Interview with Eleyne Yasmin

How did it happen that you started to write erotica and why is it about a rock/heavy metal band?
Eleyne: In my case it was discovering this band’s music first. For a while nothing happened but the more I listened to their music, the more videos I watched, the more I noticed that these five guys are (and were) really, really hot. I just couldn’t shake this adoration off. I had never experienced this kind of erotic fascination this bad. Sure, I used to have some by this or that musician but my dreams about them were never so graphic, so detailed and so explicit – I could have been dreaming about holding hands or kissing them but not about actually going any further. In case of this group it really overwhelmed me. I could have been doing pretty anything but my mind was miles away fantasizing how I would like to shag the two axemen of this band.
I once found a pic that I used in promoting our book that said: “The sexiest thing a man can do to a woman is to crawl into her imagination and to make it run wild.” This sentence summarizes exactly what these heavy metal musicians did to me (and I imagine, to Yasmin, too, otherwise she wouldn’t write erotica with me).
I ended up haunted into a frenzy by these graphic sexual daydreams about the band members. I just needed a release or I would burst and this is when I met Yasmin. We befriended each other on one of these heavy metal fora, started chatting and exchanging various frivolous remarks about the band members and how they make us feel , then we switched to private messages as what we wanted to say was getting to be too sexual for the open forum where everybody, including minors, could read it. And this is how our first short stories were created. By exchanging those PMs on the forum. But I admit they were not too well written. We had a lot of enthusiasm for the subject but not too much experience in writing erotica.

Yasmin: I’ve always loved heavy metal music. Since my childhood, I have been introduced to the metal chords and the wild fantasies that metal music inspires: physical and spiritual power, overdose of energy, freedom, rebellious behaviour against the established powers of a decadent society. This music excited my imagination, but it never ignited my mind with erotic thoughts. I must confess that my erotic fantasies used to be very basic and rather romantic, and never went far in the area of naughty images related to erotica. But… something pulled the trigger when I started to listen to more and more of a certain metal band that I already adored. Then I was more mature and their music began to be the fuel of ardent fantasies, more suitable for bolder women.
At that time I was in a fan forum where I met some other women that loved metal and this one band in particular. Most of them were European or American, and this is there I met my “partner in crime” for my future literary adventures. We started exchanging messages, then we created short narrations in the same way, via messaging. All of them were very informal and only aimed at letting off steam by expressing our hot fantasies.
Was Hekate’s Passage written in the same way, by exchanging messages between you?
Eleyne: Not anymore. At some point Yasmin decided that we need another medium of communication because everything in those messages was getting too chaotic, so she set up a private blog for us. And this is where we continued writing all these shorter forms until Yasmin said she had an idea. And this idea included time travel. I said, ‘yes, why not?” we can write something like this, but after we started to write we got kind of entranced in this world, we just didn’t want to stop. All that perhaps was supposed to be a novella got completely out of hand in terms of size… When we finished writing the first volume of Hekate’s Passage, the whole book had almost 280 thousand words…

Yasmin: Our first attempt to write down our burning fantasies in Private Messages wasn't a practical idea, the other thing was that these first texts were poorly edited and written, to say the truth. But at the time we started to write, we were just imagining erotic action between the two of us and the members of our beloved band.
We met in a forum and everything happened naturally: exchanging opinions, posting pics and making remarks about how hot those guy were. Then we just entertained ourselves with short narrations that starred these guys and ourselves. Later on, after finding a less messy means of communicating for writing we began to spend more and more of our free time trying to write some good, appealing narrations.. I had an idea that I shared with Eleyne about writing a story that doesn’t take place in the present, but in the past and combining some ludic and paranormal concepts with our wildest ideas about sexual pleasure. She agreed and this is how Hekate’s Passage began.Finally, we ended writing a very big novel, 280 thousand words, that was epic for us, specially having in mind that neither of us was an English native speaker.
Wow, that’s a lot, indeed. There aren’t so many erotica books that are this long? So what happened later?
Eleyne: Yasmin was urging me to publish it but I wasn’t really too willing to do it. I just didn’t believe there’s a market for this kind of fiction until another girlfriend of mine told me of FSOG. My reaction then was “what the fuck is FSOG?”… Well, I got my answers and they made me think… Well, perhaps we could do it, too. If a fanfic of Twilight, supposedly so very badly written and describing a toxic and abusive relationship got so popular, we could perhaps try our luck, too… After the decision was made, I spent all summer of 2012 editing the whole story. Changing the names into fictional ones, adding some action or dialogues here and there, getting rid some redundancies or gaps in the story line… etc.

