as a habit tend to read spiritual works, get a lot from the book as well. While I come from a Christian upbringing and that flavor can be found in The Happiness Principle, it is not a religious book. It is written as a personal guide to spiritual development and is helpful and supportive to anyone who will take the time to read it, regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof.
As you tell the story, The central event in the book happened while you were giving a blessing to a friend. How did you come to start giving spiritual blessings?
Well I never set out in the beginning of this journey to give spiritual blessings. It was something that I was inspired to do as a result of a series of certain events that happened in my life. As I describe in the book, on her death bed my mom suggested that I could talk to my dad, who had passed away years earlier, if I needed guidance or comfort. Months after her suggestion as I struggled with my own personal life crisis, I decided to give it a try. I went to a secluded spot on the banks of a nearby river and just talked to him like I used to when he was alive. After about twenty minutes I felt a great comfort and the short term answer to the issue with which I was struggling. Over time as I continued to receive intuitive guidance from my dad, I realized that just as he had been my guardian in life , he was now being sent by our Creator in the role of a guardian angel after death. Anyway it was as a result of this connection with my dad that I was eventually encouraged to give blessings.
Just to clarify; is this process of communication like someone contacting the dead through a séance, and does it take the place of traditional prayer?
I want to be very clear here. The answer to your last two questions is emphatically NO and NO! I believe that it is a very bad idea to participate in dark spiritual practices such as séances, Ouija boards, etc. My dad was a very good and honorable man, and was the most important person in my life. He was my role model and when he was alive he guided me in every important decision that I made. As a spiritual guardian he continues that role in death, by at times giving me promptings of guidance and comfort.

As for your second question, this is not a substitute for prayer. My dad encouraged me to place a priority upon traditional prayer and my relationship with God. He made it clear that God needed to be my main focus if I wanted this wonderful process to continue and increase. He said that he was there as a result of God’s power and good grace, not solely due to his own personal abilities or motivations.
Ok so let's get back to the blessings. So you started giving people blessings and things began to happen... interesting things. Can you share some of that with us?
Well yeah, I mean I was as surprised as anyone else at some of the experiences that came as a result of the blessings. Firstly, while there weren't a lot of physical healings that could be attributed to the blessings, I found that people experienced the most relief from emotional and behavioral type issues. What was really interesting were the experiences that some had during the sessions.

Some said they had visions or visuals. They said that they saw angels. Some saw beautiful landscapes, while others encountered groups of people that had come to give them a message. On more than one occasion some claimed to have seen and even talked with family members who had passed away. While it didn’t happen to everyone, many had incredible tales to tell at the end of their sessions.
So again, the central event in the book happened when a friend of yours approached you asking for a blessing. Tell us about that.
Sure. She was a 23 year old girl named Natalie who had been suffering from symptoms of bipolar disorder. It was so severe at times that she was faced with the possibility of hospitalization and long term treatment. She had heard about my success with others and hoped that a blessing would help lessen her symptoms. It was while I was blessing Natalie that the little angel Lilly Ann appeared.
When you say this angel appeared; do you mean that she materialized there in the room in front of the both of you or was this some kind of vision?
No. That's not what happened. A few minutes after I started blessing Natalie, she went totally limp as if she had passed out and then just as quickly she opened her eyes and began to converse with me, but her manner of speech had changed. She began speaking like a little girl of about 4 or 5 years of age. As I say in the book, my first thought was that she must have some form of multiple personality disorder and I had unintentionally brought one of these personalities forward.
Oh wow! That must have freaked you out. How do you respond to something like that? What did you do?
(laughter) Yeah. Freaked out is an understatement, but there really wasn't much I could do but continue talking to her. So that's just what I did. Over the next hour or so as we chatted, I determined that this little girl's stated influence with Natalie appeared to be helpful and healthy and fit the profile of guardian angel rather than some kind of alternate personality.
Just to be clear; this spirit spoke through your friend? Do angels do that? Were you concerned that this was something dark or evil trying to deceive you?
Yes this was a major concern at the time. After this event I was blessed with the opportunity to visit with Lilly Ann on a number of other occasions. This gave me the time I needed to test her true nature. During each visit she talked about God and her relationship with him. She encouraged us to reach out to him through prayer, and taught concepts that could only be considered good and positive. The other thing was the power of her presence. Whenever she was there, the room was filled with a hopeful and uplifting spirit. If she was connected to something evil, she was definitely working against their purposes.
So can you share with us some of the things that she told you? Did she say something that stands out?
Much of what she shared was truly amazing. As I describe in the book, I was absolutely speechless at certain points during our early conversations. The concepts that she shared were so truth filled and impactful. I would have to say that I couldn't do them justice here. I would encourage anyone that is interested to read the book.

This much I can say, Lilly Ann, my dad, and other angels that we encountered live and work by one principle. It is that principle or "the happiness principle" that is at the center of the book. It is this powerful principle that can change each of our lives. It's a principle that could change the world. I believe it to be the most powerful spiritual principle in existence.
Tell us about the 12 teachings that are found in the book. What role do they play in all of this?
The teachings are concepts that these angels are trying to communicate to all of us, the living people they have been sent to help. We have gleaned these teachings from our interactions with Lilly Ann, my dad, and other angels. The best way for a person to achieve the happiness principle is to learn about and apply these teachings in their life.
Your wife coauthored the book with you. Besides being a very important person in your personal life; what role does she play in all of this?
Well my wife Elise is more of a contributor to the book than an author. That said, she is a critical part of this work. I truly believe there wouldn't be a book without her. No one has ever loved me more or supported me as completely than she has. She is spiritually gifted and is a wonderful partner in this work.
If your readers would like to get in touch with you; is that something you encourage and how would they go about doing that?
I would absolutely love to hear from anyone that has questions or comments concerning the book. My email address is: or I can be reached through our website at:
Published 2015-06-22.
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