Yasmin: I was trying to convince my partner to publish the story but she wasn't ready to do it. Only when she discovered the famous FSOG, things changed. I knew from the beginning that there was a market for this kind of material, and even when that particular novel was heavily criticized, it became a bestseller. Why not try with our spicy story?
So this is what motivated you to become an indie writer, isn’t it?
Eleyne: Not exactly. First we went around looking for a publisher but after about 3 month search and some disappointment we decided to do it ourselves. I had personal reasons that I don’t want to talk about that made me push towards a fast publication. I just didn’t want to waste more time looking for somebody that would see the potential in our story and Yasmin agreed with me. This is when we decided to cut the first volume of Hekate’s Passage into 3 parts. Price-wise and lengthwise it was a good idea. Later on it turned out to work pretty well in the aspect of kinky contents. We learned a lot about kink and BDSM promoting the first installment and we decided that the second part of it needs some ‘pimping up’.

Yasmin: Not in my case. I’ve always tried to write another kind of stories (actually I still do some sketches for future e-books that are not exactly erotica) and when the chance to publish was good, I was eager to do it. Our first adventure took sometime until we found the suitable person who supported our project. Next instalment was more elaborated in all the related aspect of content, we paid more attention to the BDSM ‘etiquette’.
I could see this was a good decision myself, part two was much hotter than part one, imho. Have you two ever met? You’re very explicit in your erotic narrations, readers could think you have experience in what you write about.
Eleyne: No, we haven’t and that’s a big pity. We’re too far apart but we’d love to meet each other. And no again, we have no actual experience in some of the things we write about like lesbian or group sex. Or double penetration. However our male protagonists are really inspiring, it’s so easy to imagine them in this kind of erotic situations, then it’s just a matter of describing them.

Yasmin: No, we’ve never met but we´d love to. We’re very close after sharing all this kind of intimate thoughts and dreams during this time, it would be wonderful to meet and spend time together. We could even film and post our first meeting, ha ha. So far, we’ve shared many fantasies but have practically zero practical experience in the fields we described. Our inspiration came from these very awesome guys.
Why did you decide to include elements of kink in your erotica? You said you hadn’t heard of FSOG when you started writing your novel, so you can’t have been influenced by this particular trilogy. And how deep are you planning to go into BDSM?
Eleyne: This is a very broad question and the answer won’t be short. To start with, even those who didn’t hear of Fifty Shades of Grey, knew of Bondage, Dominance and Submission. Even if they didn’t choose to explore it. And I think I have always been subconsciously attracted to it. Images of captive, tied up women on whatever adventure or fantasy or thriller films have always touched a string in me. Yasmin has managed to unleash this hidden craving out of me. And it was still at the time when we were writing those short, clumsy fantasies in the private messages. So when we started to build something bigger it was kind of obvious that some bondage elements will find a place in our novel. And it just went like this. Once you say A, you have to say B, once you go kinky, there’s no turning back and then you get addicted and you want more of it. In bigger doses. So again it was natural to incorporate things that were progressively kinky the farther the story line went.
Our reviewers say, that so far there’s nothing really hard core in Hekate’s Passage, and they are right. We have many reasons for that. The first one, is that when we began to write, we were a bit inexperienced ourselves in the concepts of BDSM, so we couldn’t really go deep. Just a touch here and there to spice things up. It only started to change after the publication of the book one. While promoting it I did quite a lot of research that made me change and add quite a lot of things in the book two. I just didn’t want us to be accused of presenting the lifestyle in bad light or to be laughed at. Even if we write about our fantasies, and as such, they are safe, nothing bad can happen there to our protagonists, talking to people in various kinky groups taught me that we can’t be so light hearted about the subject. So book two of Hekate’s Passage already follows at least some of BDSM rules and I already noticed it in the reviews.
How deep are we going to dig into it? To say the truth, I don’t know. For sure our minds get used to kinky stimuli and what we used to consider to be a turn-off two or three years ago, now is an exciting prospect. The number of such turn-ons can grow with time.The second thing is that we write about rockers, and rockers are not usually too sober… There’s quite a lot of drinking in Hekate’s Passage. Lol. Being drunk excludes quite a lot of kinky actions for safety reasons. Being dominant means being responsible for your submissive and it’s not possible if you have drunk too much. We don’t want to be bashed for being completely unrealistic in this area and also for promoting bad behaviours. So hear us, don’t drink a bottle of wine and then, say, after hog-tying your submissive into an immobile piece of sausage don't engage in wax play ‘cause shit can happen. You don’t want to set the house on fire.
It’s enough that we already get pretty much carried away in describing sex acts with men that are not sober but yet are able to perform like sex gods ;) But it’s a fantasy, that’s why. We know it wouldn’t be possible in real life. Booze doesn’t particularly enhance erection in men ;)
There’s a pretty unusual disclaimer in all your published books. Can you tell us something about it?
Eleyne: Well, our inspirations are a real band so some kind of disclaimer was necessary. After all we had to protect our asses, even if some spanking from this particular band would be welcome.;) We could have gone for a regular, standard one that says that every resemblance is accidental etc but we just decided it’s better not to insult the intelligence of our readers. That’s why we say the band is real but all the events happened only in our imagination. But I can tell you, and Yasmin will confirm, we’d sell our souls to make Hekate’s Passage a reality, even without a time travel.
We're aware that these guys are in relationships and we don’t want the band members’ girlfriends and wives to make their lives difficult. Even if in our humble opinions, if a girl chooses a touring musician for a life partner she has to be open minded about certain things. A FB friend of mine once summarized it really nicely: "As a Rock Wife myself, I can totally vouch for this. When hubby's on tour, it is what it is. Good lord, what's he supposed to do, yank his own chain for months on end? If I had a dollar for every hot chick who writes him, comments on his Facebook, or fawns over him when we go partying, I'd probably have more money than he does, lmao. Rock stars are SUPPOSED to be chick magnets. And yeah, if he dips into a little on the side, at least I know she was worth it, his standards are high and he doesn't just bang any girl who gets on the bus. Besides, he lets me have my fun if/when I find a deserving stallion. ♥
I guess our relationship is a little different than most, but still, these GFs and wives, especially those who have been in the game a long time, need to lighten up and let it go."

Yasmin: Disclaimers like this are usual among fanfic writers. We thought we had to add one to our work to remark on a couple of things: that our source of inspiration were real men but the experiences related in our e-books were mere hot fantasies that only happened in our minds. We’d want to make this story happen one day but it’s enough to hope that they will be flattered enough to give us some prize for our work. A prize that could be a symbolic tribute for our devotion. What more can we ask?
You said your first attempts at erotica were not too good. How did you improve your style?
Eleyne: Well, obviously they don’t teach this kind of thing at school or universities so we had to make our own research. I read quite a lot of free smut – internet is full of erotic fanfiction, some of them are better, some are worse but quite a lot of them are really imaginative and give a good insight into how perverse human minds can be… And of course, this is how I learned, too. Expanded the vocabulary and started to think of how to write – the kind of narration we use – the one in first person and present tense may not always be the best for everything. What helps is also putting yourself in the shoes of the narrator/main female protagonist. Asking yourself some questions, how you would feel exactly, concentrating on even some tiny details and then deciding if they’re worth mentioning in the narration or not. Reading critical (but constructive) reviews of erotica is also useful - teaches you what to avoid.

Yasmin: The only way we knew and we could at that moment: reading. There are lots of smut, erotica and porn writing free on the net, so you can have access to all these and learn some good habits of writing. You can easily spot the bad habits of writing, monotonous vocabulary, the lack of imagination to describe situations, etc. Practically, you make your own course of how to write your erotic story.
Have you written any other type of books before writing erotica?
Eleyne: I never wrote anything apart from school and university papers… And I hated writing them.
But I had to admit - when we were still somewhere in the middle of writing Hekate’s Passage, Yasmin came to me and told me she had found a job proposition for a ghost writer on one of these online freelance portals. The job included writing 5 erotic shorts stories, they were supposed to include manage a trois and some more perverse aspects of sex than just one on one. She said she had already sent the guy a sample of Hekate’s Passage and was accepted. I offered help. So we ended up writing two of these short stories together - stories with two narrators, she wrote one on her own and two were written all by myself. All the 5 of them were accepted and praised a lot by the publisher so we got our money - a very small amount but were quite happy. It was a nice experience that taught us a lot about redundancy - when you have a limit of 4000 words you don’t go around beating a bush or repeating the very same stuff from another person’s view - you really want to add something new. It was a good experience despite the very little money we got from it.

Yasmin: No, but I’ve written mystery short narrations, poetic prose. I have to make it clear that nothing was published until one of my short texts was selected for a vampire short stories e-book, close to the Hekate's Passage date of publishing.
What’s your writing process?
Eleyne: The way we wrote Hekate’s Passage was quite unique, I think. One reason was the fact that describe our fantasy – we let people into our minds and show them, look: this is what we have dreamt about. It started with the idea from Yasmin. She began to write the introduction, building the concept. Then I added on a chunk of narration from myself, then it was her turn to continue. Afterwards, I wrote another fragment continuing what she wrote. So this is how it went on. Yasmin could really surprise me at times with her ideas. It was almost like some of these creative writing projects that some students may have. Ones where you start with a sentence (or a paragraph), you have to add yours to continue the story and pass on the sheet to the next student on your right (or left) and this person has to carry on… If you have a group of 15 people doing it, then after 2 rounds the results may be really amazing. It’s incredible how different minds work and connect ideas. Here, there were just two of us but it worked really well for the novel. Obviously, we couldn’t leave it like this – short, half a page long chunk from her; another one, the same length from me etc. – it’s not really easy for a reader to switch from one to another narrator so often. So when we decided to publish the story I had a lot of work editing everything, building longer blocks of narration, making sure our English shone… (even our editor noticed the fact, even if he didn’t do the most perfect job himself). Lol. And I had to check if there there were no anatomical or physiological impossibilities in our text.

Yasmin: We shared the creation of the texts: I provided some paranormal environment for the story, then my girlfriend wrote a chunk from herself according to the general scheme we designed for the plot. We had many brainstorms on how to build the story line, on how the characters might react and the like. We wrote the novel as a journal, almost like in Bram Stoker´s Dracula. Funny thing, I didn't read Dracula and I didn't know how it was written until one year ago.
We learned that we shouldn't repeat the text if we wanted to entertain the reader. We narrate the story from different points of view and different experiences.
What are you working on next?
Eleyne: We’d love to publish Hekate’s Passage, part 3 – back to the future as soon as possible. However, part 2 needed improvements, so does part 3. It’s already written but these little improvements just take time and as both of us have to earn our living, we don’t really have as much time for writing now as we would like to.
I wouldn’t mind trying some experiments with narration either. I remember during our first clumsy attempts at erotica in those messages we tried second person narration when writing down fantasies for one another. While in general, those short stories were really awkward, the chunks that contained second person narrator were strangely compelling. There’s something really sexy about surrendering to somebody else’s imagination, almost like submission in BDSM. It would be interesting to work something out of it. But anyway, if we decided to write something like this it would be only a short story.

Yasmin: Hekate’s Passage, part 3 – back to the future is practically finished but we need some time and money to go on publishing and writing. Surely we will get them as well as some support one day, hope it will be soon.
How do you approach cover design?
Eleyne: We basically had a pretty good idea of what we wanted on the cover of part one but when we went in search of somebody who could draw it for us, it turned out that all these websites that provide help for indies – that includes cover designs, can’t really do it for us. They do much simpler book covers and we wanted quite a lot of elements there. This is when Yasmin started to look for independent artists. She found a few, and after they presented us with a graphical representation of our ideas we chose Sergio Hugo Castro. He proved a really good choice for part one – did everything just as we wanted him to. The same about part 2. As far as short stories are concerned we couldn’t afford his services so after a quick brainstorm with Yasmin I decided to try my luck with Paint and Gimp.

Yasmin: We discussed what images spoke clear of our story. Once we decided which we would use, I went “artist hunting”.
That was very funny. I contacted a local artist, after selecting him from many candidates. I loved his designs and my girlfriend liked them, too. Sergio has the right feeling for our fantasies, he designed the cover and understood our style very well. Sure he will do the next cover.
What do your fans mean to you?
Eleyne: Without fans an artist is nothing. Without somebody to appreciate (and buy) the result of your work, doing it is pretty pointless…

Yasmin: Having fans is so great that is impossible not to feel grateful for that, fans are all for us. After all, we write for them, not only for ourselves.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Eleyne: At the moment what we find the most useful is Twitter. Facebook sucks, and it never brought much traffic to our Smashwords or Amazon page.

Yasmin: We tried social networks and the best for us is Twitter. We are disappointed with Facebook.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Eleyne: We can’t really talk of success yet ;) but we find Smashwords much more useful that Amazon. What I mean, is that there are tools for indies here, which make it possible for us to see if our marketing efforts bring any results. Smashwords stats rule! I also like the guidelines on how to prepare a manuscript for publication – it saved us a lot of money when we wanted to publish part 2 of Hekate’s Passage and then Biting Desire and also Drinking Your Love. Finally, there are all formats of books available – not only Kindle just like in Amazon. It gives a reader a choice. I also really like the possibility of generating a discount coupon that I can use to give the book for free to a reviewer.
However, I have to admit, I never heard of Smashwords before publishing our books. Amazon is still more popular, like a Google engine for books.

Yasmin: We were completely fresh in the publishing world. E-books have their secrets, their markets, their tricks. We did the best we could and Smashwords helped us a lot, I think. It offers many tools for authors and e-books format for the public. Yes, Smashwords supported us with its platform in a great way.
What do you read for pleasure? Your favourite genres, authors?
Eleyne: I like fantasy books. All these dragons and magic and stuff like this. Some of my favourite writers in this genre include Tolkien, Anne Bishop, Robert Jordan and Andrzej Sapkowski. I also love classic whodunnits… And here’s obviously my unbeatable favourite is Agatha Christie.

Yasmin: My kind of book is that which can offer me reflection, fantasy, romance and philosophy all at the same time. Is it impossible to find it? No, I can read J.L. Borges, Julio Cortazar, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley and many more authors whose books fit in that description. I used to read King Arthur's legends, native Latin American folklore myths and that kind of popular narrations to inspire me.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
Eleyne: I tend to read on my lap top or on my telephone. I haven’t bought any electronic device only for reading yet. Actually, I prefer much more paper books but unfortunately my apartment is not made of rubber and won’t expand. So I can’t have as many paper books as I would want to.

Yasmin: I use the PC at work and my smart phone and newly acquired tablet at home. They resemble paper books, you can take them to your bed and read comfortably.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
E: My rent won’t pay itself, lol.

Yasmin: A coffee pot boiling, my loved one close to me and my pets. Also, I need to pay my bills. Lol.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
E: I just love procrastinating in front of my laptop with a glass of wine in my hand and a cat or two on my lap. Going out and meeting friends is also really nice, I started to like karaoke a lot of late. Listening to my favourite band or watching some movies is also a good option.

Yasmin: Reading, playing with my pets or learning something new. My love for the paranormal always brings me some good material to create new stories.
Published 2015-10-08.
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